What Are The Best Flying Toys This Year? Top Picks By Age

When looking for an entertaining toy, what comes to mind? Toy trains, video games, and action figures are classics for a reason, of course. But in my experience, flying toys should also be at the top of the list.

They are great for fun father-son outdoor playtime. Important point...they are also fun for dads:) Additionally, the best flying toys for kids will grow with your child. Keep on reading to find out the best options.

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StuffKidsLove Large Single-Line Delta Kite (also sold on Amazon)

This kite is made from high qualities that incorporate tech materials. Kites are known for their overall tearing, but this product is flexible, light, and rustproof. It is also partly assembled to ease any frustration you and your child might have when putting it together.



  • This kite can withstand drops, scrapes, and rust development because  of durable materials
  • The twin tails are designed not to tangle when in use
  • This product comes with a spare parts kit, flying instructions, and an assembly manual for quicker flying
  • The added storage bag keeps your kite from getting tangled up when not being operated
  • Personalize your child’s kite by purchasing from the following colors: black, green, pink, rainbow, and striped
  • Even if the weather conditions aren’t perfect, this product is easy to fly for children of all ages
  • 200 ft of string may be too little, so you may end up buying a new one (it should be 50lb)
  • As far as kites go, this product sits in the middle of the pack in terms of the cost

Activ Life Kid’s Flying Rings (also sold on Amazon)

The Activ Life Flying Rings come in a pack of 2, and you can choose between eight different colors. Frisbees can be difficult for some children due to their bulky make, but flying discs are lighter. Better yet, the design used for these rings makes them fly straighter than other products.



  • These flying rings are lighter and less bulky than standard flying discs for a more comfortable hold and release
  • With such a small surface area, this item is easy to take with you wherever you go
  • This product can float on top of the water for a fun time at the beach, pool, or river
  • The rings are easy to throw, targeting children around 3 to 12 years of age
  • Encourages your kid to play with the family or other friends, as they will need a partner
  • The material used is lightweight plastic and can be known to crack when handled too roughly
  • The edges can be harder on small hands and fingers

Big Mo’s Toys 8-Inch Glider Planes (also sold on Amazon)

One of the first toys that come to mind in terms of flying is a plane. Big Mo’s Toys 8-Inch Gliders come in a large pack to be shared with the whole family. There are 12 planes altogether, each with different patterns and colors. Some even say that these make for a favorable party item. I wouldn’t have minded that at the end of my best friend’s birthday celebration.



  • Each plane is designed after the real deal, some even trying to replicate historical warplane models
  • These gliders can be flown both in and out of the house
  • Kids of all ages can fly these, although younger ones will need supervision. I wouldn’t let younger than two-year-old play with this as the package contains small parts
  • Styrofoam gliders are one of the cheapest flying toys out there. The planes are lightweight so you can easily hang them from the ceiling as party decorations. That said, it also means that they aren’t that durable
  • Although this product can be used outdoors, it is unable to withstand large amounts of rain without being damaged. It’s also not the best flying toy on a windy day 
  • As they aren't very durable, you at a risk of creating a lot of waste. BooTaa gliders are a better option (reviewed later) if you want to play outside

CPSYUB UFO Hands-Free Drone (also sold on Amazon)

Drones are known for being well-liked among audiences of any age, child, or adult alike. In my experience, some drones are too complicated for young kids to operate. The Hands-Free Drone by CPSYUB is designed to be stress-free. It doesn’t have a controller, and you control the movement with your hands. This type of maneuvering makes it easy to have fun even with young children. Although the official recommended age is 14+, it depends on your kid, many seven-year-olds have loved it. That said, it’s not safe for very young kids as their finger may get hit by propellers (the holes in the mesh are quite big).



  • The infrared sensor technology allows this product to hover and avoid crashing into any obstacles, including your kids
  • This drone is easy to fly as all it takes is to be thrown into the air following by gestures made by your hand
  • With flexible ABS material, this product is less likely to become damaged when dropped
  • In terms of cost, this drone is affordable when compared against similar products
  • The customer service is good
  • The battery life of this item is about 10 minutes while it takes around 40 minutes to become fully charged
  • The mesh barrier is designed to keep your children’s fingers away from the propeller for a safe flying session. That said, the holes are too big for small fingers, and so it’s not safe for young children (the official age recommendation is 14+ though).
  • Playing outside may not be the best idea. It doesn’t have a controller, and many parents have had issues as the toy flies to an unknown direction. Luckily the battery doesn’t last that long...

