Learn all About Best Baby Scales and Normal Infant Weight Gain. Full Guide With Top 10 Digital Infant Scales Reviewed

Last Updated on February 27, 2021

In this article, you can find reviews of the ten best baby scales. While the weight of your baby is undoubtedly one key factor to pay attention to, it’s usually enough to weigh healthy infants once a month. But there are many excellent reasons to buy your own digital baby scale (as you probably already know because you’re on this page:) If you don’t need any more convincing, scroll down for my honest reviews or read the last “to sum up “paragraph. But if you wish to learn more about the topic, please take a look at my full guide about baby weight after the reviews.

10 Best Baby Scale Reviews

Health o Meter Grow With Me (Check the Latest Price on Amazon)

Need an infant weighing scale that can be later used as a toddler scale? Well, look no further. The Health o meter Grow with me can be used from the birth of a baby to the age of a toddler. It has a removable weighing tray with a security lock. So the tray is stable, but you can easily remove it later. Additionally, you also get a growth chart with national average measurements (so you can compare the results).

Weight: 8lb

Weight Capacity: 60lb, and it’s convertible


  • This scale has a hold feature, so you can capture an average reading when your baby may be active on the scale
  • This scale has a zero function, so you can weigh your baby on a blanket
  • The health o meter accurately measures in half-ounce increments (you can also use the metric system) and has an easy to read 1.2 inch LCD
  • This product comes with a 10-year limited warranty


  • Batteries aren’t included
  • Some parents have reported that this scale doesn’t always measure accurately. It’s the right scale if you wish to ensure growth. But if you want to make sure how much milk your baby is eating, then the accuracy may not be good enough

Taylor Salter 914-WHLKR Baby Toddler Scale (Check the Latest Price on Amazon)

Taylor Salter 914 is very similar to the Health o Meter (reviewed above). You can remove the tray to use it as a floor scale for toddlers. As a result this easy to use scale grows with your child.

Weight: 10lb

Weight Capacity: 44lb, and it’s convertible


  • It has a zero function and a hold feature to measure your newborn’s weight on a blanket quickly
  • Like the scale reviewed above, the Taylor Salter accurately measures in half-ounce increments, and you also can use the metric system (g/kg). It also has an easy to read 1.2 inch LCD
  • Batteries are included in the package


  • Hold function doesn’t work very well. The numbers keep changing with the child’s movements.

Homeimage Digital Baby Scale (Check the Latest Price on Amazon)

The Homeimage scale has a large LCD that is easy to read. In need of a digital baby scale that’s portable? The scale itself is lightweight (4lb), which makes it easy to move around the house. And like all the top scales, it lets you choose which system of measurement (lb/kg) you wish to use.

Weight: 4lb

Weight Capacity: 44lb


  • It has zero function and hold feature so you can measure your baby’s weight on a blanket quickly
  • Another great feature is the auto-off system this scale has. This feature serves as overload protection. If your child exceeds the highest weight capacity, the scale will shut itself off
  • Batteries are included


  • As with many scales in this price range, you may receive inconsistent results. This is an excellent product if you wish to ensure growth, but probably not accurate enough if you want to measure the milk intake

Fitindex Smart Bathroom Weight (Check the Latest Price on Amazon)

Smart Weigh is a scale for the whole family. It’s a bathroom scale with a smart Wifi feature and Tare function. Additionally, unlike most baby scales, this feature allows you to weigh pets as well. The weight readings are displayed in either pounds or kilograms.

Weight: 2.4lb

Weight Capacity: 396lb


  • Fitundex is a smart scale. You can download an app, and all the data is transferred directly to your phone. I’m not convinced that all the body metrics are accurate, but even getting basic bodyweight streamed to your phone is quite a neat feature
  • This scale is effortless to transport around as it weighs only 2.4lb
  • The LCD is large and lighted
  • On the scale is a robust tempered glass platform that ensures durability and sound quality. This said, an area of 10 x 10 inches might be too small for many parents
  • Thanks to the sleek modern design, you aren’t ashamed to display it in your bathroom
  • Batteries are included


  • The tare function works relatively slowly, so it’s not the best scale for daily weighing

Baby Hatch Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale (Check the Latest Price on Amazon)

This soft and comfortable changing pad doubles as a wireless scale. It automatically syncs to a Baby Hatch App so you can track your baby’s growth from a smartphone. It weighs to 0.25oz, and you can also use the metric system (g/kg).

