Baby Stuff for dads That Will Make the Life of any new Father a bit Easier

Last Updated on March 2, 2022

I started DadProgress as a new dad in 2018, and now I’m a father of two. This list of baby stuff for dads is based on my experience with two toddlers. I hope new parents can find here some tips for a baby registry. Or some expectant father gets a perfect gift thanks to this very post. Keep reading to find out why these items make such great new dad gifts.

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1. The HighspeedDaddy Diaper Backpack

This large dad diaper bag backpack has seven external pockets and a massive primary compartment. Parents can use it for things like clothing, toys, diapers, and baby bottles for their child or two. The zippers are excellent as the opening and closing of each pocket is possible with only one hand.

The main cool thing about this backpack is that it has everything needed for diapering. The 26 x 14 inches changing pad is included, and it features a special pocket for baby wipes.

I kept my diapering stuff in a regular backpack because I learned about manly diaper bags too late. The HighspeedDady version is obviously much cooler than a traditional bag.

The founder of HSD is a veteran, so you can expect the products to last. The outer shell of this diaper bag is water-resistant. It also features a waistband for better weight distribution. There are also other fun features like a Velcro strip for morale patches.

Simply put, this is a one-size-fits-all kind of backpack and makes one of the best new dad gifts.

2. Ergobaby Omni 360 All-Position Baby Carrier

This baby carrier offers convenience and efficiency for new dads (and moms). With Ergobaby Omni 360, he can carry his baby in all positions; inward, front, outward, hip, and back. As a result, he’ll be able to find the most comfortable position for himself and the little one. Additionally, this baby carrier comes with padded lumbar support to lower the risk of back pain for new parents.

It’s made from 100 percent premium cotton, making it soft and cozy for his little one. You’ll also love some of the other premium features of this baby carrier:

• An ample and easy-to-remove storage pouch

• It’s effortless to clean

• UPF baby hood for protection against the sun and privacy

Ergobaby Omni 360 is a versatile baby carrier that suits a new baby but can also transport a toddler. The recommended weight range is 7-45lb.

The thoughtful design and adjustable fit make this one of the best gifts for new dads.

3. BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller

Even if you’re not a fan of strollers, you’ll love this jogger. New dads may not know that there are jogging strollers out there. They allow parents to move around freely, even on rough terrain. The Revolution Flex 3.0 jogging stroller is rugged and reliable for every adventure. Big air-filled wheels offer a smooth ride, even on uneven ground. The 360-degrees swiveling front wheel makes it also maneuverable. As a result, it’s also an excellent everyday stroller.

The Revolution Flex 3.0 has six storage pockets and an extra-large cargo basket. As a result, new dads have plenty of room for any baby gear they have. It has an adjustable handlebar so parents of different heights can use it.

Additionally, kids feel cozy in a jogging stroller because of the following features. The included ultra-padded compression seat offers comfort. Babies can sleep in thanks to the infinite recline of the chair. And if it’s too sunny outside, it’s possible to protect the little ones with the extra-large canopy.

And if the new dad already has this jogging stroller in the house, then a car seat adapter would make a great gift. He can turn the Revolution Flex 3.0 into a travel system.

4. Mini Screw Driver Set (Perfect for Changing Batteries in Toys)

A mini screwdriver set should end up in every baby registry list. If the dad-to-be loves repairing stuff, this set will get him sorted. This said he’ll soon discover how useful these are when maintaining baby stuff. A crazy amount of toys require tiny batteries, and it’s impossible to change them without small screwdrivers. Additionally, I’ve discovered that many toddler gifts (toy cars, for example) are screwed to the package. Thanks a lot, manufacturers…

This set features six mini screwdrivers, with each having a different size. It’s also easy to carry, features a good grip design, and is durable. With these screwdrivers, new dads don’t have to worry about the rust because these are made of hardened and tempered rust-proof steel. As a bonus, the set also comes with a lifetime warranty, so the manufacturer must be sure of the quality.

