What Are The Best Toddler Blocks For Your Little Builder This Year?

Finding the right toy for your little one can be tricky. There are so many options, all of which advertise that they help your child learn. One such toy that has been tried and true over the decades is baby building blocks. These building toys for toddlers are ideal for developing muscle control in a fun, engaging way. Use this guide to find the best toddler blocks for your child.

Probably The Best Blocks For Toddlers And Babies Reviewed In This Article

Before diving into the best toddler blocks, I explain the ins and outs to these stackable play objects.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Blocks?

Some might see these objects as simply another thing that can go into their child’s mouth. Child psychologists have actually disproven this allegation, listing several educational benefits that can be found below.

Physical Benefits:

When a child lifts a block, they are using the muscles in their hands and fingers. This builds the coordination between their hands and their eyes.

Social Benefits: 

Think about the first time your child played with a new friend. What did they gravitate toward? Blocks are often found as an activity that can be shared between two children.

Intellectual Benefits:

Most blocks have various shapes, words, numbers, and letters on each side. This can aid in your child’s development when considering math or vocabulary.

Boost The Creativity: 

Although not the most commonly considered benefit, it does impact a little one’s education. Those who play with these toys have to solve problems associated with design and layout. For instance, a kid who wants to build a tower must learn to balance each block.

How To Pick Your Type Of Block?

Just as with any product, you can find an assortment of shapes, sizes, and materials. They can be interlocking or non-interlocking. Choosing the correct block for your child depends on where it will be used and your preferences.

The History Of The Toddler Toy Block

When looking at old paintings completed in the 1800s, you might find a scene involving a toddler and a few blocks. These toys were first manufactured in the late 18th century, associating them with educational playtime.

The iconic alphabetical blocks grew to be such a phenomenon that they were inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in New York in 2003.

Although there are now probably hundreds of toy block manufacturers around the world, historically I find four classic types worth mentioning (clicking the picture takes you to Amazon so you can check the price):

Unit Blocks: 

These blocks are both basic and well loved by teachers. The standard unit is 5.5“ x 2.8“ x 1.4, “ and it’s usually made of wood. You can also find larger and smaller sizes that are various fractions of the original one. As a result, your child can practice building strong structures

Lincoln Logs: 

This type of building block has been around since 1916 thanks to the son of famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. You get notched small logs to build different structures. They have since been known as one of the best for promoting construction play and belong to the National Toy Hall of Fame since 1999

KAPLA Blocks:

These wooden toys were „invented“ in 1987. What makes them unique is that each unit measures 4,6“ x 0,9“ x 0,3“ so they are quite long and thin.


You may have heard of this iconic toy:) I admit that LEGO is my favorites because I got my first set when I was six years old and played with the blocks for years.

The possibilities for open-ended play are endless.

Although a pain when stepped on, these blocks are also great for increasing problem solving, motor skills, creativity, planning, and teamwork. I already bought a DUPLO set for my little one although he’s (at the moment of writing) only one year old.

What Makes An Exceptional Toddler Building Block?

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to your kid’s next toy, but how can you be sure that it is made with high quality in mind?

By creating a list of criteria, you can accurately compare products and find the best one.

I found that the following attributes made the most difference between a well-made block and a flimsy brick.

  • Size: If you have a small child, choking hazards should be a priority. Finding a building block that is large enough to escape this fate is key
  • Hardiness: You know that sooner or later your little one will end up putting this toy in their mouth. To make sure that their new toy will last, look for a durable product. On the other hand, if you want to buy big blocks, but are afraid of injuries, you can opt for cardboard or foam blocks that are less robust but softer
  • Material: Blocks can be made out of different types of materials such as foam, plastic, wood, cardboard, stone or a combination
  • Use: With every toy you buy for your child, it is best to ask why you want them to have it in the first place. Some blocks are made to be educational while others lack the same engaging colors and pictures. For example, classic Lincoln logs are great for building, but not very stimulating for young toddlers
  • Affordability: With so many types of blocks on the market, you can find an option that will meet your budget

Tips And Tricks For The Best Building Session

Once you have decided on which type of building bricks to buy for your little one, now you can choose how to use them.

Merely setting them on the floor is an option, yet not the most fun for both you and little Timmy. Here are a few tips for creating an engaging block session.

  • Have a little fun yourself: Children benefit from watching their parents build. They want to copy you, after all. It can be quite dull to play with one year old if we are honest, but having the best toddler building blocks will make it more fun as you can build your castle
  • Assign tasks: Giving your toddler a conquerable challenge is a great way to have them problem solve
  • Building alongside a book: Creativity and imagination can be encouraged by asking your child to build a story that they’ve just been read

Best Building Blocks For DadProgress Reviewed

Now that you know more about building blocks and what your little one could gain from this toy, you can look over DadProgress top ten products. 

These baby building blocks are made with development in mind. The blocks are fitted with different pictures, numbers, and letters. The upper and lower case letters could help kids learn how to differentiate the two apart, even at a young age.