Weight: 9lb

Weight Capacity: 44lb


  • Thanks to the Baby Hatch App, you save time as you don’t have to write the numbers down. You can also share data with friends and family
  • This changing pad is easy to clean
  • The design is sleek and modern


  • You need wireless internet connection for this scale to work
  • It’s more expensive than other simple digital baby scales
  • Although this scale syncs to an app, it would be nice to see your infant’s weight without a phone. This pad has no displays

Seca Scales 354 Electronic Baby Scale With a Removable Tray (Check the Latest Price on Amazon)

Seca has been making scales for over 175 years. Their products are of good quality and accurate (well, it’s a German company after all). The Seca 354 is not their priciest model though. It has a basic accuracy level, but it should suffice unless you are planning to open a pediatric practice. It still weighs to 0.5oz. Seca 376 scale is also sold on Amazon(at the moment of writing), but it costs over ten times more than basic baby scales. If you want to buy that one, then please click this Amazon link as I’m going to earn a small fortune as an affiliate:)

Weight: 5lb

Weight Capacity: 44lb, and it’s convertible


  • This scale has hold and tare function, so measuring the weight of a moving child on a blanket shouldn’t be a problem
  • The breast milk intake function helps to determine how much milk the baby is getting


  • This scale has a removable baby tray, so it converts to a floor scale for kids. Other reviewed scales that grow with your child have a weight limit of 60lb

Greater Good Store Baby Scale With a Bluetooth (Check the Latest Price on Amazon)

This scale has a removable curved weighing platform that is designed to maximize your baby’s comfort. It has raised wedges that give your baby more of a secure feeling. The scale has a handy equipped Tare function that allows a parent to zero out the scale to take into account the weight of—for example, clothing— achieving an accurate reading. As with all the top products here, you can decide which system of measurement to use.

Weight: 6lb

Weight Capacity: 66lb, and it’s convertible


  • You can connect this scale easily to your phone with Bluetooth and effortlessly keep track of weight milestones
  • The Greater Good Store baby scale comes with tare and hold functions as expected
  • The batteries are included in the package
  • The tray is foldable, making this scale easy to store


  • The app isn’t very user-friendly
  • It may not be accurate enough if you wish to precisely calculate the milk intake as numbers often differ a little between continuous measurements

AccuMed Scale (Check the Latest Price on Amazon)

AccuMed scale is an excellent product for the whole family as the weight limit is 200lb. It has smart features, so it doesn’t look out of place in a modern home. You can decide which system of measurement to use and if you want to see the results in lb or oz.

Weight: 4lb

Weight Capacity: 200lb, and it’s convertible (even most adults can use it)


  • The tare and hold features allow you to weigh your little one even on the blanket quickly
  • You can fold the tray for easier storage
  • Batteries are included in the package
  • You can use the tray also for height measurement


  • AccuMed guarantees technical support for a lifetime, but a 1-year limited warranty isn’t the best offer on the marker

Unicherry Baby Scale (Check the Latest Price on Amazon)

This is another excellent baby scale and quite similar in terms of benefits to the previously reviewed AccuMed Scale. However, the weight limit is 220lb which is good news for dads.

Weight: 4.4lb

Weight Capacity: 220lb, and it’s convertible (even adults can use it)


  • Unicherry baby scale also has hold and tare functions as all the best baby scales in this review. As a result, you can weigh your baby even with clothes and do it quickly in case he or she is moving
  • It’s easy to store thanks to the foldable tray, as the scale mentioned before
  • Similarly to the previous product, you can use the tray for height measurement
  • You get a free growth chart, and batteries are also included
  • As this measures in 0.2oz increments, so it should be accurate enough even to measure milk intake


Baby Patent Aquascale 3 in 1 (Check the Latest Price on Amazon)

I included this product to show you that it even exists. You get a small baby bath that you can also use for weighing. I don’t think it’s necessary the best baby scale out there as it costs quite a lot and is relatively small. It very much depends on your baby, of course, but my little buddy would have outgrown it in six months. You can choose which system of measurement you wish to use. I think it may be an exciting gift for dads who enjoy innovative gadgets

Weight: 4.8lb

Weight Capacity: 44lb


  • You can weigh your baby while bathing him or her
  • The big LCD also shows you the temperature of the water


  • You may not be able to use it for a long time (it’s 29 inches long)
  • Batteries aren’t included in the package
  • The warranty lasts only six months

Is Baby Scale a Must?

I’m a father of two, and my wife breastfed both of our kids. We weren’t looking for the baby scale because infants didn’t have any problems eating at the hospital. Although it would have been fun to record the weight milestones, we also didn’t have extra space for another gadget. That said, our kids were weighed regularly once a month during doctor’s visits.