This is a practical gift and a must-have for all dads in the toolbox.

5. URBNFit Exercise Ball (Ideal for Burping and Working Out)

Let the new parent kickstart his or her day with a workout using the URBNFit exercise ball:) Although truth be told, parents rarely have much free time for training after the baby arrives. At least the first year after the birth of our first child was quite exhausting.

Exercise balls are great new dad gifts for another reason. The sleep-deprived father can use it to calm his little one. He only has to hold the baby and bounce up and down on the ball. It worked very well on our boy (my baby girl wasn’t a particular fan, though:) And don’t forget that the exercise ball is also great for burping.

This exercise ball is built to last with high-quality materials and is available in various colors. It features anti-burst support of up to 600 pounds, a non-slip surface, and also comes with a pump plus two air plugs. Its gym-quality design enables it to stand rigorous workouts (assuming the dad or mom can find time for it again:)

6. Be Prepared: A Quick Baby Manual for New Dads

If you’re out of gift ideas, baby books are an excellent choice. Be Prepared is a unique and crucial survival manual for new dads looking for insights on how to master parenthood.

Parenting can be challenging, and worst of all, most of the jargon-filled parenting books out there don’t make things easier. Fortunately, with the combination of top-notch writing and fantastic illustrations, this book gives him information that is easy to understand and implement.

This practical handbook has everything a new dad needs to navigate the fatherhood journey successfully.

7. Flexible Claw Pickup Tool (Ideal for Grabbing Tiny Things from Hard to Reach Places)

Ever lost something under a balcony or somewhere you could not reach easily? It sucks! And now imagine that the new dad has to deal with a member of his family doing that intentionally for years. Our baby, for example, practices daily inserting different objects into our large decorative vases. She doesn’t succeed every time, but we have retrieved many socks and Lego pieces out of them.

Claw grabber should be on the list when looking for baby stuff for dad. This claw pickup tool, for example, has a flexible bending design. As a result, he’ll be able to retrieve small objects from very challenging locations. As a bonus, the new dad will also get a telescoping magnetic pickup tool. This is excellent for retrieving items made of metal when working on his hobby projects.

8. Small Compact Mini First Aid Kit for Babies

New fathers and moms should be ready to treat minor injuries of their little ones. Even if the child doesn’t really get hurt, putting a plaster on a bump often stops the crying. Additionally, parents often find hand sanitizer or antiseptic wipes and ointments to be quite valuable. As a result, first aid kits are essential baby products, and you can often see them in baby registry lists.

This compact first aid kit for babies, for example, includes fifty items that any parent needs to treat minor cuts, burns, or bruises. It has an expandable pouch making it easy to find everything quickly required. Additionally, the Preparakit comes with extra compartments. The new dad can use these for additional items he may want to include. This mini first aid kit measures 5.5″ tall and 3.75″ wide, making it small enough to put in a diaper bag or a car glove compartment.

All in all, baby first aid kits are excellent new dad gifts for the aforementioned reasons.

9. Folding Utility Cart & Beach Wagon

If you’re looking for baby gear for a new dad, then a beach wagon is another excellent option.

This PORTAL outdoor wagon is suitable for the beach, garden, or camping. It’s designed with a solid steel frame and polyester fabric to withstand up to 225 pounds of weight. The wheels measure 8 inches and rotate. As a result, dads can use it on uneven terrain and don’t get stuck. The easily adjustable ergonomic handle lets moms and dads of different heights use it. Another good thing about this beach wagon cart is that it can easily fit into your car and leave plenty of room to spare.

10. Sun Tent

Sun tents are perfect gifts for new dads who enjoy spending time outdoors. Direct sunlight can be harmful and exhausting for a baby. An instant shader allows fathers to create a relaxing and private oasis for the whole family. Older kids can have fun playing around with it. Sleep-deprived dads can take naps in it. And it’s perfect also for new moms because a tent provides privacy for breastfeeding. Additionally, it’s more comfortable to change the baby’s diapers in a shader when relaxing on the beach.

