Which Is The Best Baby Food Maker In 2020? Top 8 Reviewed

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Creating food for your baby with the perfect balance of nutrition and great taste can be quite time-consuming. A baby food maker can quickly become a parents' best friend in the kitchen because it makes cooking so much easier. I reviewed eight popular food processors to help you find the best baby food maker.

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The Best Overall Baby Food Maker 

Philips Avent 4-in-1 Food Maker

The Best Baby Food Processor If You Are Searching For Something That Is Very Easy To Use And You Live In Europe (Works With 220V)

It's the baby food maker for you if you're searching for a simple masher that's easy to pack wherever you go

Are Baby Food Makers Worth It?

Save Time

Having a good food maker will save you a lot of time. 

One Meal Takes About 30 Minutes To Prepare:

  • Peeling & Hacking 5 Minutes
  • Steaming 20 Minutes And If You Have A Good Food Maker Then You Don't Have To Stay In The Kitchen During This Time. So You Can Save Up To 20 Minutes Per Day By Using A Food Processor!
  • Washing Dishes 5 Minutes

Save Money

This can be a key factor considering store-bought food is expensive, and babies can consume a large number of jars of baby food.

Fresh Food

You can use 100% fresh and organic fruits and veggies that are at the peak of ripeness.

Dad and son preapraring healthy food with a food maker

Most store-bought baby food items are precooked and stored inside of jars for a great amount of time. As a result, these jars provide fewer nutrients and vitamins for your baby than fresh produce.

Whatever You Eat, Your Baby Can Too

Whatever you eat, your baby can too: This is a perfect way to introduce your baby to foods everyone eats. By the first year of life, your baby can eat everything your family is eating.

You'll Know What's Going Into Your Baby's Tummy

You'll know what's going into your baby's tummy. Many baby food products can have a whole lot of preservatives and added sugars.

When making baby food at home,  you will be in control of what kinds of fruits and veggies are going into the meal. You can sneak in as much spinach or any other green veggies children usually wouldn't want to eat. Heck, you can even go entirely organic if that pleases you.

Some studies show that up to 33% of infant and toddlers get no vegetables at all. It means that they don't get all nutrients they need.

Bottle Warmer

Many baby food makers come with a bottle warmer. I wish I had one these when my son was a newborn.

Dad feeding baby with milk

I admit that I only watched for our baby couple of times without his mother being around. But I struggled with heating his bottles by sitting them in warm water. 

I always noticed that he was hungry only when he started to cry. After that, it took too long to heat the milk. Then I'd discover that the milk had become too hot and had to wait again for it to cool down. A bottle warmer would have made my life a lot easier.

What To Look For In A Baby Food Maker?

As a parent, you have to be mindful of what it is you need a baby food maker to do.

  • Are you interested in a machine that can puree, steam, reheat, and defrost? Then you may want to consider purchasing an all-in-one. If you're in need of something travel-friendly and straightforward to use then a manual grinder may be a better option for you
  • If you're like me, then the thought of there being more dishes to wash doesn't excite you. You may want to try selecting a baby food maker that includes dishwasher-safe parts
  • You should also consider your budget. Baby food makers can cost well over $100. But there are also several great choices available for less than half of that price

What Are The Disadvantages Of Best Baby Food Makers?

It Is Time-Consuming To Prepare Food At Home 

Not all parents have the time to prepare food at home, and there's no need to feel guilty about that.

But as I've already said (sorry for repeating myself), if you can do it then having a food maker will save you some time.

Water Reservoir Can Be Irritating To Clean

Most baby food makers have a built-in steamer. The water reservoir can mold if you don't let it dry properly.

You should also clean it according to the instructions.

It's worth pointing out that we've used a baby food maker for over four months now. We've used it daily and have not had any issues with the reservoir.

Homemade Food May Be Gross To A Baby

Your baby may not like the healthy diet your trying to get her to eat.  I must admit that although my wife makes food for our baby, he does prefer the store-bought jars. But we are not giving up on him:)


Some baby food companies load tons of sugar in their food. Sugar has no nutritional value ("empty calories"), but it makes the food taste good.

Food Needs To Be Appropriately Stored

Homemade food can spoil a lot quicker than the store-bought jars. The same goes for fresh ingredients. You need to store the homemade food and all the ingredients in the freezer or refrigerate them. It may be a problem if you have a small fridge and not enough storage space.

Top 8 Baby Food Makers Reviewed

BEABA Babycook 4 in 1 (Check The Latest Price On Amazon)

Weight: 3.97lb

It works with 120V (you need a transformer if you want to use it in Europe)



  • Dishwasher safe
  • This 4-in-1 baby food maker can prepare fruits, vegetables, and meat (including fish) in just 15 minutes
  • Not only does it steam, but it also can blend, reheat and defrost food
  • There's a big 4.7 cup capacity included –with graduation markings—allowing you to fit several of food servings in one batch
  • Need to make dinner but would like to enjoy more "daddy time" with your baby? No problem. This 4-in-1 baby cooker can be operated with just one hand
  • Worried about the essential nutrients, you'll lose while pureeing baby's food? This excellent food maker has a stainless water reservoir that holds onto condensed water. This allows the water along with nutrients to be poured back into baby's food
  • The Beaba baby food maker comes with a cooking basket, mixing lid, spatula and even includes a recipe book
  • Another notable feature of this food maker is the auto-shut off button. When there's no more water in the steam reservoir, it shuts off
  • Works only with 120V
  • You don't get a bottle warmer as a bonus
  • Not the cheapest food maker out there
Magic Bullet Baby Bullet (Check The Latest Price On Amazon)

Weight: 1.5lb

It works with 120V (you need a transformer if you want to use it in Europe)



