A Simple Guide To The Best Shoes For New Walkers

When little ones first learn how to walk, they are unstoppable. You will need to select a shoe to accommodate their newfound stride. All parents want to protect every part of their child and encourage his progress. It's essential to determine the best shoes for new walkers. Keep reading to find out what to look for.

Best First Shoes For Baby Reviewed In This Article

When Should You Buy Shoes For Your Baby?

Shoes For Crawling?
If You Wish

Bare feet or socks are best options when your baby is only crawling.

Miniature clones of adult shoes easily capture your heart though. Seeing your baby girl in a cute pair of Converse shoes or your son in similar cowboy boots to yours can be tempting.

Baby's feet are dangling, and at this point, you can actually use any shoe you like. The best crawling shoes should be big enough and be lightweight.

You may also consider shoes for warmth or for keeping the socks on.

The best crawling shoes are the ones you simply like! 

Shoes For First Steps?
Not Yet

When your baby starts to take first steps, then it's a good idea to buy socks with rubber grips. These keep the feet warm, protect them and rubber grips ensure that he doesn't slip.

That said, at this stage, the quality of shoes (if you want her to wear them) is already important.

Keep reading to find the best baby shoes because miniature clones of adult shoes are too rigid and should not be used. 

Shoes For Walking Outside?
Yep, Now's The Time

The time when you need to buy shoes for your infant comes when she starts to walk outside because his feet need more protection.

Keep reading to find out what to look for when buying first walking shoes.

Best Shoes For New Walkers- Important Features

If your baby is around the six to ten-month timeline, he is likely trying to make her first steps. Since your baby is consistently on the move, her feet will need prime protection.

The American Academy of Pediatrics states that new walkers learn to walk by gripping their toes to the ground. They do not need arch support since their arches have yet to develop.

Soft (Rubber) Sole

Soft (rubber) soles promote healthy development and optimal comfort for your baby. They also provide a lot of flexibility for his arch development as he travels to and fro. Rubber soles are less slippery than leather soles.

The sole should be flat because higher heels may cause uneven weight distribution to toes.


The best shoes for new walkers should be as flexible as possible. Soft soles are one factor but also the upper part of the shoe should be soft. You should be able to twist the best shoes for toddlers. This feature ensures that their muscles, bones and foot arch can develop properly. Avoid stiff and sturdy shoes!

Secure Fastener And Closed Heel

Simple slip on and slip off shoes might be effortless for you, but your child can also slip them off quickly. 

The heel should be closed. Otherwise, she may start dragging his feet as she tries to hold the shoes with toes.

From personal experience, children know how to remove their shoes by the time they are about one. If they don't like wearing shoes, then this will undoubtedly be a battle for you.

A toddler with an angry face

You will want to buy a shoe that has adequate security, whether that be Velcro, straps, or laces. Each securing shoe method offer their advantages and disadvantages

Laces are helpful in adjusting the tightness of the shoe, but your child could trip on the shoelaces.

A Velcro strap is easier to undo than laces but not possible for your baby to trip on.


This feature is self-explanatory:)

Closed-toe shoes

Kids usually drag their toes, and this feature helps to protect the feet from scratches.

Best Shoes For New Walker Are Just Right

There can be many problems with shoes that aren't the correct size. They can be uncomfortable, and cause your baby to grip to the shoe with his toes. 

A young girl tries on the shoes of her mother

As a result of this toe deformities may occur. Too big shoes can cause blisters from the excessive slipping.

Avoid purchasing tight shoes. When your child's shoe is too tight, it can affect their arch and foot development and growth.

It is usually not a good idea to share or hand down baby shoes if they have been extensively used. All feet are different, and it's essential that your kid's foot shapes the shoe and not the other way around. The insole of an old toddler shoe has already irregularities that may cause discomfort to your kid. 

Due to your child's quick growth, you will be changing shoe sizes frequently.

How To Determine Whether The Footwear Fits?

Shopping With Your Kid

Try to find the right shoe size toward the end of the day. The feet are a little swollen, and you'll avoid buying too small shoes.

Your kid should be standing to make the right choice.

With your child's foot squished to the top, there should be about his finger-width (~1 cm) between his heel and the back of the shoe. 

Check monthly to track his foot growth.

Measuring At Home And Shopping Alone

If you don’t have time to go shopping with your kid, then you can measure her feet at home.

As I've already mentioned (sorry for repeating myself), you should do the measuring toward the end of the day, and your kid should be standing.

You can see how it’s done on this helpful video by BrogaiBeaga.

Shoes For New Walkers- Mistakes To Avoid

  • Stiff and sturdy shoes
  • Miniature clones of adult shoes when your baby is already walking
  • Buying too big of shoes
  • check
    Keeping toddlers in no-grip soles once they walk well
  • check
    Tight shoes
  • check
    Unfastened shoes

Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Wülker has stated that development of foot takes about four years and before that it may be hard to determine if everything goes as expected. It's better to buy correct shoes right away!

