Best Ride On Toys For 2-Year-Old: Six Ride On Toys Reviewed

DadProgress reviewed six best ride on toys for 2-year-old. 2-year olds have better balance than 1-year-olds. They can also can climb unassisted. The best ride on toys for 2-year-old are generally bigger and more demanding than the ones suited for younger children. Keep on reading to find DadProgress top picks for your two-year-old toddler.

What To Look For In A Ride On Toy For A Two-Year-old Boy Or Girl

Stability: Two-year-olds can already walk and don’t try to use every object as a stabilizer. That said it’s a bad playing experience if a toy tips over every time your 2-year-old decides to climb on it. 

Materials: Wood and metal are generally more durable than plastic. These materials are usually more expensive though.  Plastic toys are also lighter and generally easier to clean.

Assembly: Most dads probably agree that assembling usually means a hassle. It’s fun to assemble toys with your older children, but 2-year-olds don’t yet understand the concept. They just want to start playing as fast as possible.

Power: The best ride on toys for 2-year-old should let your child play by herself. Let’s be honest here. You are buying him that toy so he would have something to do and you could finally read your morning paper in peace.

Electrical ride on toys are an excellent choice for two-year-olds. They have many exciting features, and your toddler doesn't get bored so easily.  

The best ride on toys for 2-year-olds should be interesting enough so you can get at least 2-3 years out of them.

6 Best Ride On Toys For 2-Year-Olds Reviewed

  • Stability is excellent, and it’s meant for outdoor use only
  • Longevity of use is outstanding. It’s made of plastic and metal. Weight limit is 65lb
  • This toy is actually meant for children between 36 months and seven years. No two children are similar of course. Many parents have found this toy suitable for their two-year-olds. Have a toddler at home who is about to turn three and gets bored quickly? In that case, this may be the best ride on toy for your 2-year-old girl or boy
  • It has a realistic ATV styling, and you have an option to buy a pink one for your little girl
  • There’s a high-speed lockout. At first, the maximum speed is three mph, but after removing the lockout, it goes to 6 mph
  • Alternate Arrow Up
    Power-Lock brake system stops the vehicle when your child's hands leave the throttle
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    A rechargeable 12-volt vehicle battery powers it. This battery allows about 30 minutes of constant use
  • You have to assemble it. All the required tools are provided though
  • Alternate Arrow Down
    Recharging the battery takes about 14 hours. You may want to buy an extra battery
  • Stability is excellent, and it’s meant for outdoor use only
  • There’s a high-speed lockout. At first, the maximum speed is 2,25 mph, but after removing the lockout, it goes to 4,25 mph
  • A rechargeable 12-volt vehicle battery powers it. This battery allows many hours of constant use
  • It has an FM radio (although a Bluetooth speaker would have been a better could have used it in your next barbecue party)
  • It ’s mostly made of plastic, and this toy feels flimsy for its price. The longevity of use isn’t the best
  • Alternate Arrow Down
    Assembly is required
  • Track is included so it has excellent stability and even young toddlers can enjoy this toy. Your child can also use this train off-track, but it’s for indoor use only
  • Forward speed on the track is 1 mph and up to 2 mph off track
  • A rechargeable 6-volt vehicle battery powers it
  • Push-button operation lets your child control the movement. This feature makes it a good cause and effect toy. On the other hand, it may get tiresome to hold down the button all time
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    This toy makes sounds. Playing experience is better, but if you expect your toddler to play in silence, then this toy isn’t the one to go with
  • The battery is hard to remove- you have to unscrew the seat every time you want to charge it 
  • Alternate Arrow Down
    You have to assemble it
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    Longevity of use isn’t the best. It’s made of plastic, and it’s quite small
  • Your child can push controls on a steering wheel to hear realistic truck sounds
  • It’s made of plastic so it’s easy to clean and your child can play with it outside
  • Ten red and yellow building blocks are included
  • There’s an under-the-seat storage area
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    2 AA batteries are included
  • Wheels are not steerable
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    It may be one of the best best ride on toys for 2-year-old, but the longevity of use (at least as a ride on toy) will not be significant. After a year your toddler will want something more advanced
  • This ride on toy is almost like a real car. Your child can sit on a leather seat and connect her iPhone (which he got for his first birthday). After that, she can switch on the lights and start driving
  • This toy has a soft start and electric brake system. This means gradual acceleration and reliable braking.  Maximum speed is 4 Mph
  • There’s a seat belt
  • You can choose between a black, red and white car
  • Alternate Arrow Up
    The steering wheel is adjustable
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    You’ll get a parental remote control with remote STOP function
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    This car comes with an underbody blue LED kit
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    Realistic Openable Doors and Storage Trunk
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    This toy is meant for children between 2 and 7 years. Maximum weight of the rider is 66 lbs
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    A rechargeable 12-volt vehicle battery powers it. This battery allows up to 90 minutes of constant use. Recharging takes less than 10 hours
  • It’s designed for driving only on paved flat surfaces (not on sand or grass). So your child will get a real luxury car experience 
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    Assembly is required, but it’s easy
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    It has a price tag suitable for a luxury car
  • This toy features a 10-foot long roller coaster ride on track. You can use it inside, but you need a lot of room
  • The car comes assembled. You don’t need tools to join the track
  • It’s made of plastic, so it’s easy to clean. You should be able to use this toy for many years as it’s quite fun for toddlers. Weight limit is 50 lb
  • -

And The Winner Is...

The Hot Wheels Kawasaki (Check The Price On Amazon) is a winner of this review because your toddler can use it for many years. It is for outdoor use only, and it may not yet be suitable for all 2-year olds though.

If you have room to spare then Step2: Up & Down Roller Coaster Ride (Check The Price On Amazon) is also a great option. 

If you are looking for a ride on toy for a toddler (girl or boy), then click to read my post about the best ride on toys for 2-year-olds. Many of the reviewed products are battery powered, quite advanced and very good also for older kids.

Mercedes Benz Car For Kids (Check The Price On Amazon) is for people who wish to experience what modern technology can provide when it comes to toddler toys. You should also have some money to spare.

To be honest, any of these six reviewed toys may end up being the best ride on toy for your 2-year-old.

If you wish to know more then click Ride On Toys (this link will take you to a quick guide).

Last Updated on October 21, 2019