So you can certainly do without a baby scale if your baby’s healthy, but there are many excellent reasons to opt for one. Keep on reading:)

Reasons for Buying the Best Baby Scale

I’ve listed here the advantages of the best baby scales as bullet points for quick reference. Some of them are explained more thoroughly in the following chapters though.

  • Doctors may order to measure the weight of your baby more often than usual. If you wish to learn more, take a look at the next chapter. Daily doctor visits aren’t a viable option for most parents, and buying the best baby scale is an easy alternative. You can save a lot of time and money
  • Another significant advantage of having the baby scale at home is money-saving (as mentioned previously). Doctor’s visits can cost up to $250 per visit in the US. It’s more practical to buy an infant weighing scale for half the price if the only reason for the visit would have been a weight check. This said, don’t expect to skip doctor’s visits altogether because you probably don’t have standard charts (which are quite important) at home
  • Weighing your baby more often can give you peace of mind knowing that he or she is healthy and growing. This can be especially important for breastfeeding mothers because sometimes it’s hard to tell if the infant gets enough milk
  • You can keep track of your baby’s weight development. It can be enjoyable for first-time dads to draw graphs picturing baby’s growth rate and record the weight milestones (for fun)

Average Weight and Standard Growth Rate of Full-term Babies

Please note that this chapter explains the weight gain of full-term babies. Premature babies and babies with a birth weight of less than 1500g need special care. You should get all the instructions from your hospital.

Average Weight of Newborn Babies and can Baby Weight Predict Gender?

Every baby is a different size and weight when born. It very much depends on the size of the parents, the available nutrients to a mother and her health. Additionally, there are big regional differences.

According to textbooks, the average weight of a baby is 7,5lb (3400g). Currently, the average birth weight of babies in the US is actually lower than that (7.16lb). And some studies suggest that it has even dropped a little in recent years (it used to be 7.31).

It’s also worth mentioning that baby weight can’t predict gender. Boys tend to be bigger than girls, but…that’s it. Baby weight can be measured with ultrasound, but the bigger the fetus, the bigger the margin of error. It’s around +/- 1lb (500g) if the weight is around 7.5 and only increases as the fetus grows. This said, you can directly see with ultrasound if it’s a boy or girl.

Standard Growth Rate of Full-term Babies

Babies follow an almost predictable development rate during their first year of life.

It is usual for a newborn to lose up to 10% of birth weight. It happens because of water loss and fewer nutrients. By day 14, your newborn should already weigh as much as during birth though.

Newborns generally gain 0.9-1oz (25-30g) per day for the first six months. Doctors don’t worry too much about a baby’s weight loss over brief periods. It’s the overall picture of growth that matters.

Growth Of Babies, Normal Baby Weight Gain, Best Baby Scale,Baby Weighing

When Does Baby Weigh Double?

It’s fun to think that babies can double their weight by five months or even triple their weight.

Benefits of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding may seem a hassle from the weight gain perspective alone because mothers may have problems producing it enough, and babies may not have an excellent appetite. That said, it offers a lot of benefits (as listed below). But don’t be discouraged if breastfeeding isn’t a viable option for you (there are a ton of reasons for that). Generations have been raised on infant formula already with no harm done:)

Oxford Handbook of Paediatrics states that the benefits of breastfeeding are as follows

  • Mother’s reduced risk of bleeding after giving birth
  • Mild contraceptive effect
  • Good for bonding
  • Mother’s breast cancer risk is reduced
  • It’s cheap
  • Baby is less likely to fall ill
  • Breastfeed babies are less likely to get type I diabetes and atopic disease
  • Breastfeed babies tend to have higher IQ
A woman breastfeeding a baby outside on grass

How Often and When Should you Weigh Your Baby?

As I’ve explained (sorry for repeating myself), healthy babies gain weight over time.

In the hospital, the weight is measured right after the birth and usually daily as long as you stay in. After that, a monthly weighing is theoretically enough as long as your bundle of joy is healthy and has a good appetite.

Now, do keep in mind that your baby’s doctor may want to take your baby’s weight more often than usual due to the following:

  • The baby was born prematurely
  • The gap between weight and height percentiles
  • Low weight at birth
  • Other medical conditions that need to be monitored

If the weighing is ordered from a hospital, you should get clear instructions from there. 

Otherwise, you can record your baby’s weight daily or even days apart in the mornings. Like adults, a baby’s weight will change by the day and what’s important is the overall picture.

One crucial point is that it’s essential to compare the weight and height with standard graphs of the expected growth rate. As you may not have these at hand and measuring the accurate height of a baby at home is a hassle, it’s better not to skip the monthly doctors’ visits.

This said, some manufacturers provide you with graphs of the national average.