Holy Stone FPV RC Drone with Camera (also sold on Amazon)

When it comes to drones, several features make them all that more desirable for both you and your child. The camera is one of those. The Holy Stone RC Drone has a wide-angle (120⸰) camera that will take high-resolution photos and videos. It is also capable of maneuvering 360-degree flips and rolls, adding another fun element to your newest flying toy.



  • This remote-controlled drone is easy to use, allowing for mid-air hands-free hovering
  • The modular battery supports a longer time in the air
  • It’s Virtual Reality headset compatible
  • The transmitter operation range is 328ft (100m)
  • The price of this item is on the higher end compared to other flying toys
  • Although it is relatively easy to handle, younger children will become frustrated with the maneuvering and control involved

Jumping Emoji (also sold on Amazon)

Liberty Imports Flying Emoji is a fun little toy for all ages. You have to push the toy down and watch it jump high in the air. It’s surprisingly addictive. The recommended age is 5+



  • You get 24 Emoji. There are two of each style so it's perfect if you've got two children
  • -

US Sense Finger Rockets (also sold on Amazon)

US Sense finger rockets are excellent for children as learning toys. They work on kinetic energy (read: no batteries), which allows your child to learn the flying principle of stored energy. This toy is for playing outside so you can have a fun time with your family in the fresh air. The best part is that even older toddlers can play with these



  • This is a great flying toy if you wish to play in the night. These flying rockets have a small button (it's hidden in the foam) that lights up the LED portion
  • US Sense has a refund guarantee
  • Don't expect them to last for months

Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes (also sold on Amazon)

Stomp Rocket planes make playing outside fun for younger kids. Insert planes to an adjustable launcher and get them into the air. The aircraft do different tricks, but kids can also contest who gets it higher or father.



  • You can really motivate your children to play outside by designing different contests
  • You get three different planes
  • The planes aren't very sturdy and it's hard to find replacements if they happen to break

BooTaa Airplanes (also sold on Amazon)

You can play with BooTa lightweight glider-planes only outside because they are quite big (17.5 inches x 17.5 inches). But that's the point...to get the kids enjoy a little fresh air. BooTa planes have two modes (glider and reversal), and you can use a small wing to switch between them.



  • The price is quite high for only two foam planes, but EPP is strong so it will last longer than cheaper materials
  • EPP is recyclable
  • -

PGXT Parachute Toy (also sold on Amazon)

You get four parachute soldiers that your boy or girl can throw in the air and watch the landing. They don’t tangle so your kids can play alone. My toddler has a throwing phase at the moment so these little toy soldiers would be perfect for him.



  • You get four different soldiers and thanks to the net they are tangle-free
  • The soldiers can be a little boring for older kids

Buying Guide

Before exploring some of the DadProgress favorite flying toys, let’s look at the different types of these objects and what they offer. You can skip this part and scroll down to reviews if you’re in a hurry.

What Are The Different Types Of Flying Toys?

When it comes to toys that soar, there are a variety of different options. The following are the types of flying toys that you can choose for your child.


Used by kids and adults alike, drones have become quite a phenomenon. In its core, drones are remotely controllable flying robots (cool, right?).

There are different models available for various tasks, so the price tag depends very much on the capabilities and add-ons. That said, simple toy drones for kids are relatively cheap.


Kites are tethers with wings so the wind can raise them in the air.

You may have remembered using kites back when you were a kid. This type of flying toy still provides children, and their parents, with a fun afternoon, gallivant.


Imagination Is The Highest Kite One Can Fly

Lauren Bacall​​ actress


One of the most iconic forms of flying toy is a plane or a glider. You could make one yourself, but I’d buy a specifically crafted glider that will outlast countless nosedives.


This toy is often put into a different category altogether. But think about it. When you throw a Frisbee, it sure does soar. Flying rings are one of the best flying toys due to their easy handling.

What Are The Advantages Of Flying Toys?

We all know that toys can provide your child with learning opportunities, but what about toys designed to take flight?

