Parents’ Guide To The Best Toddler Bike Helmets & 5 Reviews

When  to buy a Toddler Bike Helmet?

When your kid starts to ride a bike then he or she should wear a helmet...but I think you saw this one coming:) 

In many places, you may even face a fine if your toddler rides a bike without a helmet.

What’s interesting is that children start to imitate us when they are about six months old. I’m sure that most parents wear helmets all the time. But if not, then at least after six months it's crucial to start showing a good example and also buy the helmet for him or her.

That said, it’s best not to put babies on bike seats or in trailers for the first twelve months. Their neck muscles aren’t yet strong enough to support the weight of a helmet for an extended period of time. This means that the best bike helmet for a baby isn’t a must. 

Why to buy a Toddler Bike Helmet?

A helmet aims to absorb the high impact energies in case of an accident. So it reduces the risk of severe injuries, but it doesn’t prevent concussion.

There are two main reasons I’m buying a helmet for my little one.

  • To protect his head if he happens to fall. Accidents are called accidents for a reason
  • To instill a habit of always wearing a bike helmet

"76% of the pediatric patients who were hospitalized at Mayo Clinic because of a bicycle-related traumatic injury were not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. Wearing helmets can decrease the chances of sustaining a serious head injury in a bike crash by as much as 80 percent"

Kim Lombard -Injury Prevention Coordinator for Mayo Clinic’s Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center

What to Look for When Buying the Best Toddler Bike Helmet?


You want to make sure that the bike helmet really is as safe as it seems. In the U.S all bicycle helmets must meet the CPSC standard (16 C.F.R. part 1203). All the helmets that I’ve reviewed here claim to be CPSC certified.


It’ essential to make sure that your toddler bike helmet fits properly, so it doesn’t come off in the case of an accident. I’ve explained the topic in more detail in the next paragraph. Scroll down for more information 🙂


Best Toddler bike helmets should not have nonessential elements that protrude from the helmet. After a fall the smooth surface of a helmet should be able to slide.


All kid bike helmets should have a chin strap. Straps help to keep the helmet in a proper position during a fall or collision.

choose the Buckle Type

You can choose between a standard buckle and a pinch-free buckle. The second option is preferable for obvious reasons.

Are You Using A Child Bike Seat?

Helmets with a smooth back are better if you’re transporting your child with a bike seat with a high back. If you wish to learn more about child bike seats, then click here to read DadProgress guide.

Ventilation is not that important

Babies and toddlers don’t usually need a helmet for racing, so the cooling effect isn't that important. Proper ventilation is a necessity if you’re buying a helmet for yourself though.

best toddler helmets are lightweight​​​​

If you’re buying a toddler bicycle helmet, then you don’t want it to weigh too much. A heavy helmet is uncomfortable for your kid, and he or she may develop neck pains.


MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System)  is a technology that allows a helmet slide relative to the head. You get more protection against rotational violence to the brain caused by angled impacts. 

Helmets with the MIPS system have two layers instead of one. In a crash, the outer shell absorbs linear impact. The inner shell rotates and absorbs rotational impact.

MIPS technology was developed in the Royal Institute of Technology, in Sweden. You can find some baby and toddler bike helmets with MIPS, but these usually cost more.

How to Make Sure the Best Toddler Bike Helmet Fits Properly?

Best kid helmet should fit properly and be comfortable. The package should state what head circumference range the helmet is suitable for. So the first thing to do is to measure your kid and then continue with other tips.​​

1) Measure the head with a soft measuring tape. The tape should go around the widest part of the head.  You should place the tape above the eyebrows and ears as shown in the picture.

Somebody (you can only see a hand) measures the head of a toddler boy with a soft measuring tape for the best toddler bike helmet

TIP: You can also measure the head with string and later measure the length of the string

2) Choose a proper helmet. You shouldn’t size up! When the helmet’s on your child’s head, it should move only a little. The fit is good if the eyebrows of your child are moving when you are moving the helmet. The front edge of a helmet should be about 1-inch from your child’s eyebrows.

3) If the helmet is still loose, you can adjust it with padding. Best toddler bike helmets have a rear occipital clamp for easier adjustment.

4) The last thing to do is adjusting the chin strap. The buckle should stay under the chin of your toddler.

Here’s one helpful video by Consumer Reports. It explains how bike helmets are tested and how to find a suitable for your older baby or toddler.

Types of Bike Helmets & Which is Best for Toddlers?

There are five bike helmet types out there. The best toddler bike helmet is the Sport helmet. They are affordable and great for everyday use.

  • Sport helmet
  • Road cycling helmet
  • Mountain bike helmet
  • Full face helmet
  • Multi-sport helmet

Where to buy a Toddler Bike Helmet?

If possible, you should test different helmets. You can find many best toddler helmets on Amazon. That said, if you buy the helmet online, make sure that you can exchange it in case the fit isn’t perfect.

5 Best Kid Bike Helmets for DadProgress Reviewed

The Giro Scamp bike helmet with a built-in visor comes with all the essential features. You can choose between many kid-friendly designs or even a model with a MIPS-s.

