Which is the Best Baby Food Maker in 2023? Top 10 Reviewed in This Through Guide

Creating food for your baby with the perfect balance of nutrition and great taste can be quite time-consuming. A baby food maker can quickly become a parents' best friend in the kitchen because it makes cooking so much easier. I reviewed eight popular food processors to help you find the best baby food maker.

Top 10 Food Processors Reviewed in This Guide- Quick Overview for Busy Parents

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Are Baby Food Makers Worth it?

I've listed below some reasons why best baby food makers are worth the money.

1. You can Save Time

Having a good food maker will save you a lot of time as you can see from below.

One meal takes about 30 minutes to prepare:

  • Peeling & hacking 5 minutes
  • teaming 20 minutes and if you have a good food maker then you don't have to stay in the kitchen during this time. So you can save up to 20 minutes per day by using a food processor!
  • Washing Dishes 5 Minutes

2. You can Save Some Money

This can be a key factor considering store-bought food is expensive, and babies can consume a large number of jars of baby food.

3. You can Always Make Fresh Baby Food for Your Little one

You can use 100% fresh and organic fruits and veggies that are at the peak of ripeness.

Most store-bought baby food items are precooked and stored inside of jars for a great amount of time. As a result, these jars provide fewer nutrients and vitamins for your baby than fresh produce.

4. Whatever You eat, Your Baby can Too

This is a perfect way to introduce your baby to foods everyone eats. By the first year of life, your baby can eat everything your family is eating.

5. You'll Know What's Going Into Your Baby's Tummy

Many baby food products can have a whole lot of preservatives and added sugars. 

When making baby food at home,  you will be in control of what kinds of fruits and veggies are going into the meal. You can sneak in as much spinach or any other green veggies children usually wouldn't want to eat. Heck, you can even go entirely organic if that pleases you.

Some studies show that up to 33% of infant and toddlers get no vegetables at all. It means that they don't get all nutrients they need.

6. You may Also get a Bottle Warmer

Many best baby food makers come with a bottle warmer. I wish I had one these when my son was a newborn.

Dad holding a baby who's eating from a bottle

I admit that I only watched for our baby couple of times without his mother being around. But I struggled with heating his bottles by sitting them in warm water.  

I always noticed that he was hungry only when he started to cry. After that, it took too long to heat the milk. Then I'd discover that the milk had become too hot and had to wait again for it to cool down. A bottle warmer would have made my life a lot easier.

What to Look For in A Baby Food Maker?

If you're buying this product for the very first time, then you might want to skim the following points. These help you to make the right decision because, let's face it, some of the best baby food processors are quite expensive. That said, you can also scroll straight down to product reviews.

Electric or Manual Baby Food Maker?

For most parents, electric machines are a no-brainer. The best baby food makers are all-in-ones to make your life substantially easier. They can puree, steam, reheat, and defrost.

An electrical appliance is an especially good choice if your child is very young because the baby food has to be almost liquid. It's hard to achieve that with a manual device.

This all said it's important to recognize that manual food makers have some benefits. If you're in need of something travel-friendly or you already have a steamer, then a manual grinder may be a good option. These devices are simple, so expect a small price tag (another pro for thrifty parents).

Ease of use is Essential

You want a device that's easy to set up and does everything quickly. This means that the instructions in an owner's manual should be straightforward. It should be a breeze to assemble. You don't want to start cursing every time in front of your kid when you have to put it together. If a device is well designed, then you should be able to start using it intuitively (think of Apple product, for example). The best food makers require you to perform only a few steps to prepare a meal for your kid.

Dad and son using Best Baby Food Maker

Look for a Powerful Baby Food Maker With Large Capacity

You don't want to buy an expensive baby food maker just to discover big lumps in the food. That's what's your one-dollar manual masher is for, right? The whole process may also take too long for your taste.

Best baby food makers should have powerful motors; 130-150W is common. That said, the powerful engine doesn't help much if the device has other design flaws like dull blades, for example.

The bowl should be large enough to make several servings at once, so you don't need to use it every day.

The steamer should work fast, but this process depends very much on your choice of ingredients.

Any Extra Accessories?

If you happen to find two similar products, then check out if you get any extra accessories. Most baby food makers come with a small recipe booklet, and a free spatula isn't exactly a selling point (or maybe it is?). That said, some packages also contain handy foot storage cups or serving trays.

Your Baby Food Maker Should be Safe to ese

All parents want their kids' home-environment to be safe. One thing to be mindful of is the safety of home appliances.

