What are the Best Sunglasses for a Baby or Toddler in 2022 That Your Little one can Wear Safely?

Sunglasses aren't just for adults and big kids, babies and toddlers can wear them too. Yes, there is such thing as infant sunglasses. The best baby sunglasses will protect your baby's eyes from the sun and make your little one look even more adorable. Keep reading to find out more!

Best Baby & Toddler Sunglasses Reviewed in This Article 

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Why buy Sunglasses for Babies?

Many of us tend to forget that a lot of sun exposure happens when we are young. Protecting children's eyes is essential to their vision health. Sunglasses will shield their sensitive eyes from the intense UV rays the sun provides.

"Any exposure always adds up, it builds up and increases your risk of UV damage." 

Dr. Katrina Chim 

I don't want to scare you though. If your infant is under six months old, then she doesn't have to wear sunglasses because he's protected by the canopy of your stroller. Even after six months, you should use common sense.

More About UV Rays & Eye Health

I’ll continue to talk about the dangers of UV-rays in case the previous paragraph didn’t convince you:) Feel free to scroll down to reviews though.

Sun exposes us to different electromagnetic waves. Visible light and UV are only two examples of these waves. 

There are three types of UV waves- UVA, UVB, UVC. The ozone layer absorbs UVC and most of the UVB.  UVB exposure is dependent on cloud cover and atmospheric conditions. So people are generally exposed to UVA and sometimes to UVB.

UV rays help us to synthesize D-vitamin and are essential to our health. That said, too much exposure can have adverse effects. In the next paragraph, I'll describe eye problems linked to UV rays.

Eye Problems Linked To UV Rays

Photokeratitis or  "sunburn of the eye" is a common short-term effect of too much UV exposure. Redness and irritation of your kids' eyes are two common signs of this condition. It's self-limiting.

Most problems arise in the long run though.

According to experts, exposure to UV rays may raise your baby's risk for cataracts and other eye problems later in life.

The sun's UV rays have also been linked to the following health problems:
  • Eyelid cancer (a form of skin cancer)
  • Macular degeneration
  • Growths on the cornea

When Should My Baby Wear Sunglasses?

Hats, umbrellas and stroller canopies generally provide excellent UV protection. So infants under six months old usually don't need sunglasses.

When exposed to a little too much sunlight, even babies tend to close their eyes.
If your infant always wears a hat with a wide brim, then she may not need sunglasses even when he's not in a stroller.

What to Look for When Searching for Best Baby Sunglasses?

Besides buying cool baby sunglasses, you should get a pair that can actually protect the eyes.

Roshambo sunglasses

1. Best Baby Sunglasses are Safe: Good UV Blockage is Paramount

You want to buy sunglasses stating that it blocks over 95 percent of both UVA and UVB sun rays.

In normal conditions, your eye pupils constrict in bright light, and fewer UV rays get to affect your eyes. What happens if you use dark glasses without adequate UV protection? Your pupil is tricked to think that it's night and it dilates.  Without proper UV filtering your eyes are actually exposed to more UV rays.

2. Best Baby and Toddler Sunglasses are Durable

Experienced dads know how much abuse your kids' sunglasses have to withstand.

The best baby sunglasses should be sturdy, build to protect your child's eyes, and not be too easy to remove.

  • Best toddler sunglasses have break resistant frames and lenses 
  • Lenses should be perfectly matched in color and free of distortion and imperfection
  • Gray lenses allow proper color recognition
  • Wraparounds wrap around the eyes of a baby and block out the sun on both sides of eyes. As a bonus, your little one can't effortlessly remove them 
  • You don't want to buy an expensive pair of newborn sunglasses just to find them broken on the floor or lost. Sunglasses of excellent quality don't have to cost a fortune

Getting Babies and Toddlers to Wear Sunglasses

Keeping sunglasses on your baby's face can be quite the challenge. Although some babies are cooperative, most babies will pull them right off. It'll even (most times) become a toy for them to play with. Buying a pair of infant sunglasses with a strap may avoid a situation like this.

Toddlers love to imitate their parents, so you usually don’t have to do much convincing. When my boy was two years old, I had an opposite problem- he refused to take off even inside the house. 