Size: The XS fits 17.75 to 19.25 in (45-49 cm); the S fits 19.25 to 21 in (49-53 cm), helmets are adjustable



  • Giro bike helmets are great even young toddlers because the size range is extensive and they are very lightweight
  • This helmet has eight vents for better airflow
  • It’s easily adjustable with a rear occipital clamp and a chin strap (you get a pinch-guard buckle)
  • Giro Scamp helmet has a smooth back, so it doesn’t slide forward even if your toddler sits in a bike-chair
  • You can also choose a model with MIPS system
  • You can choose between many different colors. The selection changes now and then. At the moment of writing, there are nine different designs available
  • -

Nutcase was founded in Oregon, and they have made helmets for over 15 years now. All the designs are elaborate, so you can probably find a suitable item for your little buddy. That said, their items may not always be available from all retailers.

Size: The XXS fits 18.5 to 19.75 in (47-50 cm); XS: 19-20.5 in (48-52 cm), both are adjustable



  • Nutcase bike helmet is excellent for toddlers
  • There are 11 vents for better airflow and front vents are protected with bug nets
  • The elastic fit system grows with your child. It has a pinch-free Fidlock magnetic buckle
  • Nutcase helmet has a smooth back, so it doesn’t slide forward even if your toddler sits in a bike-chair
  • You can choose between six different designs, but they may not be available in all shops
  • -

Schwinn is well known for its bicycles, but their helmets are excellent as well.

Size: About 16- 20 in (41 -50 cm), it's adjustable



  • This Schwinn helmet is perfect for young toddlers because of its small size
  • Six vents help to keep your child’s head cool
  • It’s easily adjustable with a rear occipital clamp and a chin strap. That said, the buckle isn’t pinch-free
  • Schwinn infant helmet has a smooth back, so it doesn’t slide forward even if your toddler sits in a bike-chair
  • It’s one of the cheapest child bike helmets out there, but you can check the latest price on Amazon
  • There are many designs available, but they may not be available in all shops
  • The inside padding is attached with a Velcro. This means that you can effortlessly remove it, but so can your little one (it seems to detach too easily)

TeamObsidian is a family business, and its toddler bike helmets are loved by hundreds of kids. They have introduced two new designs. This said, they used to offer a lifetime limited warranty, but now you get only a two-year warranty. But that’s still better than most other offers.

Size: 18.75 to 21,25 in (48-54 cm), it's adjustable



  • TeamObsidian bike helmet is great for toddlers. Two types of pads are included for better adjustment, but it may be hard to adjust it to fit smaller heads
  • There are 14 vents for better airflow, and so it’s also suitable for older children who run their bikes faster
  • It’s easily adjustable with a rear occipital clamp, a chin strap and the two types of pads
  • You can choose between 4 different designs
  • This helmet has a two year warranty against defects. You also get a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • TeamObsidan helmet doesn’t have a smooth back so it may slide forward if your toddler rides in a trailer

BERN lightweight kid helmet is one of the best toddler helmets on the market thanks to its innovative design features.

Size: XS: 18.9 to 20 in (48 - 51.5 cm); S: 20- 21.5 (51.5 - 54.5 cm), both are adjustable



  • BERN kid helmets come with a soft flip visor
  • Nino helmet weighs only 11.4oz (323g)
  • You can remove the liner and machine wash it. Additionally, you replace the regular one with a cold weather liner
  • It’s easily adjustable with a rear hook-and-loop system and a chin strap
  • You can choose between three different designs
  • BERN Nino helmet has a smooth back, so it doesn’t slide forward even if your (older)baby or toddler sits in a bike-chair
  • -

To Sump up the Best Toddler Bike Helmet Discussion

I reviewed five top bike helmets, so it’s a tough contest. That said, the BERN Nino helmet (also sold on Amazon) came out as a winner. It’s a safe, lightweight product that offers innovative features like a removable liner and a flip visor.

If You're Looking for a Very Small Child Helmet

If you want to buy a helmet for a young toddler (or a twelve month old baby), then the best option may be the Schwinn Infant Helmet (Check the latest price on Amazon). It’s one of the smallest kid helmets out there. The build quality isn’t the best, but luckily it’s also one of the cheapest baby helmets (at the moment of writing).

Are you Searching a Child Helmet With MIPS?

Giro Scamp Bike Helmet (Check the latest price on Amazon) is another excellent option for younger children. For example, it's XS model is perfect for one-year-olds. That said, the S size is perfect for toddlers. You can also buy the same model with MIPS (Check the latest price on Amazon) which makes it one of the safest baby helmets. 

Another top helmet with a possibility of MIPS is the Nutcase Little Nutty (Check the most recent price on Amazon). That said, it's not always available from all retailers.

If you Need a Helmet That Grows With Your Child

TeamObsidian KIDS (Check the latest price on Amazon) can be the best toddler helmet if you’re looking for something that grows with your child.

I hope this article helps you to find the best helmet for your toddler.

Hi there! If your kid sits on a bike then your boy or girl should wear a helmet. Click to read my guide where I also review some of the best and safest helmets for infants and toddlers.

Last Updated on June 7, 2020