The Best Baby Bathtub: A Smart Guide With Reviews

Washing your new baby can be a fun and exciting experience for both parents and the little one. In the past, a kitchen sink worked as the only solution to keeping a slippery, tiny baby a float. Nowadays, modern baby tubs help you keep your baby and you comfortable and safe. Read more to find the best baby bathtub available today.

Quick Overview For Busy Parents

Why To Use A Baby Bathtub?

Baby bathtubs are the safe and modern way to clean your baby

A kitchen sink may be what your parents washed you in, but now there are more comfortable ways to make sure your baby doesn't slip and enjoys bath time. 

Kitchen Sink (For Kitchen Sink Insert)

A regular size bathtub poses dangers to a small baby as they are difficult to hold and can easily fall under the water. Bathtubs are specially designed to support an infant's neck and eventually help them sit up during their bath.

There’s also another reason why we bathe our child every night. It’s part of his evening routine, and he really likes it. Bathing calms your baby and prepares him or her for the sleep (or at least, so we always hope:)

TIP: If your baby doesn’t like baths then it’s not necessary to give them every day

When Can You Use a Baby Bath Tub?

It is safe to start using a tub right after birth. Many bathtubs have inserts to keep your newborn upright and in place until you get used to handling him or her. 

That said, don't panic if you've already bought a simple tub without any extra. We used only a regular bathtub and didn’t have any problems.

What Type of Baby Bathtubs are Available?

Standard Baby Bathtub: 

Usually made of plastic, but they can also be inflatable. Inflatable bath tubes can be a great option if you travel a lot or if you have very little space at home.

Foldable Baby Bathtub:

If you have little room or travel a lot then a foldable bathtub is a great option. 

Adjustable bathtubs: 

There are many baby tubs on the market that adjust as your baby grows. They may be more expensive, but they save you money in the long run as your baby grows from newborn to toddler.

TIP: One cool option is to buy a bathtub with a hammock. It's great for keeping your infant in place, and it doesn't take much storage space. 

Kitchen Sink Inserts: 

Using the old-fashion way with a modern twist, a kitchen insert fits directly into the kitchen sink. They are usually made of flexible foam or plastic that form to any size sink. This type of bath can save you from having to bend over a tub on the ground.  Your baby will probably outgrow it quickly though.

How To Safely Use A Bath Tube?

I'm planning to write a quick guide for new dads on how to bathe a baby. You can find guides on organic baby shampoos, baby soaps and towels by clicking the links. If you wish, you can also read about baby toiletries in general.

That said, washing your child isn’t rocket science:) Remember a couple of key safety measures and just begin with it:)

Water Temperature

It is most important to make sure the water is not too hot. It should be around 35 C (95F). You can test it by placing your elbow in the water before putting your baby in the tub.

A Geyser

That said, we have always used a special bath thermometer by NUK (also sold on Amazon)

TIP: If the cold and hot water come from different taps then fill the tub first with cold water


A dog watches a baby in a bath tub because baby in a bathtub needs constant supervision

Never leave your child unattended when bathing him or her. Most accidents with small children happen in shallow water.

No Weightlifting Exercises When You Baby's In The Tub

Never pick up the bath tub with your baby in it. You may be a strong man (or woman), but you may slip or get a cramp. 

A young man prepares to raise weights

Your child may also slip under the water and you can't instantly help him because your holding that damn tub.

How to Choose a Baby Bath Tub?

While choosing a tub, you may decide based on the functionality, design, or included accessories. 

Your choice also depends on your home and the size of your kitchen sink, if you have a standard tub or just a shower, and the amount of storage space. For example, inflatable tubs have fun designs and can be deflated to save space. They are less durable than hard plastic though.  

If you don't have a lot of space then a foldable baby bathtub may be a solution.

Sink inserts are perfect for large kitchen sinks and also save space, but your baby may outgrow them quickly. It is best to weigh these options and think about whether you will buy a larger tub as your baby grows.

How to Clean a Baby Bath Tub?

Some tubs are made of washable fabric while others need to be wiped with dish soap and warm water. Make sure to scrub hard water stains and clean hard to reach crevices to make sure mold does not grow.

Bathtubs should be dried immediately after use to keep the chances of mold from forming.

What else can you do with a baby bathtub?

I don’t want to buy stuff that I have to throw away in a year or two in a perfectly good condition. When it comes to bathtubs, they usually last for a long time so you can pass them forward after you don’t need them. That said, you can also use them for yourself.