You should expect materials to be of high quality. Plastics, for example, should be BPA, Lead, and Phthalate free (translation: don't contain typical harmful substances). While this information is hard to find, it's best to stick with known brands as they have a reputation to protect.

You should not be able to puree with a baby food maker unless all parts are correctly assembled. This ensures that your little one can't accidentally hurt himself with the device while you're not watching.

The outer parts of the best baby food makers shouldn't get hot. You don't want your kid to burn her fingers when you're for a second preoccupied with something else.

Choose a Durable Baby Food Maker

Best baby food makers last for years. After preparing meals for all your kids, you may even be able to resell it. The most reliable information about durability comes from other parents. That said, top brands trust in their product and have generous warranties. A one-year limited warranty is the industry standard, though.

Ease of Cleaning

We dads want things that are easy to clean. Most baby food makers are just that. Clear instructions are usually included. The best options have dishwasher-safe parts so you can let the machine do the job for you.

So everything's top-notch, then? Not quite! Many all-in-ones have a weak spot- the water reservoir. If they aren't dried up properly now and then, you'll soon find mold. Problems occur when the inlet of a water tank is too small, and you can't see if it's dried up or not. But don't get too worried! Best models have large inlets so the evaporation happens quickly. Some food makers also notify you when the tank is empty, so the visual control isn't necessary.

Compact Design is Important if  you Don't Have Much Extra Counter Space

Many modern kitchens don't have much extra counter space. You also need room for the espresso machine and other home appliances. If this sounds familiar, then it's best to opt for a lightweight baby food maker that is easy to disassemble. We usually made many portions at a time and stored the device in the cupboard.

Consider Your Budget

Best baby food makers can cost well over $100. But there are also several great choices available for less than half of that price.

The cheapest option is to buy a steamer and a simple manual masher.

That said, if you can afford it, then an all-in-one is definitely worth the price.

How to Clean Baby Food Maker?

If you have a used device, then the owner's manual with cleaning instructions is probably lost. I wrote this short paragraph to help you out:)

Disassembles Philips baby food maker on a counter (just washed btw)

General Advice

If you use en electric baby food maker, then remember to unplug it before cleaning. After that, disassemble all the parts that need cleaning and wash with soapy water. I recommend a quick rinsing even if the parts are dishwasher safe unless you plan to start the washing cycle right away. After washing, it's important to let all the pieces dry.

Water Tank

Some people recommend using only distilled water when using baby food makers with water reservoirs. I think it's a bit of an overkill. Distilled water costs money. You can prevent mold by letting it dry up after every use. Make sure that you don't use too much water, so there's not much residue left. It's also a good idea to leave the inlet uncovered so the water can evaporate.

Baby Food Maker Descaling Instructions

It's also a good idea to follow descaling instructions. The needed frequency depends on the mineral content of your water. Many baby food makers have indicators to let you know the right time. If you're not sure, then descale first after every 40 cycles and change the frequency according to the build-up of mineral deposits.

Mix ½ hot water and ½ cup white vinegar. Pour the mix into the water reservoir and leave it there for two to three hours. Some models also recommend to do a couple of cycles.

How to Store Homemade Baby Food?

Making a large patch of baby food in one sitting makes the whole process more efficient. But there is one problem. Your baby doesn't usually want to eat a gallon of food in one sitting. So you have to store it. Homemade food can spoil a lot quicker than the store-bought jars.

You can store portions in covered plastic containers. Some baby food makers offer elaborate storing systems for that, though. You can keep the food one to three days in a fridge or put it in the freezer where it can stay up to three months (as a general rule).

What are the Disadvantages of Best Baby Food Makers?

I've listed three common  complaints when it comes to cooking for infants. 

1. It is Time-Consuming to Make Baby Food at Home 

Not all parents have the time to prepare meals at home, and there's no need to feel guilty about that.

But as I've already said (sorry for repeating myself), if you can do it then having a food processor will save you some time.

2. Water Reservoir can be Irritating to Clean

Many baby food makers have built-in steamers, but water tanks have too small inlets. So cleaning them surely can be a hassle. That said, you can choose a device without these issues. There are many different models available.

It's worth pointing out that we used a Philips baby food maker daily. It also has relatively small inlet, but we didn't have any problems with the reservoir. 

Always use clean water and let the water tank dry after every use.

3. Homemade Food may be Gross to a Baby

This is not a real disadvantage of a baby food maker if your baby rejects the healthy diet your trying to get her to eat. But it does feel disheartening when you have spent a lot of time preparing it. Just keep on going, and may the Force be with you!

