20 Car Accessories For Kids That All Parents Need

Last Updated on June 12, 2021

Car rides with children can be tricky! Lucky for us parents, there are plenty of accessories designed to make the entire car ride a pleasant experience for everyone. Below is a list of car accessories for kids (including baby car accessories) that will cover a wide range of your children’s needs.

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1.Graco 4ever Extend2Fit 4 In 1 Convertible car Seat

It is only right that we begin this list with the top accessory for all children: a car seat! Graco 4ever will provide comfort and safety for your child from birth. I recommend this car seat because it grows with your child. It has four modes of use: rear-facing baby seat, forward-facing seat, a high-back booster, and a backless booster. As a result, you can use the same item throughout childhood. And the booster seat of this model has a weight limit of 120lb so it’s ideal even for bigger kids.

2.Safety Buckle Seat Belt Lock for car Seats

You can be sure that rambunctious children will remain in their seat belts with this safety buckle. The universal fit feature will keep your child safe in every car that they ride in. Seat belt locks are a great help if you need to keep your very active toddler or older autistic kids safe.

3.Summer Infant car Seat Protector

Protect the interior of your car with this seat protector. The sturdy and waterproof design ensures that your backseat will stay in top shape. This seat protector can be used with car seats and booster seats. It also comes with added storage pockets for safekeeping of your child’s personal items.

4.Car Strap Covers

Seat belts can feel rough against a baby’s skin. The plush fabric of these seat covers will provide a comfortable feeling similar to that of a blanket.

5.Seat Belt Pillow for Older Children and Parents

Pillows are a must-have item for any road trip. You may want to purchase more than one because this one can be used for children and adults alike.

6. Kick Mats or Back Seat Protectors

If your children are anything like mine, they probably have too much energy at times. They may not be able to run around while sitting in the backseat, but they can kick their feet! These kick mats will protect your car seats from all sorts of dirt and grime. They are also machine washable. 

7.Baby Mirror 

Rear-facing car seats make it difficult to take a look at your little one when you are sitting in the driver’s seat. This mirror helps you stay connected to the baby by giving you a clear view of his precious face. The easy installation allows this mirror to be set up safe and securely.

8. Car Window Sunshades

This sunshade makes it possible to have a comfortable mid-day ride without the sun beaming into the car. It’s quite annoying if the sun shines directly to the face of your baby, who has finally fallen asleep. Another useful fact about them is that they can double as a privacy filter!

9.Baby Bottle Warmer for Travel by Papablic

This electricity-free bottle warmer makes it easy to comfort a baby with a bottle of warm milk. It heats the bottle to the perfect temperature using a vacuum insulated feature. As a result, it’s one of the most recommended baby car accessories. Thanks to a compact size, it doesn’t take up much space and fits most baby bags.

10. Water Bottle

Having a source of water in the car means that there will be fewer stops for drinks. These colorful bottles come with a straw built into the design to ensure your child is in control when to take a sip. This particular model is relatively wide but it should fit into a standard cup holder.

11.Backseat Organizer by Anban

My kid usually enters the car with several toys and comfort items. A backseat organizer is an essential part of keeping the backseat nice and neat. This essential car accessory for kids comes with nine storage compartments!

12.Disposable Urinal

It is easy to see the benefit of having a disposable urinal in the car. The stand-out feature in this product is the spill-proof gel that absorbs the liquid.

13.OXO Tot Potty for Travel

Potty training emergencies are stress-free with this portable potty seat. Disposable bags fold over securely to make sure that it catches all of the fluids.

14.Car Trash Bag

If there is no visible trash receptacle, some children will be inclined to throw their garbage on the floor. Having this trash bag in the car will encourage children to clean up after themselves. 

15.Sick Bag for Kids

You never know when car sickness may hit! Stay prepared with this sick bag.

16.Outdoor Baby Blanket

This baby blanket is a must-have for any outdoor activities with your baby. The water-resistant fabric will keep your baby comfortable while hanging out outside.  And as this particular example is machine washable, you can effortlessly clean all the accidents.

17.Footmuff for Cold Winter 

Footmuffs for your baby will guarantee that they stay warm and cozy. You may even find yourself wishing that they came in adult sizes! This one is windproof and also comes with a hood.

18. Universal Tablet Headrest

This universal tablet mount makes life more comfortable with a sleek and straightforward design. Once installed, all your child will need to do is sit back and relax with their favorite movie or show. 


Everyone knows the benefits that come with using tablets. You can program a tablet with movies and games to provide hours of entertainment for your toddler or older children.

20.Travel Tray for Toddlers

This colorful play tray is an activity center for your back seat! Children will be entertained for hours by having everything that they need right on their lap.

To Sump Up

Staying organized creates peace for the parent and reduces stress on the child. For a peaceful trip in the car, there are a few components that determine how smoothly the trip will be. It comes does to:

  • How comfortable the passengers are
  • How easy it is to keep clean
  • How easy it is to find things

With these three bases covered, you are on your way to a good car riding experience for everyone involved.

In conclusion, I hope that you have found this list of car accessories for kids useful! Being prepared is an excellent goal to strive for when traveling with children. Once you find what works best for you, you can be sure to benefit from the purchase for years to come.

If you’re planning a road trip with kids, then some car accessories will make your trip so much better. To get some cool ideas, click to see my list of essential items for traveling with a baby, toddler, or older children.