What’s the Best Nursery Glider in 2021?

When taking care of a newborn, the best nursery glider will make your life so much better. Keep reading to find out how to find the best nursery chair for your family.  

Key Points if You are in a Hurry

When choosing a glider, the most important aspects for men are: 

1) Men need a big glider chair 

2) The nursery chair must be comfortable 

3) It should match the style of your nursery 

4) Extra storage space is always welcome

5) DadProgress top pick is Babyletto Kiwi Electronic Glider (Check The Latest Price on Amazon) as it's a large modern electronic reclining glider with a weight limit of 300lb and perfect also for tall parents. Additionally, it comes with a USB charging port

Picking a Nursery Chair- Glider vs Rocking Chair

Rocking calms babies as it mimics the waling pattern of the mother (or so the theory goes). As a result, most parents opt for a moving nursery chair. A glider moves on a stationary frame where’s a rocking chair has curved bands attached to the legs.

Many parents have discovered that a glider works better in the nursery than a typical rocking chair for following reasons:

  • Gliders have a consistent movement that helps to settle a restless baby
  • They often include other features like ottomans and the ability to recline
  • Instead of the arc-like motion of a rocking chair, gliders move back-and-forth. So they need less work from parents

Why to Look for the Best Nursery Glider?

New parents will find themselves in a glider a lot and at all hours of the day.

Nursery gliders can be used for bonding, soothing, napping, and nursing. So it is essential to have one that is comfortable for both of you.

This is A QUICK BUYING GUIDE. I'll start with aspects that are especially important for new fathers though. 

"Women make or influence 85% of all purchasing decisions (...) Women control more than 60% of all personal wealth in the U.S"

Ekaterina Walter - Social Innovator At Intel

That said, if you are a woman and looking for a nursery glider, it's a good idea also to consider your partner.

If he spends more time in the glider, you'll hopefully have a couple of more hours for yourself 🙂

Dad-Friendly Gliders: 

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Nursery Glider

1. You are Looking for a big Glider Chair

Dad-friendly gliders should be BIG enough. No man wants to squeeze himself to a tiny chair. No, men need a lot of space, and this also applies when we are sitting!

2. Take a Look at the Glider Weight Limit

It’s important to take the weight limit into account when choosing a nursery chair. It’s true that the official limit usually somewhat underestimates the capability of the product, but it’s better not to test it. You probably don’t want to buy a 300-dollar chair and risk breaking it. 

Dad Reading To A Baby From A Glider

Many nursery gliders have a weight limit of around 250lb, but you may also encounter surprisingly small official limits of around 225lb. Additionally, some manufacturers don’t even give you the exact number (at least not in the large print). This all said, swiveling gliders tend to do better (the weight limit is often 250lb-300lb).

Babyletto Kiwi glider (also sold on Amazon) has one of the biggest official weight limits of 300lb.

3. Extra Storage Space is Always a Bonus

Storage space near a glider is essential for holding a book or an iPad.

When our baby was under three months old, he woke easily and so I let him take naps on my stomach so my wife could have a little rest.

In those precious moments, I was able to read papers if I remember to put them near me.

That said, best nursery gliders for dads should have pockets in the padded armrests. It's not a perfect world though...such chairs are quite hard to find.

When choosing a glider with build in storage space, make sure to check from a seated position (or read the reviews) how easy the storage pocket is to reach

4. The Best Nursery Gliders Should be Comfortable

Dad-friendly gliders should recline and have a built-in foot-rest (or come with an ottoman). Additionally, ample padding is a must.

A glider should offer lumbar support when you are nursing or putting your little one to sleep.  With an adjustable backrest, you can find just the right position for the most comfort. Some models also come with an extra pillow for better lumbar support.

Ottomans help you to find a better position for yourself and keep that position longer. A built-in foot-rest is an excellent space-saving alternative to an ottoman though.

With the ability to put yourself in a more comfortable sleeping position, the recliner can help you get a little sleep when you can. 

If it’s comfortable to take a nap in, then it’s a good recliner, and your partner will agree.

5. Think  Ahead and Choose an Appropriate Style

Cat Is Sleeping On A Wooden Chair

If you think the nursery glider may one day end up in the man cave, then the cottage and country styles may not be the best. But hey, it’s a personal choice and there may be somebody else in the family who wants it.  