  • Dishwasher safe (top rack)
  • Are you a new dad still getting the hang of preparing food for the little one? If so, the Magic Baby Bullet may be the perfect food maker for you. In just five mins, you can make an entire week's worth of healthy, delicious and nutritional baby food
  • There is a convenient dated storage system included to help with the storing of your baby's food in containers. This baby blender comes with six dial storage cups, a short cup and a resealable lid (to keep food fresh)
  • You also get a silicone batch tray, a spatula, a tip proof tray and a recipe book to go with it
  • Please keep in mind that the baby bullet is just an ordinary blending system. It doesn't include a steamer –I know, disappointing. But if a basic baby food maker (with a great storage system) is all you need to get the job done, then this is for you
  • Alternate Arrow Down
    Some parents have had issues with the motor. This means that the build in quality isn't the best
  • Dishwasher safe
  • The 5 in 1 system allows you to cook, blend, warm and defrost your baby's food
  • Unlike most food makers, the Nutribaby can be used as a bottle warmer and a sterilizer. So you don't need a separate appliance and save some space
  • Need to steam some potatoes and blend some peas? –Not a problem. This baby food maker supports separate but simultaneous steaming and blending
  • If you need to steam two different veggies at the same time, then this steamer is for you. The Duo Meal includes two steamer baskets and is programmable for various cook times
  • Due to a large steaming bowl and blender capacity, you can make a lot of nutritious food in minutes
  • Operating the Duo Meal is a breeze with the LCD 
  • A lifetime warranty of Babymoov applies to it
  • It takes up a lot of room
  • The blender has three speeds, but it still isn't very powerful
Cuisinart Baby Food Maker (Check The Latest Price On Amazon)

Weight: 8.4lb

It works with 120V (you need a transformer if you want to use it in Europe)



  • Dishwasher safe (top rack)
  • It does hold plenty of excellent features. For instance, it can steam, chop and puree food
  • There's also a bottle warmer on the back
  • It has a bowl seal that is used to prevent the spitting of food while improving steam
  • Thanks to its blade lock system, the Cuisinart holds the blades in place while pouring
  • For quicker and more efficient steam distribution, this baby food maker has a "steam blade." This ensures perfect and evenly steamed food for your baby
  • There is a recipe book included with an integrated measuring cup and bottle adapter ring
  • The blades are hard to clean 
  • The bottle warmer doesn't work very fast
  • Build quality isn't the best, and the warranty is only 18 months
  • This baby food maker is quite heavy and big
Minne QOOC 4-in-1 (Check The Latest Price On Amazon)

Weight: 4.25lb

It works with 120V (you need a transformer if you want to use it in Europe)



  • Dishwasher safe
  • The Qooc allows you to steam, reheat, defrost and blend homemade baby food in less than 15 minutes
  • Like the BEABA(mentioned earlier), this baby food maker has innovative one-handed controls
  • The Qooc has a quiet motor
  • It has a premium precision prep blade. So you can quickly chop and puree everything from fruits to veggies –even nuts—with a press of a button
  • The Qooc's compact size makes it easy to store away
  • It's very easy to use
  • As it's small, you can make only a little food at a time
  • You don't get a bottle warmer as a bonus
Sage Spoonfuls Puree & Blend (Check The Latest Price On Amazon)

Weight: 2.5lb

It works with 120V (you need a transformer if you want to use it in Europe)



  • Most parts are dishwasher safe
  • This 2-in-1 includes a sturdy immersion blender with a food processor attachment. All you have to do is grab your prepped ingredients—veggies, meat or fruit—and a bowl and start pureeing
  • This lightweight blender makes it easy to use not only at home but on the go as well
  • This baby blender does have glass containers (sold separately) that is dishwasher-, microwave-, and freezer-safe
  • With this food maker, you can also make grown-up food such as salsa, soup, and hummus
  • There's no build-in steamer and it doesn't blend food evenly. It means that it doesn't really help you save time
Philips Avent Baby Food Steamer And Blender (Check The Latest Price On Amazon)

Weight: 5.6lb

Works with 220V, transformer to 110V is sold separately so you are able to use in the U.S



  • Philips Avent food maker is dishwasher safe
  • Steam all the prepped ingredients and then simply flip the jar over to blend 
  • There is a spatula, a measuring cup and a recipe book included 
  • Very easy to use
  • You don't get a bottle warmer
  • It's usually quite expensive
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • You can steam veggies in a microwave
  • The bowl and masher both have grip handles allowing comfortability of the hands 
  • This basic food maker is "diaper bag" ready for all you on-the-go dads out there. Its compact and convenient design allows you to mash fruits and steamed veggies no matter where you are
  • Very easy to use
  • It's cheap
  • As this is not an electrical device, you don't get a blender nor a bottle warmer

To Sum Up

If you live in the U.S, then the best baby food maker is probably the QOOC 4-in-1 (Check the latest price on Amazon). It cook, blend, warm and defrost your baby's food and it's usually not very expensive.

The runner-up is the Philips Avent Steamer & Blender (Check the latest price on Amazon). This is an excellent product as it is very easy to use. You also save a lot of time because after steaming you only have to flip the jar over to start blending. It works with 220V, but you can buy a transformer.

Babycook 4 in 1 (check the latest price on Amazon) is another great option, but it's often more expensive than the the QOOC.

Nuby Steam N'Mash (check the price on Amazon) is an inexpensive food maker that gets the job done. It can be perfect if you don't have much space or travel a lot.

Depending on your preference/needs, any one of these reviewed products can be perfect for you. Hopefully, this review has helped you to find the best baby food maker for your infant. Thanks for reading!

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