The Easthill sun tent provides UPF 50+ protection and enhanced ventilation. It has a zippered front for privacy and a unique opening mechanism for easy use. The redesigned inner structure of the opening mechanism makes it easy to assemble and use. Additionally, he’ll be able to stake this tent down for extra wind protection when setting up camp at the beach.

Another advantage of this tent is that it weighs little (only 8lb) and measures 41″ x 8,5″ x 8,5″ when folded. As a result, it’s easy to carry and store.

11. Sleep Noise Machine

Sleep sound machines are perfect gift ideas for the whole family. It depends on the baby whether white noise helps him to sleep better or not. This said, most infants find soothing sounds relaxing, at least in some periods in their lives. And baby gear, which helps little ones to sleep even a little better, makes dads happy.

This gift could also help the mom or older child rest better. Street noises, neighbors, and partners snoring can, for example, reduce the quality of sleep. The Douni helps block those signals so the whole family can get some shut-eye.

Many new fathers have considered noise machines one of the best gifts for another reason. It’s possible to get some work done when you cancel out all the crying and yelling (quite normal if you’ve got more than one child).

This particular model comes with 24 different sounds and features a wood grain finish. The dad in your life will also get a timer option memory function, and he can use earphones with it.

12. Coffee (Gift Cards or Caffeinated Chocolate)

Dads may not get much sleep after the baby arrives, so coffee is definitely one of the best gifts for new dads.

If he likes to walk around with a stroller, a gift card for his favorite coffee shop is an excellent idea.

Another option is to go with caffeinated chocolate. My cousin sent us a pack after the birth of our daughter. I’m an enthusiastic coffee drinker, but I had never heard of such a tasty alternative. Sugar combined with caffeine really gives some extra energy to take care of the baby. Or for working after a sleepless night. As you need to drink coffee hot, dads may struggle to find time to make and drink it. But if they have some caffeinated chocolate around, getting that needed energy booster becomes a breeze.

13.Convertible Car Seat

If you’re looking for baby gear for dads, baby car seats are probably on the list.

As a new dad, I didn’t know that many of them grow with your child. This means that dads can use the same car seats for newborns and older kids. The adjustments are usually effortless to make. We ended up buying three baby car seats for different stages of life. As a result, we had to spend more money and find extra storage space (our second baby got to use the same seats).

This all said, dads can attach some seat models to a stroller to create a travel system. Many of them also support other brands. This option is usually not available for convertible seats, though.

Graco 4Ever Extend2fit 4 in 1 is an excellent gift as the family can use it for around ten years. It meets all the safety standards, and the child can stay in the rear-facing position until he or she weighs over 50lb.

14.Baby Bouncer

Ergonomic lightweight baby bouncers are excellent gifts for dads. It’s possible to use the best models from birth. He’ll get a safe baby seat that’s easy to store away. Our little ones used the Babybjorn bouncer, and I consider it essential baby gear. It weighs only 5lb and folds flat. If you wish to learn more about the topic, I’ve written an extensive Babybjorn bouncer review (click on the link to get there)

15.Eye Cream

While self-care doesn’t usually end up in to-do lists of dads, eye cream is an excellent gift. While he may be all tired, others don’t have to know that. Best products revitalize tired skin and reduce the dark circles around the eyes.

To sum up

I’m now a proud dad of two active toddlers. I’ve listed here all the gift ideas that’ll make the life of any dad much more manageable. This is the baby gear I’ve found most helpful, and hopefully, maybe other fathers as well.

If you need more tips, I’ve written a couple of more specific articles. Click on the link to check out examples of military baby gear. Additionally, if the dad in your life loves driving, you may find a suitable gift from this car accessories article. And I’ve also created a fun post that helps you to create a new dad survival kit for the lucky dad.