6. Does it Swivel?

The swivel feature on a glider can be a godsend if you can’t quite get up to reach something.

7. The Best Nursery Glider Should be Well Made

Durability is an essential feature in a glider. As you don't want to pay for something that falls apart after your first child. 

Not planning to have any more children? No worries, your used best nursery glider may make another new parent very happy.

Six smiling people in the sunshine

So it's a good idea to buy a nursery glider that has an excellent track record with durability.

8. Materials Used Should be Durable and Safe

You will find that most gliders on the market are made of a combination of composites and softwood. If you search, you will find a few with hardwood. If you are looking for something to last for years and years, go with a hardwood frame.

Some models are GreenGuard Gold certified to prove that the product doesn't pollute the air around your baby. DaVinci Piper Swivel Glider (Check The Latest Price On Amazon) is one such example.

9. Enclosed Ball Bearings are a Nice Feature

When choosing a glider, you want to make that you pick one that actually glides. All the glider models on the market may glide but some glide better than others.

If you want one that glides particularly smoothly, search for one that has enclosed ball bearings. Not only do they give gliders a smooth glide, but they are a long-lasting feature that will help provide the glider a longer life.

10. How Easy it is to keep it Clean?

Best upholstered gliders are made of materials that are easy to spot clean.

Most wooden gliders will include removable cushions, but finding a model that lets you machine wash the coverings isn't easy. I've featured three such models here, and all manufacturers recommend to spot clean.

If you want to use the glider for many years and have it also look good, then something with patterns is a good choice. Patterns make it harder to see those milk stains.

And don't forget that in less than a year your baby is already crawling around and chewing everything...

11. Portability

Do you want to use the baby glider in different rooms? In that case, the best nursery glider for you is something that is easy to maneuver and not too heavy.

12. How Noisy it is?

Moving objects make a little sound now and then, but the best nursery glider shouldn’t be so loud that it wakes your baby after all the hard work.

13. Decide Beforehand on how Much Would You pay for  the Best Nursery Glider

Recliners tend to cost more. So if you’re looking for a big reclining nursery glider, then be prepared to pay around 300 dollars.

But if that’s not an essential feature for you, then you may be able to get one for less than half of that (around 150 dollars).

The prices change frequently, and this is just an approximation. You can get the latest price by clicking on the affiliate links in this article.

Glider Styles

Gliders are made of wood only, or they can be upholstered. They come in a wide range of patterns, fabrics, and styles. Here you can read about the main trends.

Although you may want the best nursery glider out there, it may be that you end up with two equally good options. In that case, it's worth thinking about the design of your nursery and to choose a glider that better matches it.

  • Traditional Nursery Glider: With a traditional glider, you get a timeless look that will work with any nursery dĂ©cor. Made with a range of materials, this style can be anywhere from an upholstered glider with padded arms to a classic wood glider
  • Contemporary and Modern Nursery Gliders: These are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and patterns.  When you compare them to other gliders on the market, you will notice that they are more structurally defined and have cleaner lines.
  • Cottage and Country Style Nursery Gliders: With the cottage and country style, you can add a more feminine look to a baby room. Found in floral motifs and pastel hues, these are often a good choice for a girl's nursery. It doesn't mean you can't buy it for a boy's room of course.

5 Best Nursery Gliders- DadProgress Top Picks With Reviews

I aim to show examples by different manufacturers as this would be a dull review with only a Babyletto electronic glider and four Davinci swiveling nursery chairs in it. Additionally, I reviewed Storkcraft and Angel Line gliders to show you different popular designs, but they are smaller than upholstered swiveling options. 