A baby holding broccoli and not looking happy

I must admit that although my wife made food for our baby, he also preferred the store-bought jars. But we did not give up on him:)

Some baby food companies load tons of sugar in their food. Sugar has no nutritional value ("empty calories"), but it makes the food taste good.

Best Baby Food Makers for DadProgress Reviewed

Homia makes two baby food makers that parents love- Dansa and Infano. Dansa lets you stack three baskets, so it's an incredibly efficient food maker. It does everything you need- steams, cooks, chops, purees, and defrosts. You can also use it as a bottle warmer and sterilizer. All in all (spoiler alert), I consider this to be the best baby food maker.

Homia has even thought about style- you can choose between three different colors so every parent should be able to find a suitable device. 

This all said, some outer parts (like steaming cup) can get hot. This means that so you shouldn't leave your toddlers unattended when you're preparing food for your baby.

A recipe booklet and baby bottle tongs are included in the package.

Weight: 6lb



  • It's effortless to use! Homia sets a great example on how to make a versatile device that's also intuitive to operate. You shouldn't have to spend hours reading a manual to start making baby food. The touch control panel of Dansa is easy to understand!
  • It's an extremely capable device because it can carry out so many different tasks for you. Three baskets allow you to make several meals at once
  • Homia provides you with a three-year warranty. And that's not all! They also have a 45 day return policy. It's refreshing to see a company which trusts in its products enough to offer these kinds of perks to customers
  • Dansa is effortless to clean as the pieces are dishwasher safe
  • It's relatively cheap (you can check the latest price by clicking the links above)
  • -

This 4-in-1 electric baby food maker can prepare fruits, vegetables, and meat (including fish) in just 15 minutes. Not only does it steam, but it also has the ability to blend, reheat, and defrost food. There's a large 4.7 cup capacity included –with graduation markings—allowing you to fit several of food servings in one batch.

Need to make dinner but would like to enjoy more "daddy time" with your baby? No problem. This 4-in-1 baby cooker can be operated with just one hand. Worried about the essential nutrients, you'll lose while pureeing baby's food?

This excellent food processor has a stainless steel water reservoir that holds onto condensed water, which can be poured back into your baby's food. This allows important nutrients to get back into the food.

The Beaba baby food maker comes with a cooking basket, mixing lid, spatula, and even includes a recipe book – perfect for dads wanting to make something different for their baby.

Another notable feature of this food processor is the auto-shutoff button. When your baby's food is finished being made, a timer will sound.

The blender (like all reviewed all-in-ones here) works only of the parts that are correctly in place. So this is a safe baby food maker. That said, if you have a toddler at home, then it's best not to let him hang around the device while cooking because the lid gets hot

Note: BEABA released an enhanced BabyCook Neo in 2018. They improved the water tank, and it has the infamous glass bowl. I use the word infamous because BEABA had to recall the product thanks to the glass breakage problem. It's also more expensive than the older model. All in all, I don't yet consider it to be one of the best baby food makers.

Weight: 4lb



  • It's extremely easy to use. You can operate it with only one hand and the one big button is intuitive to use. Press the button for steaming and turn it for blending
  • BEABA Babycook 4 in 1 is an efficient device as you can do several food portions at once. The blender has a 130W motor- it's powerful enough to make smooth baby food, but it doesn't replace your regular device. For comparison, it's common for regular blenders to have over 500W motors
  • The parts are dishwasher safe so this device is easy to clean. Many parents have found the water reservoir hard to clean though. I'm a little puzzled about that because you control the steaming process with the amount of water. The timer will let you know when it's done, and all the water is used up. The little residual should be able to evaporate through the hole if you leave the lid open. That said, their newer model has a bigger outlet for easier cleaning
  • BEABA Babycook 4 in 1 is an excellent buy if you're short of counter space. It's only 10 "tall and easy to move around as it weighs just 4lb
  • It's relatively expensive. You can click on the links above to see the latest price
  • Controlling the time of steaming by the amount of water requires some practice

Are you a new dad still getting the hang of preparing food for the little one? If so, the Garden Fresh may be the perfect set for you. In just five mins, you can make an entire week's worth of healthy, delicious, and nutritional baby food. There is a convenient storage system included to help with the storing of your baby's food in containers. The family-friendly manual teaches you a lot about feeding a baby (it includes schedules, recipes, etc.).

This all said, please keep in mind that it's more of a blending system, and you don't get an electric steamer –I know, disappointing. A microwave steaming basket is included though.