How to Weigh a Baby at Home?

In the picture, you can see how the best digital baby scales are used. These are explicitly made for infants, which you can just simply lay your baby on top of. Afterward, the weight measurement will appear on the screen.

Parent Weighing A Baby with the best baby scale

Most infant weighing scales have a hold feature. As a result, you can get a reading even when your baby is moving around. Additionally, you can usually weigh your baby on a blanket which is more comfortable for little ones. Best baby scales come with zero/Tare function that lets you later remove the weight of the blanket.

Alternatively, you could also use a regular digital scale if it has a Tare function. You would weigh yourself first and then when holding the baby. It subtracts the difference leaving you with the weight of your baby.

Choosing the Best Baby Weight Scale: What to Look for?

Before purchasing a baby weight scale, there are some factors to consider. Even some of the best baby scales can lack features that may be important to you. 

Weight Capacity

Checking a scale’s maximum weight capacity is a must if you want a model that lasts through both the stage of a baby and toddler. Many baby weight scales can handle up to 60lb.

Accuracy Level

It is essential for a baby scale to give an accurate weight measurement (or they would be quite pointless). Try to buy a scale that can measure at least in half-ounce increments. All the reviewed models in this article measure down to 0,2-0,5oz,

If you aren’t convinced that your scale is up to the task, measure an item with a known weight. The best baby scales allow you to calibrate them if needed, although the precise procedure differs from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Properties of the Weighing Tray

The shape and size of weighing trays vary. While many scales have flat trays, some have cradle-like or bed-like trays. A weighing tray should be large enough for your baby to lie in. Purchasing a baby scale with a removable tray allows you to turn the scale into a toddler scale. This also allows you to clean it more easily.

System of Measurement

The best baby scales should let you choose which system of measurement you wish to use (US customary system or metric). All the reviewed infant scales in thir article come with this option.

Hold Function

All parents know that babies can’t sit still for at least 5 seconds—they’re busybodies. Many scales have what is called a ‘hold function’ that measures a moving infant’s weight. This feature can very well take an accurate weight measurement of an active baby.

Zero Function or Tare

Zero Function or Tare enables you to subtract the weight of extra things. So, for example, you can weigh your baby on a towel. Additionally, you can use a regular scale with a Tare function to weigh your baby (you’d need to subtract your weight). 


Many baby scales are relatively heavy. This is usually a good thing because of added stability. This said, if you’re traveling a lot, then a light and easy-to-carry baby scale would be a better option.

Additionally, don’t buy a bulky item unless you have a lot of storage space. This may be more of an issue with older non-digital models.


Only a few baby scales will sing lullabies, play music or even add information (via wifi) to an app. Features like these can prove to be convenient for both you and your baby. I must admit that none of the reviewed scales plays music. In my experience, babies don’t enjoy that procedure so much that you’d have time to turn that function on. 

How Much do Best Baby Scales Cost?

If you wish to track your baby’s growth, then baby scales under 100 dollars are an excellent choice. Medical scales certainly aren’t necessary for everybody. 

That said, the latter mentioned products are often more accurate than cheaper scales, or at least the manufacturers are forced to do more rigorous testing.

If your baby has medical issues or you want to know precisely how much milk he’s getting, then a more expensive medical scale is a good option.

What are the Disadvantages of Baby Scales? 

One disadvantage of having a baby scale at home is becoming too worried about the numbers and forgetting to focus on the overall picture. There’s no need to fret about your baby not showing growth daily or even weekly. But if you’re not sure about the results, then it’s best to make an appointment with your doctor.

To Sum Up

So I’ve reviewed 10 of the best baby scales, but which of them is the right one for you?

The overall best choice is probably the Health o Meter Grow With Me (check the latest Amazon price). It does everything you’d expect from the best baby scale and grows with your child. Additionally, the product has been on the market for a long time (I included it already in 2018 when I first published this article) and still very popular. As a result it really it probably is the best scale for breastfeeding.

If you’re looking for a trendy scale with smart features, then take a look at the Baby Hatch changing pad (latest price on Amazon). The Greater Good Store baby scale (also sold on Amazon) has a more traditional look and also comes with an app.

All the products above are excellent, so it comes down to personal preferences. One of the biggest problems with scales in this price range is that they aren’t always accurate enough to measure milk intake. If you need a scale to track milk intake or your baby has medical issues, then buy a scale by Seca (also sold on Amazon). Their basic model with a removable tray should be good enough for everyday use. Seca scale also converts to a floor scale for kids.

Hopefully, this review has helped you to find the best baby scale for you and your baby. Thanks for reading!

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