What are the 5 Best Stroller Toys According to new Parents?

Last Updated on February 6, 2022

Finding the best stroller toy depends on your little one. In this article, I’ll tell you what has worked particularly well for my nephew and our boy. If you’re a new parent, who wishes to find a couple of parent-approved stroller toys then keep on reading:)

List of 5 Best Stroller Toys

At the moment of writing, my boy is a 15-month-old toddler, my nephew is one month younger, but they both still enjoy stroller rides. These recommendations are very subjective as they are based on our experience.

TIP: If you have valuable (emotionally or they just cost a lot) toys then keep an eye on them when walking with a stroller. At one point my boy developed a habit of secretly slipping them out of the baby carriage. We lost our Sophie teether among other toys to that habit. 

1. Pacifier 

When your infant lies in a pram, then a pacifier is the cheapest and best toy you could give him or her. I’m not one of those parents who oppose pacifiers. If a baby is not crying, I’m happy. That said, our boy didn’t want one and used them later as teethers. If you’re going to buy a pacifier, then orthodontic models are the safest. An orthodontic Philips Avent (also sold on Amazon) pacifier is a great choice. 

2. Teether 

Teethers are great stroller toys for older infants. All teethers are just fine, but I recommend buying something bigger for stroller rides, so you hopefully notice if your kid throws it out. Key Teethers (Key Teethers by The First Years are also sold on Amazon) were a good fit for as for many months. As a bonus, they aren’t too small and make some sound when thrown out of the stroller. 

3. Play Links

Play links can function as a teether, but you can also attach more expensive toys to a stroller with these. For example, Play Links by Nuby are also sold on Amazon. Maybe we bought them too late because he wasn’t interested in links, but they did a great job in keeping the soft books and pacifiers in our stroller. 

4. Phone for Baby

When our boy got older (we are talking about 11-12 months here), he got tired of teethers. So we tried different toys. Soft books and stuffed animals didn’t work for us. Tiny toy cars we quite good, but he tended to slip them secretly out of the stroller (never to be seen again).

In the end, baby phones became a hit for our boy. They have many functions, so your kid doesn’t get bored quickly. They are big enough, so you hopefully notice if your kid throws it out. We have used a couple of models, a phone by Fisher Price (also sold on Amazon) is one of them. It’s not the best learning toy as the sound isn’t exactly deafening, but it keeps our little one occupied.

5. Straw Cup With Handles

Well, this isn’t exactly a toy but has worked really well for us. Our baby loves to sit in a stroller, keep the bottle in his hands, and drink water now and then. He also likes to play with the cover, and if that sometimes comes off, it’s not a big deal to put it back. Yes, if you turn it face up and shake it then drops of liquid come out of the straw (if the lid is not closed), but that’s not a problem if it’s only water.

To Sump Up

I hope this article helps you in finding the best stroller toy for your little one. In our experience, less is more when it comes to stroller toys.

The reality of a parent is that you can buy as many toys as you wish, but in the end, sometimes your baby just wants to throw groceries out of a bag.

I'm a new dad and wrote a small post on stroller toys that worked best when our boy was a baby and now when he's a toddler. Click to read more (there are only five:)