If a basic baby food maker (with a great storage system) is all you need to get the job done, then this is for you.

Weight: 5.3lb



  • The excellent storing system makes this an efficient food maker. The motor is 200W which above average when it comes to baby food makers
  • You get a lot of accessories. The Garden Fresh comes with six freezer pots and a tray for six portions. You also get two long-handled spoons and a spatula. Three different blades allow you to control the texture of kids' food. Nutritional guide and and recipe book are included in the package. Microwave steaming basket will enable you to prepare also for the rest of your family
  • It's not an all-in-one, you need a microwave to use the steaming basket
  • The Garden Fresh is not dishwasher safe, so it's not very easy to clean
  • Nuby's homepage is terrible (at the moment of writing). They provide you very little information about their products. For example, I was unable to find proper information about the warranty

The Babymoov is claimed to be the top-rated baby food maker due to its functionality. The 6 in 1 system allows you to cook, blend, warm, and defrost your baby's food. Unlike most food makers, the Babymoov can be used as a bottle warmer and a sterilizer, reducing the need for a separate appliance –which saves space. It's worth noting that the outer parts of the heating chamber get hot (especially when sterilizing). 

Need to steam some potatoes and blend some peas? Not a problem. This baby food maker is the only one on the list that supports separate but simultaneous steaming and blending. If you need to steam two different veggies at the same time, this unique system includes two steamer baskets and is programmable for various cook times. Due to a large steaming bowl and blender capacity, you can make up to 25 servings of fresh, nutritious food in minutes.

Operating the Nutribaby can be a breeze with the LCD and audio alerts –letting you know when your food is done preparing. You even get a spatula:)

Weight: 6.4lb



  • This baby food maker offers a lot of functions. So it's surprising that it's also easy to use
  • It can perform six different tasks, so it's a very efficient baby food maker. You are able to steam various ingredients at the same time using different programs. This allows you to prepare food simultaneously for the baby and the rest of the family. You can even cook rice and eggs with it! As I've mentioned, the steaming bowl is large, so you can prepare many meals at once
  • If you register online, then this baby food maker has a lifetime warranty. So it's a durable device
  • Babymoov Duo is easy to clean. All the parts are dishwasher safe, and the inlet of the water tank isn't too small
  • It takes up a lot of room

This versatile baby food maker lets you steam and blend ingredients. You can also defrost and reheat with it. It also functions as a baby bottle sterilizer and warmer, so you don't need a separate device for that. Thanks to the pulse blender, you can chop ingredients, so it helps cooking for others as well.

You can control the texture of food with the amount of fluid you use. Ingredients are steamed in a basket, and the juice flows into the mixing basket. Pour some of it away and start blending. You can steam separate ingredients thanks to the dual-layer function.

Elechomes baby food maker lets you blend only when the jar is properly in place, so it's a safe device. That said, the outer parts do get hot, so you should keep an eye on young kids near it when it's working.

As with most baby food makers, a recipe booklet is included in the package.

Weight: 4.2lb



  • You can do a lot with the Elechomes baby food maker. So it comes as a surprise that it's so effortless to use. You have to operate only two buttons, and that's it
  • This baby food maker is straightforward to clean. All the parts are dishwasher safe. The water tank has a big outlet, so you can effortlessly deal with the residue
  • It's not the most expensive baby food maker out there. You can check the latest price by clicking the links above
  • It's not a very efficient device. It carries out many tasks, but the blending jar is quite small, so you can't make numerous portions at once
  • Elechomes offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. That said, the warranty period is only seven months, even if you register the device. Most other manufacturers provide at least a year

This simple baby food maker can steam and puree food. As a bonus, you also get a bottle warmer. The Eccomom is for parents who want an affordable, straightforward food processor. This LCD control panel is easy to use, so you don't have to waste too much time reading the owner's manual. The blending bowl has a large capacity (33 oz ) so you can make many portions in one sitting. A spatula and baby bottle tongs are included in the package. As with most all-in-ones, the outer parts get quite hot when using the steamer.

Weight: 4.7lb



  • This is an efficient baby food maker. The 33 oz blending bowl is large enough for you to make many portions in one sitting. The blender has a 150W motor which is more than enough for making purees
  • This baby food maker is easy to clean. The water tank has a big inlet, so it's effortless to deal with residue. That said, the parts don't seem to be dishwasher safe
  • The warranty period lasts six months. Most other manufacturers offer at least a year

The QOOC Mini food maker is a perfect way for those busy dads –and moms—to steam, reheat, defrost and blend homemade baby food in just 15 minutes (or less).