American Podiatric Medical Association Approved Products

The APMA approved products are awarded to products that promote good foot health. The Seal of Acceptance can, for example, be granted to shoes and socks. The aim of this program has been over 50 years to help the public make better buying decisions. 

In the past APMA has not always given evidence-based advice though. It's vital that toddler shoes do not have design features that interfere with the developing foot. APMA Seal Of Acceptance is a not a necessity when looking for best shoes for new walkers.

Popular Shoes For New Walkers Reviewed

Robeez Soft-Soles (Check The Latest Price On Amazon)

Robeez's Soft-soled Shoes can be the best crawling shoes for your baby. These nearly slipper-like shoes are available in a variety of colors (and animals!)



  • These shoes have a soft non-slip sole
  • They are flexible and lightweight
  • The elastic band encircling the ankle allows the simple slip-on slip-off feature
  • Robeez soft-soles are APMA approved
  • They often run large, and it's advised to buy a size down. It can be a useful feature if you have a bigger baby though
  • Alternate Arrow Down
    The product is easily stained. Purchasing a darker color will prevent the stains from being overly visible

Ikiki Squeaky Shoes ​(Check The Latest Price On Amazon)

Ikiki's Squeaky Shoes are an excellent option if your child just started walking. They come in a variety of different colors and characters   



  • Each character has its name and story. So the"shoe experience" becomes quite entertaining for your toddler
  • If you are wanting to track your child's walking progress (or even hear where they are), this shoe would be an excellent selection for your new walker. Ikiki's shoes promote an adjustable squeaker that can be turned on and off at the flip of a switch. Squeaking encourages heel-to-toe walking. Luckily you also have the option to turn this feature off...
  • High-top shoes that are easy to adjust. These shoes do not cause discomfort around babies ankles though
  • Sole is made of flexible rubber
  • Alternate Arrow Up
    They are flexible and lightweight
  • Alternate Arrow Up
    The soles are additionally different colors. This feature helps you to identify which shoe slides on which foot
  • Alternate Arrow Up
    If you have bought the shoes online and they don't fit then, the manufacturer takes care of the shipping (in the US). You can return them in new condition within 30 days
  • Some parents have complained that the squeaker is too quiet. Their children have had to stomp hard to activate the squeaker. That usually happens with a smaller number or if your child is under 20lb
  • Alternate Arrow Down
    The squeaker may stop working if the shoes get wet or sandy

Orgrimmar First Walker Baby Shoes (Check The Latest Price On Amazon)

Orgrimmar First Walker Baby Shoes are another excellent selection for your baby's first steps. Available for boys and girls, these shoes are offered in several different colors   



  • These shoes have a soft sole with rubber circles for better grip
  • They come with a Velcro fastener
  • Alternate Arrow Up
    They are flexible and lightweight
  • Alternate Arrow Up
    Designed with genuine leather, the shoes are durable and long-lasting. This product might be your best choice if you need a durable shoe that will last a while!
  • This product releases a "chemical" smell that alarms some parents

Yalion First Walker Moccasins (Check The Latest Price On Amazon)

Yalion moccasins for first walkers have a straightforward design. These shoes are made of soft leather and are easy to put on.  They come in a variety of different colors and characters so you can find a suitable pair for your boy or girl



  • Yalion moccasins are relatively cheap and the quality is very good. It's worth checking the latest price on Amazon though
  • Alternate Arrow Up
    As all the best baby shoes they are flexible and lightweight. This means that they are perfect also for pre-walkers
  • Alternate Arrow Up
    These shoes are made of leather so the sole provides good traction and your toddler doesn't slip
  • They often run large, and you may want to buy a size down

Stride Rite Soft Motion Kellen Sneaker (Check The Latest Price On Amazon)

Stride Rite shoes are made of suede and have a soft flexible synthetic sole. 



  • These are one of the easiest shoes to put on. The opening is big and the shoes have a Velcro strap
  • You can choose only between three colors
  • These shoes are relatively expensive, but it's worth checking the latest price on Amazon

To Sum Up

With the previous three products in mind, you have great selections to choose from for your precious new walker. All reviewed shoes provide a lightweight, flexible, soft sole.

They each have individual features that differentiate them from the others though. Depending on your baby and present circumstances, you can select the best shoe for him.

If you are looking for shoes for your baby girl or boy, then click to read my quick buying guide. Shoes for new walkers should meet specific criteria even if not made of leather.

Robeez's Soft-soled Shoes (check the latest price on Amazon) is the top pick for DadProgress. They can be the best shoes for new walkers as they are lightweight and have a simple slip-on slip-off feature.

Yalion Moccasins are similar, but usually cheaper (check the latest price on Amazon though). I like the design of Robeez shoes more, but from the health perspective, there's no difference.

Last Updated on November 4, 2019