DadProgress Review of 5 Best Sunglasses For Babies And Toddlers 

Baby Solo released this model in 2018, and it has become trendy. There’s an apparent reason for this. These wraparounds offer 100% UV protection, so they are safe for your little one. You can remove the strap, so it’s also perfect for young toddlers. Baby Solo baby sunglasses are available in five different colors.



  • The soft band is adjustable and removable, so these sunglasses grow with your baby
  • The lens has a anti-scratch coating
  • A cute case for storage is included
  • They are a little big for newborns but usually fit well from six months onward

FCTRY Hipsterkid Baby Opticals (Check the latest price on Amazon)

FCTRY sunglasses are fashionable because you can choose between two sizes and many different colors. They are also very safe. These sunglasses offer 100% UV protection, and lenses are shatterproof. FCTRY sunglasses do not contain common harmful substances like BPA and Phthalate.



  • FCTRY sunglasses are one of the few to have polarized lenses
  • The soft band is removable
  • The lens has a anti-scratch coating
  • They offer an one year full replacement guarantee. If broken, lost, or dropped it can be replaced
  • You can't adjust the band, but you can remove it. As a result, these sunglasses don't really grow with your kid

These colorful sunglasses offer 100% UV protection and lenses are polarized (this is a quite new feature). There are five different sizes available, you can also buy a pair for yourself. You don’t get a strap to keep them in place, so they may not be the best for very active babies. That said, I think these are the best toddler sunglasses. Roshambo shades are also very safe. The frame is flexible and lenses are shatterproof.



  • If you have an active toddler at home, then the shatter-resistant lenses and flexible frame are quite handy:) Roshambo Baby sunglasses also come with a one-year full replacement guarantee. Don't forget to register your product on their homepage though
  • Roshambo Baby web page is excellent. You can find a lot of information there (including the size charts)
  • They are made in Italy and assembled in the US
  • They offer an one year full replacement guarantee. If broken, lost, or dropped it can be replaced
  • Portion of all sales supports charity helping autistic kids
  • They are marketed as premium baby sunglasses, and so a case would be a nice gesture. On the other hand, a case would make these more expensive
  • You can choose between five different sizes (two are for adults) and finding the correct size may be hard

If you’re looking for sunglasses for your little one, then these are hard to beat. The lenses are polarized and offer 100% UV protection. The frame is flexible. You can choose between four different sizes, and you also get an adjustable, removable strap. Vintage Straps sunglasses are also one of the cheapest options available with so many features



  • This product is offered in a 2 pack deal as a great way to save you even more money
  • Older models didn’t have a strap, and baby size had a regular lens. Thumbs up for constantly improving their sunglasses
  • Portion of all sales supports charity organisations like United Way
  • Choosing a correct pair may be difficult as there are four different sizes available. That said, PIB-ON has a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Baby Banz Infant Sunglasses (Check the latest price on Amazon)

Baby Banz sunglasses were initially designed in Australia. The UV environment there is, though, so the shades have to be excellent. Like all the best baby sunglasses, these offer 100% UV protection. As they are wrap-arounds, you can use them from a very young age. That said, your little one can’t wear these without straps. You can choose between many different colors to match the clothes of your little one.



  • The lenses are shatter-resistant. You can also replace them with a  prescription lens. That said, they aren't polarized 
  • Baby Banz offers a one year full replacement guarantee, but you have to register your product 
  • You can't use them for a very long time. The smallest size is meant  for ages 0 to 2, but they are large for newborns. As a result you can start using them when you little on is about six months old.


All the reviewed best baby sunglasses offer 100% UV protection. This means that they are all safe shades and protect your baby's eyes from the dangers of the sun's UV rays. 

Wraparound sunglasses are excellent for young children.

Baby Solo Babyfarers are the best baby sunglasses because they are so durable, and you can adjust (or even remove) the strap. 

If you're looking for the best toddler sunglasses, then check out the Roshambo Baby Shades. They are made in Italy, look great and are very durable. That said, they aren't best for babies as they come without a strap.

Hopefully, this article helps you to make the right decision for your baby. Your kids' eyes need protection too:)

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Last Updated on January 20, 2021