Here are some points that you can throw at your partner if you get questioned about that (too) expensive drone.

  • Outdoor Playtime: Kids tend to be tech-savvy, choosing to play on their phones or consoles even when the weather is formidable. Drones, gliders, and discs can get them out for some fresh air. Plus, you probably don’t want to be stuck inside either.
  • Hands-on: Most toys these days come preassembled, but not kites. By giving your child a kite, you can show him the ropes and develop skills related to engineering and practicality.
  • New Skill: Learning how to operate a drone is also not an easy task, and it may prove to be a valuable skill in the future.
  • Problem-Solvers: Learning how to maneuver a flying toy can be both challenging and rewarding. Children must learn how to use their minds to navigate and manipulate their flying toys to make for the best experience.
  • Social Skills: Certain types of toys don’t require the help of a parent. Instead of buying them another video game that they can figure out themselves, let them come to you. For instance, playing with a drone can be fun for both you and your kid, further developing their social development.
Family With A Kite

What To Consider When Trying To Find The Best Flying Toy?

As you’ve read, there are many types of flying toys out there, so a comprehensive checklist is impossible to give.

It all depends on your general needs!

That said, I try to highlight some crucial aspects when it comes to choosing the best flying toy.

Age Of Your Child

I only mention this because there some overeager dads out there (not talking about you, of course!).

Remember that you don’t play the toy for yourself but your kid. I’d love to fly a cool drone around the yard, but as I’ve got a one-year-old toddler, I bought a Frisbee disc. He can’t fly it properly, but at least the disc doesn’t break when he’s pounding it against stone walls.


If you live somewhere where it’s always raining, then it’s best to buy a flying toy that you can also use inside. Playing with a kite in an apartment isn’t that much fun (an educated guess). That said, CPSYUB UFO Hands-Free Drone is small enough, so it’s perfect for inside.

Another thing to consider is that kites need wind for playing around.

Purpose Of The Drone

If you have an older kid and wish to teach him how to fly a drone and even take videos with it, don’t buy the cheapest model.

Investing in a more sophisticated drone will keep you from having to replace it shortly after. He or she may even end up getting a summer job as a video recorder for smaller events (and maybe buy you a burger for that amazing drone).


Being able to put together your child’s flying toy can be a great teaching moment, though it should not take it all day. To avoid any unnecessary frustration, look at the expected assembly time.


Some flying claim to offer endless fun with a hefty price tag. Realizing your price cap is key. There are plenty of different types of flying toys to meet all of your needs, including budget.

Fun Facts About Flying Toys

1) A working toy helicopter was demonstrated in France already in 1784

2) The biggest kite was flown in Kuwait in 2005. It was so big that when laid flat, it had a total area of 10,968.4 ft² (1019 m²).

3) In 2001 Joe Ayoob achieved the farthest flight by a paper aircraft, the distance was 226 feet 10 inches (69.14 meters)

4) According to the Guinness World Record, the most consecutive frisbee passes by a pair is 1,043. Imagine, this could be you and your kid:) If this feels too much, you could always try to see how many you’ll get in a minute (the record is 110 by the way).

To Sum Up

Choosing the best flying toy for your kid isn’t easy. That said, there are options for all ages out there (links are to Amazon). 

Activ Life Flying Rings are excellent for any age and are the safest option for toddlers. That said, they probably can’t throw them properly.

Delta Kite and Glider Planes are a great source of entertainments for any child under the age of 10 but can be fun for older kids too.

CPSYUB UFO Hands-Free Drone is a great small drone for indoors play. If you wish to play inside, then Glider Planes are another great option.

The Holy Stone RC Drone is preferred if you wish to teach your older kid a new skill while also having fun.

Please take into account that the recommendations are based on experience of many parents. If you're unsure if your kid can handle it then it's best to follow official age recommendations of the manufacturers.

Just Remember To Have Fun!

Regardless of the flying toy that you pick, just remember that these items are desired because they promote outdoor recreation while bonding with you. Flying toys have been around for a long time, and it’s no wonder why.

There are fun flying toys out there for kids of all ages. I created a small guide to give you a couple of cool ideas for, boy or girl. Click to learn more

Last Updated on November 3, 2019