  • The wooden blocks are well made with smooth edges to limit any unwanted injuries or scrapes
  • With these toys measuring 1.8", they are easier to stack and keep out of the mouths of your little one
  • This product is ideal for anyone wanting their child to begin learning the ABC’s and math
  • This toy sits in the middle of the pack when it comes to affordability
  • Wooden blocks aren't the best option if you kid likes to throw things (some children do it more than others)

The Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks are an excellent addition for kids aged from 3 to 8 years of age. With sixty building units, I've found this product to be great at promoting problem-solving. And each piece is sanded down for an added layer of safety



  • This toy is quite engaging, holding a variety of shapes and sizes, thus challenging your child to sort and build for hours
  • The added storage box is useful in encouraging cleanup
  • These blocks have proved to be durable, outlasting any throwing or mouthing
  • These wooden blocks are relatively heavy and so can be dangerous if your child likes to throw toys at his or her siblings

The Mega Bloks Building Blocks are suited to meet the needs of younger audiences. These building units are made out of different shapes and come in a large assortment of colors. They are also relatively easy to stack due to their large size



  • I like that these blocks are on the lower end of the budget so you don't have to grow broke when buying toys for your kid
  • The blocks are quite large so you don't have to worry about choking
  • Any child, first learning how to use building units, enjoys this toy as the pieces are easy to fit together
  • If you're thinking of buying many sets so your kid could have years of fun, then it's not the best choice. It can be frustrating for older kids that the pieces fit loosely (although it's a nice feature when it comes to younger children)

Next in my list of top contenders is the Battat Building Blocks because they are safe for younger kids. These items are soft so your kid doesn't get hurt when he falls on them. It's also a great product if your little one likes to throw things. The Battat Building Blocks don't contain any known harmful chemicals. 



  • This toy is made with rubber, making it easy to clean after a thorough play session
  • The colorful sides are decorated with different numbers and animals for an engaging time
  • Battat is a family-owned company and was established already in 1897
  • These blocks squeak which is very funny for most toddlers 
  • This product isn't very affordable for those looking to buy many (but you should check the latest price on Amazon)
  • A set only includes ten blocks, but the box is meant for twelve (you get two cardboard fillers too)
  • Why not to throw in a green block?
  • The blocks float, but if water gets trapped, then it's almost impossible to get out as the holes are tiny

These magnetic tiles include various shapes such as triangles and squares that can be stacked magnetically. Such a design is best suited for any age level aside from infants. They also promote critical thinking and creativity, as your kid can create 3D shapes



  • Magnetic tiles can cost a lot, this product is usually an affordable choice
  • This product can be added to existing magnetic building bricks that you may already own
  • The pieces are quite small so it's not meant for very young kids

The PicassoTiles Building Tiles are great for children who either want to play by themselves or with friends. There are 100 pieces, each with a different color, shape or size, presenting a new challenge every play session



  • It's usually quite affordable option when it comes to magnetic tiles
  • They are easy to put away and store due to their magnetic design
  • Some parents have hinted that the magnets should be stronger because larger structures tend to get unstable

The LEGO brand makes products that can be used by different age groups. The LEGO Duplo First Bricks are intended for a younger audience, namely toddlers and infants. These bricks are easier to grab with 1.25 inches compared to the typical LEGO that is half the size. This product is made to develop hand-eye coordination, imagination, and creativity



  • The colors and designs make it easier for your little one to create a myriad of critters and objects
  • The larger brick size will prevents a child from choking on any pieces (DUPLO is intended for children older than 18 months)
  • Added building cards help you to build different objects with your child for a learning experience
  • -

Finding a toy that will last through your child’s growth spurts is difficult. The Brickyard Building Blocks are specifically designed to cater to the building minds of children aged anywhere from 3 to 10. In other words, these blocks grow with your kid



  • With four tools included in this set, your child can play with three other kids during one session
  • The blocks are made with different shapes, sizes and connections for increased logical thinking, problem-solving, motor skill development and imagination
  • The pieces are made with materials that are easy to clean
  • These blocks are slightly smaller than other products. So don’t buy them if you have also an infant at home

The advantage of having jumbo blocks is that they are easy to pick up and making large structures is fun (at least for dads:) It's also quite difficult to choke on jumbo blocks... 



  • Toddlers can easily pull apart these bricks due to the large size
  • The plastic used is hardy and flexible to prevent any breaking
  • With four included colors, this product makes building fun and engaging
  • This leaner set is one of the most expensive items on our list of top contenders. It's worth checking the latest price on Amazon though

When buying building bricks for your baby, the material used is one of the most important aspects to consider. The Baby Blocks presented by Battat are made with infants in mind. They are fitted with a soft BPA and phthalate free fabric. It's a great sensory toy because there are five inserts. These inserts have different textures and you baby can rattle thme (just look at the video).



  • With the combination of colors, textures, letters, animals, and rattles, your baby can begin to learn new concepts. It's one of the best blocks for babies
  • The middle is open for an easier area for an infant to hold onto
  • The foam padding makes it comfortable for you and your child to play with. The blocks are also lightweight for added security
  • This product is more difficult to clean as water can get inside the rattler and affect the sound

To Sum Up

Each building block that we listed in our top contenders is made to be educational and engaging.

If you're searching for the baby building blocks, then the Battat Soft Baby Blocks (sold on Amazon) are probably the best choice as they are safe and encourage learning. Another excellent option for infants is Battat Chewable Blocks (sold on Amazon).

For young toddlers, you may want to buy the Mega Bloks set (sold on Amazon) because the pieces are lightweight and are easy to put together. Older toddlers may wish to play with magnetic blocks so you can check out the PicassoTiles set (sold on Amazon). That said, Lego DUPLO (sold on Amazon) is a timeless classic.

Brickyard Building Blocks (sold on Amazon) are perfect if you wish something that grows with your kid.

Jumbo Blocks (sold on Amazon) on the other hand are especially fun for dads too:)

Regardless of whether you need building toys for toddlers or a softer option for an infant, one of our top picks will offer a stimulating play session. Besides, building blocks with your children will provide them many benefits and memories for years to come.

Building blocks are perfect for kids to design castles, houses and get creative ideas. They are also great learning toys for toddlers and babies alike. If you’re searching for gift ideas, then check out my buying guide with some suggestions

Last Updated on October 21, 2019