The Best Baby Scale Should Fit Your Needs: 6 Digital Infant Scales Reviewed

As parents, keeping up with your baby's well-being and growth is very important. One key factor to pay attention to is the weight of your baby. With a baby scale at home, a doctor's visit is no longer necessary to find out your baby's weight. To help you find the best options, DadProgress has reviewed 6 of the best baby scales. Keep reading to find out more.

DadProgress Top 3 Picks If You're In A Hurry

This scale is the the winner because your whole family can use it and it's lightweight. That said, if you need to measure the milk intake it probably isn't accurate enough 

It's for you if you wish to have a modern sleek baby scale that you can connect to your smartphone

Looking for a basic baby scale that converts to a toddler scale? If you need to measure the milk intake, it's probably better than the scale by Smart weigh because  it measures in half ounce increments

Standard Growth Rate Of Full-Term Babies

Every baby is a different size and weight when born.

Please note that this chapter explains the weight gain of full-term babies. Premature babies and babies with birth weight less than 3.3lb (1500g) need special care. You should get all the instructions from your hospital.

Babies follow an almost predictable development rate during their first year of life.

It is normal for a newborn to lose up to 10% of birth weight. It happens because of the water loss and fewer nutrients. By day 14 your newborn should already weigh as much as during birth though.

Newborn generally gain 0.9-1oz (25-30g) per day for the first six months.

Doctors don't worry too much about a baby's weight loss over brief periods of time. It's the overall picture of growth that matters.

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It's fun to think that babies can double their weight by five months or even triple their weight at one year of age .

How Often Should You Weigh Your Baby?

As I've explained (sorry for repeating myself), healthy babies gain weight over time.

In the hospital, the weight is measured right after the birth and after that daily as long as you stay in.

If you've got a healthy full-term newborn at home, you don't have to weigh him or her. That said, I've explained the advantages of buying a baby weight scale in the next chapter.

You can record your baby's weight daily or even days apart. Like adults, a baby's weight will change by the day.

Now, do keep in mind that your baby's doctor may take your baby's weight more often than usual after their born due to the following:

  • The baby was born prematurely
  • The gap between weight and height percentiles
  • Low  weight at birth
  • check
    Medical conditions that need to be monitored.

What are the advantages of best baby scales?

A Woman Is Breastfeeding Her Baby In The Nature

Weighing your baby with a scale can give you the peace of mind knowing your baby is healthy and growing. 

It's especially important if the mother is breastfeeding. For sometimes it's hard to tell if the infant gets enough milk.

Oxford Handbook Of Paediatrics States That The Benefits Of Breastfeeding Are As Follows

Mother's reduced risk of hemorrhage after giving birth

Mild contraceptive effect

Good for bonding

Mother's breast cancer risk is reduced

It's cheap

Baby is less likely to fall ill

Breastfeed babies are less likely to get type I diabetes and atopic disease

Breastfeed babies tend to have higher IQ

You can keep track of your baby's weight development thanks to a newborn scale. It can be especially fun for first-time dads to draw graphs picturing baby's growth rate.

An infant scale can save you some time. You don't have to make many doctor's appointments when you can quickly check your baby's weight at home.

Another significant advantage of having a baby scale in a nursery is money saving. Doctor's visits can be expensive. They can cost up to $250 per visit in the US. It's more practical to buy an infant weighing scale for half the price.

What are the disadvantages of baby scales?

One disadvantage though is that you may become worried about the numbers on the scale. Focusing on the overall picture of growth is more important.

There's no need to fret about your baby not showing growth daily or even weekly. But if you're not sure about the results, then it's best to make an appointment with your doctor.

How to weigh a baby at home?

There are many scales to choose from when wanting to weigh your baby at home.

Some scales are explicitly made for infants which you can just simply lay your baby on top of. Afterward, the weight measurement will appear on the screen.

Weighing A Baby

Most infant weighing scales have a hold feature. So you can get a reading even when your baby is moving around.

Other scales have what is called a Tare function where you would weigh yourself first, and then you holding the baby. It subtracts the difference leaving you with the weight of your baby.

Choosing the right baby weight scale: What to look for?

Before purchasing a baby weight scale, there are some factors to consider. Even some of the best baby scales can lack features that may be important to you. Here's what you should look for:

Weight Capacity

Checking a scale's maximum weight capacity is a must. You may want to buy a scale that can last through both the stage of a baby and toddler. Most baby weight scales can handle up to 60lbs.

Accuracy level

It is essential for a baby scale to give an accurate weight measurement. Especially if you would like to record her weight on a regular basis or he has medical issues. It's a good idea to buy a scale that can measure at least in half-ounce increments.

Hold function

All parents know that babies can't sit still for at least 5 seconds—they're busybodies. Many scales have what is called a 'hold function' that measures a moving infant's weight. This feature can very well take an accurate weight measurement of an active baby.

Zero function

Zero Function or Tare enables you to subtract the weight of extra things. So, for example, you can weigh your baby on a towel.

Weighing tray

When purchasing scales, the shape and size of a weighing tray do vary. While many scales have flat trays, some have cradle-like or bed-like trays. A weighing tray should be large enough for your baby to lie in or stand comfortably. Purchasing a baby scale with a removable tray allows you to turn the scale into a toddler scale. With this feature, you can also clean your scale easily.


Most scales aren't lightweight. If you're traveling a lot, then the best baby scale for you has to be light and easy to carry.   


Many scales use different measurements such as pound, grams or even ounces.