  • This is a big glider (weight limit is 300lb ) so it should be suitable for all parents. Dads over 6 feet can still rest their backs on it
  • It has good neck support with the high back design so you can soothe your baby in comfort. A lumbar pillow is included to help those with back problems
  • Babyletto Kiwi is a modern glider and you can usually choose between four different colors. This means that it doesn't look out of place in other rooms once you baby has outgrown it
  • The best feature of the Kiwi glider is that it reclines almost flat (270 degrees) and you can achieve that with a push of a button. Just press the hidden controls and it reclines quietly. This feature is especially useful if the mother is recovering from a C-section
  • The Kiwi glider is effortless to assemble
  • USB charging ports are an excellent novel feature of this glider
  • This glider is Greenguard Gold certified so it doesn't emit harmful chemicals to your nursery
  • There's no storage space
  • It tends to be the most expensive option in this list
  • If the motor happens to break, you're unable to use this glider. That said, there's an extended warranty of three years for electronic parts
  • This is a big glider (weight limit is 300lb ) so it should be suitable for all parents. Dads who are over 6 feet, have found it comfortable 
  • This 100% polyester glider is easy to clean
  • It has good neck support with the high back design so you can soothe your baby in comfort. A lumbar pillow is included to help those with back problems
  • It's one of the better-looking gliders on the market.  The DaVinci Piper Glider is available in four different colors: Gray with piping, dark gray, dark gray with cream piping, and navy 
  • It's a contemporary glider so it will also work well in other rooms long after your baby has outgrown the need for it
  • The DaVinci Piper Swivel Glider features ease of use and excellent maneuverability. It allows you to rest easy while gliding backward and forwards as well as swivel when necessary
  • It's a durable and soft glider
  • It's a recliner, but keep in mind that you can't rock the chair in that position. It doesn't recline completely flat though
  • This nursery chair is very easy to put together
  • It's GreenGuard Gold Certified which means that it's not polluting the air of your nursery
  • There's no storage space
  • This Davinci can be the best glider recliner for most parents, but it makes some noise
  • Generous storage pockets are one of the best features of this glider 
  • This is a traditional glider that suits well to all nurseries. You can choose between many different colors
  • It's an average size glider, the weight limit is 250lb. The static weight limit is 300lb. That said, dads over 6 ft tend to find it uncomfortable
  • Storkcraft Glider uses an exclusive gliding system that features sealed ball bearings. As I've explained in the guide, this feature will give you a very smooth glide
  • The assembly is very easy
  • This glider comes with an ottoman that glides with the chair
  • It's quite easy to clean
  • Storkcraft has an excellent homepage. It makes it easy to check the details about the warranty and learn about the firm in general
  • It's not the most comfortable nursery glider out there because it doesn't recline
  • It's only 21,5 inches wide, so it may be too narrow for many dads
  • This is a modern nursery glider so it will work in other parts of the house which is a great feature to have once the baby has grown out of it
  • It's a very comfortable nursery glider as it is a recliner and offers a 360-degree swivel
  • This nursery glider is very easy to assemble
  • You can choose between three different colors
  • The material is effortless to clean
  • There's no storage space
  • Although it's a heavy glider, it's not made for tall people. Dads over 6 ft find it uncomfortable and there's no official weight limit (so you can't be sure if you're too heavy for it). That said, some dads, who weigh around 260lb, use it with no problems
  • It's an average size glider, the weight limit of this glider is 250lb
  • Available in five basic colors, you will easily be able to find a chair that works with your design scheme
  • Enclosed metal bearings and a solid wood frame give the Angel Line Monterey Glider a smooth glide. So your little may fall asleep faster
  • You can find two small storage pockets on each side
  • You can remove the cushions for spot cleaning
  • It's not a recliner
  • Build quality may not be the best


Any of these five top nursery gliders could be the best for you. But from the dad's point of view, Babyletto Electronic Glider With an USB Port (Check the Latest Price on Amazon) is the winner because it's a sturdy oversized nursery glider. The weight limit is 300lb, and it's also great for tall parents over 6ft. The Kiwi nursery chair reclines electronically, so it's very comfortable if you've got back issues or recovering from a C-section.

DaVinci Piper Swivel Glider (Check The Latest Price On Amazon) is another excellent option thanks to the generous weight limit and a smaller price tag (usually).

If you're looking for a traditional wooden glider, then check out the Storcraft chair (also sold on Amazon). You can choose between many different colors, it has storage pockets, and the weight limit (250lb-300lb) is acceptable. That said, many dads tend to find it uncomfortable because it’s quite narrow. And it doesn't recline... 

Hopefully, this article helps you to find the best glider for your nursery!

Last Updated on June 28, 2021