Bathtub as a cooler

If you draw garden parties, then a regular baby bathtub is perfect for making a big cooler and holding beer (after you don’t need it for your kid of course).

Beers in ice

Bathtub as a Planter

Old metal bath tub full of red flowers in a garden

If you have brought a rectangular bathtub (like the Stokke Flexi bathtub), you can use it to make a perfect planter. 

Old bathtubs look better and can work on their own. Modern plastic tubs usually need a covering of some sort.

Bathtub For Outdoor Fun

An inflatable baby tub can work fine on a beach for many years. You can even sit there yourself when it’s scorching outside (and nobody’s watching). 

You can use the regular baby bathtub outside when it's really hot and you just don't have the time to go to a beach.

Two kids in a bathtub outside

Other ideas

Blooming Bath Lotus Bath tub (also sold on Amazon) is a versatile item. You could pass it to your pets when your kid has outgrown it. You could use it as a photo prop or simply make it a little lounger.

5 best baby bathtubs for DadProgress Reviewed

  • It includes a heightened stand to make it easier to bend and bathe your baby
  • The stand converts into a stool or kneeler for when your baby grows into a toddler
  • It is large enough to fit children up to two years old
  • The newborn insert is slanted to keep the baby's head out of the water
  • It can fit in a standard size tub or sink
  • Locking tabs ensure the tub will stay still during bath time
  • The insert does not suction to the tub basin, so it moves often
  • There is poor drainage as water gets stuck in between the insert
  • It has stickers inside that are challenging to remove
  • The basin does not include non-slip pads
  • It's quite bulky
  • The tub conforms to almost any size sink
  • The fabric is soft and comfortable for newborns. It's made of polyester and the center uses polyurethane foam
  • It is washer and dryer safe for easy cleaning and drying
  • It naturally cradles your baby
  • You can choose between nine different colors
  • You can use it up to six months and it's not the cheapest bathtub out there. That said, you can use it for other purposes
  • The petals slip easily making the sink exposed
  • It cannot be used in a regular size tub, only the sink. The structure depends on your sink size, so it may still not fit properly
  • Drying it takes a long time
  • The best thing is, you can fold it up. When folded, the dimensions are 63cm x 24cm x 10cm / 24,8" x 9,4"x 3,9". It weighs only 1,3kg / 2,2lb
  • There's a plug to remove the water, but as it's lightweight, you can also easily flip it over
  • You can choose between four different colors
  • There's not much support for infants and you may want to buy a newborn insert (check the price on Amazon)
  • The basin does not include non-slip pads
  • Although Stokke advertises for children up to four years, it's not very big. The dimensions are 66cm x 24cm x 35cm / 26" x 9,4" x 13,7" 
  • It is perfect for traveling as you can deflate it
  • It has a safety disk that turns blue when the water is too hot
  • Surprisingly, the padding is thick and comfortable
  • There is a non-slip surface to prevent baby from moving too much
  • The cute duck design makes bathing fun
  • Not very well suited for newborns because it doesn't offer any head, neck, or back support
  • The plastic can easily be punctured, and it is difficult to fix
  • It has to be inflated each time if you would like to store it deflated. I'm pointing this out because this can suck up a lot of time if you're planning to buy this as your only bathtub
  • It may be the best bathtub for new dads because of the removable sling locks in two ergonomic positions. It keeps your baby in a safe position, and it's quite helpful when you're just learning to bathe your child
  • It has a non-slip texture at the bottom
  • Moby bathtub has a drain plug. It can be helpful if you have back issues and can flip the tub
  • There is a non-slip surface to prevent baby from moving too much
  • It's important to dry the insert thoroughly, or it may start to smell

To Sum Up

I hope this article helps you to find the best baby bathtub.

A bath tub Moby by Skip Hop (also sold on Amazon) is an excellent choice for new parents. The design is straightforward, and you get a removable insert to keep your newborn in a suitable position when you don’t have the routine yet figures out. 

Summer Infant Comfort Height Bath Tub (also sold on Amazon) is another excellent option. 

For more seasoned parents the kitchen sink insert by Blooming Bath Lotus (also sold on Amazon) can be an exciting alternative. If you have little room, then a foldable Flexi bathtub (also sold on Amazon) is a good choice. Another option is to buy an inflatable Munchkin Duck Tub (also sold on Amazon).

I wrote a guide on best baby bathtubs. There are many awesome options to choose from. Some are easy to store, others a great for new parents and some make bathing time more fun. Just click to read more.

Last Updated on December 9, 2019