Only a few baby scales will sing lullabies, play music or even add information (via wifi) to an app. Features like these can prove to be convenient for both you and your baby. I must admit that none of the reviewed scales plays music. In my experience, babies don't enjoy that procedure so much that you'd even have time to turn that function on. 


If you wish to track your baby's growth then baby scales under 100 dollars are an excellent choice. 

Medical scales certainly aren't necessary for everybody. We didn't buy one because they are quite expensive. That said, they are often more accurate than cheaper scales.

So if your baby has medical issues or you want to precisely know how much milk he's getting then cheaper models may not be accurate enough.

Best Baby Scale For You: 6 Reviewed

  • Need an infant weighing scale that can be later used as a toddler scale? Well, look no further. The Health o meter Grow with me can be used from the birth of a baby to the age of a toddler. It has a weighing tray with a security lock. So the tray is stable, but you can easily remove it later
  • This scale has a hold feature so you can capture an average reading when your baby may be active on the scale
  • The Health o Meter accurately measures in half ounce (or 0,0g) increments and has an easy to read 1.2 inch LCD
  • Bonus growth chart is included for checking baby's weight
  • Some parents have reported that this scale doesn't always measure accurately
  • Similarly to the Health o Meter scale (reviewed above), you can remove the tray to use it as a floor scale for toddlers
  • Has zero function and hold feature to measure your newborn's weight on a blanket quickly
  • Like the scale reviewed above, the Taylor Salter accurately measures in half ounce increments and you also can use the metric system (g/kg). It also has an easy to read 1.2 inch LCD
  • Hold function doesn't work very well. The numbers keep changing with the child's movements
  • In need of a scale that's portable? The scale itself is lightweight (4.4lb) which makes it easy to move around the house
  • It can weigh your baby in pounds or kilograms
  • This also measures in half ounce increments
  • Alternate Arrow Up
    Has zero function and hold feature so you can measure your newborn's weight on a blanket quickly
  • Alternate Arrow Up
    Another great feature is the auto-off system this scale has. This feature serves as overload protection.  If your child exceeds the highest weight capacity, the scale will shut itself off
  • As with many scales in this price range, you may receive inconsistent results. This is a great product if you wish to ensure the growth, but probably not accurate enough if you want to measure the milk intake
  • It's a scale for the whole family. It's a bathroom scale with a smart Tare feature. So you can display the weight of your baby in a simple process. Unlike most baby scales, this feature allows you to weigh pets as well
  • This scale is also very easy to transport as it weighs only
  • The weight readings are displayed in either pounds or kilograms
  • Alternate Arrow Up
    Batteries are included
  • Alternate Arrow Up
    On the scale is a robust tempered glass platform that ensures durability and sound quality
  • Alternate Arrow Up
    The LCD is large and lighted
  • Alternate Arrow Up
    Sleek modern design so you are not ashamed to display it in your bathroom
  • Alternate Arrow Up
    This scale has an advanced step on technology.  So you get readings immediately with no tapping necessary
  • This scale measures in 3 ounce increments so it's less accurate than other reviewed scales
  • This soft and comfortable changing pad is also a wireless scale. This scale automatically syncs to a Baby Hatch App so you can track your baby's growth from a smartphone
  • Thanks to the Baby Hatch App you save time as you don't have to write the numbers down. You can also share data with friends and family
  • It weighs to 0.25oz and you can also use the metric system (g/kg)
  • Alternate Arrow Up
    This changing pad is easy to clean
  • Alternate Arrow Up
    The design is sleek and modern
  • You need to have a wireless internet connection for this scale to work
  • Alternate Arrow Down
    It's more expensive than other basic baby scales
  • Alternate Arrow Down
    Although this scale syncs to an app, it would be nice to see the weight of your child without a phone. This pad has no displays
  • Seca has been making scales for over 175 years. Seca scales are of good quality and accurate (well it's a German company after all)
  • This Seca 354 is not their priciest model though.  To be fair, this scale has a basic accuracy level,  but unless you are planning to open a pediatric practice, it should suffice. Seca 376 scale is also sold on Amazon(at the moment of writing), but it costs over ten times more than basic baby scales. If you want to buy that one then please click this Amazon link as I'm going to earn a small fortune as an affiliate:)
  • This scale has a removable tray, so it converts to a floor scale for kids
  • Alternate Arrow Up
    It weighs to 0.5oz and you can also use the metric system (g/kg)
  • Alternate Arrow Up
    The breast milk intake function helps to determine how much milk the baby is getting
  • Alternate Arrow Up
    This scale has a hold function so measuring the weight of a moving child should not be a problem
  • More expensive than some other scales


So which is the best baby scale for you?

Looking for a baby scale that your whole family can use? Then the best choice is probably Smart Weigh Smart Tare Digital (Check The Latest Price On Amazon). This bathroom scale has a smart Tare function so you can weigh even your pets on it. The only downside is that it isn't very accurate, but you can get the overall picture.

If you prefer to have a trendy scale that you can connect to a smartphone then buy a Hatch Baby scale with a Wi-Fi (Check the Latest Price On Amazon).

If you need a scale to track milk intake then the Health o Meter Grow With Me Scale (Check The Latest Price On Amazon) is probably the best one for you as it in half ounce increments. Healt o Meter scale also converts to floor scale for kids.

Hopefully, this review has helped you to find the best baby scale for you and your baby. Thanks for reading!

If you're looking for infant products like baby scales, then I've created a quick guide for you. Just click to read more.