Due to the premium precision prep blade, it makes it fast and easy to quickly chop and puree everything from fruits to veggies –even nuts—with a press of a button. To get the perfect puree, pulse every five seconds, and grind in just three rounds. You can also control the texture of food with the amount of water you use.

The QOOC's compact size makes it easier to store away, and it is a breeze to clean. Spatula, measuring cup and cleaning brush are all included in the package. The one year warranty is an industry-standard.

Weight: 4.3lb



  • This baby food maker is straightforward to use as you have to operate only one button. You can use it with one hand
  • QOOC Mini is very easy to clean as it's dishwasher safe. The water tank has a big outlet so you can effortlessly keep it clean
  • It weighs only 4.3lb and is 10 "tall, so it's suitable even for small kitchens
  • It's one of the cheapest baby food makers on the market. You can check the latest price by clicking on the links above
  • It's not a very efficient device. The bowl is quite small. As a result you can make only a little food at a time. Many parents have complained that the food doesn't come as smooth as it should, and the owner's manual doesn't contain information about motor power for comparison

If you're looking for a sleek baby food maker for a modern kitchen, then this is the one. But it's not all about looks. This easy to use device can steam food, blend, reheat, defrost, and sterilize bottles. You also get six reusable food pouches.

Weight: 6lb



  • EVLA shows what excellent design should look like. This baby food maker is eye-catching and intuitive to use
  • They offer a money-back guarantee. That said, the warranty lasts one year which is the industry standard
  • This baby food maker is very easy to clean. It has a self-cleaning function, and if that's not enough, then you can use a dishwasher. The water tank has a big inlet, so you don't have to worry about mold
  • The container is quite small, so it's not the most efficient food maker out there. But it's ideal for parents looking for a compact design

This 2-in-1 includes an immersion blender with a baby food processor attachment. All you have to do is grab your prepped ingredients—veggies, meat, or fruit—and a bowl and start pureeing. Pretty simple, right?

Instead of plastic, you have an option to go with glass containers that are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe. They are sold separately though. With this baby food blender, you can also make grown-up food such as salsa, soup, and hummus. That said, it's a blending system, and many modern all-in-ones cost only 15-20 dollars more.

Weight: 2.5lb



  • Although it can carry out only one task, it does this well as it has a 250W motor
  • The device is straightforward to use
  • It's dishwasher safe, so it's easy to clean after making baby food
  • If you have a small kitchen, then this is an excellent product as it's so easy to store
  • It's possible to convert it into a glass baby food maker, but the containers are sold separately
  • This is a lightweight device so you can easily make baby food on the go
  • It's usually quite affordable
  • It's not an all-in-one, you don't get a steamer
  • It's the only electric baby food maker on this list that doesn't include (I'm talking about the basic package) any accessories
  • You can return it in 30 days, but the details of the actual warranty are hard to find

Manual baby food makers are a great option if you already have a steamer or you're traveling a lot. This basic food maker is "diaper bag" ready for all of you on-the-go dads out there. Its compact and convenient design allows you to mash fruits and steamed veggies no matter where you are.

The bowl and masher both have grip handles allowing comfortability of the hands. To make mashing up fruits and veggies easier, the serving bowl is equipped with a non-skid base.

Weight: 6oz



  • This is a simple masher and you don't need electricity to prepare baby food 
  • Ridges of the bowl are hard to clean

To Sum Up

This post is regularly updated, so only outstanding products are reviewed. As a result, picking a clear winner is quite hard. They all are easy to use and have one common problem- the outer parts get too hot when using the steamer. So it comes down to things like ease of cleaning, efficiency, return policy, and price.

The best baby food maker is the Homia Dansa 8 in 1 Food Maker. It carries out so many tasks but is easy to use and clean. The warranty lasts for three years, so it should be a durable product. As a bonus, it’s not the most expensive product on the market!

A close runner-up is the Babymoov Duo Meal Station, which is also one of the best baby food makers for big families. It allows you to blend and steam simultaneously. As a result, you can prepare many meals at once. They offer a lifetime warranty!

The prices change regularly, but true to its name, Eccomom Baby Food Maker is usually the best cheap baby food maker out there.

If you're looking for something modern, then the EVLA food maker is the best option. It's an excellent product and shares a second and third place of this review.

If you’re looking for a best manual baby food maker, then check out the the Nuby Garden Fresh Mash as it's one of the most popular choices.

Hopefully, this guide helps you to find the best baby food maker for your infant. Thanks for reading!

Last Updated on January 24, 2023