Trying to Find the Best Cheap Nursery Glider?

Last Updated on February 14, 2022

If you’re looking for a decent cheap nursery glider that doesn’t break the bank, then take a look at my top picks.

Preparing for the arrival of a new baby is nerve-wracking and tends to cost a lot of money. And you can already see yourself throwing out all those expensive baby items in a couple of years. You don’t have to buy the most expensive items on nursery lists, though. It’s possible to find affordable products with an excellent price-quality ratio. 

6 Best Affordable Nursery Gliders for DadProgress Reviewed

I’ve reviewed five excellent nursery gliders, but you can also see my top cheap rocking chair suggestion.

Storcraft Premium Hoop Glider Review (Check the latest price on Amazon)

Storcraft Premium Hoop is an average-size traditional glider. The weight limit is 250lb (the chair weighs only 45lb). That said, dads over 6 ft tend to find it uncomfortable.


  • This is a traditional glider that suits well to all nurseries. You can choose between many different colors and patterns
  • Generous storage pockets are one of the best features of this glider
  • Storkcraft Glider uses an exclusive gliding system that features sealed ball bearings. As I’ve explained in the guide, this feature will give you a very smooth glide
  • The assembly is effortless
  • This glider comes with a matching ottoman that glides with the chair


  • It’s not the most comfortable nursery glider out there because it doesn’t recline

Naomi Home Brisbane Glider Review (Check the latest price on Amazon)

Naomi Home Brisbane is a beautiful lightweight wooden glider. Like most cheap gliders, it isn’t very big and it’s likely too small for new dads over 6 feet. The official weight limit is only 220lb. That said, some dads, who weigh around 260lb, use it with no problems.


  • This is a traditional wooden glider for a nursery and suits perfectly to most baby rooms. That said, thanks to its espresso finish it doesn’t look out of the place even in a man cave
  • Generous storage pockets are one of the best features of this glider
  • This nursery glider has sealed ball bearings to give you a very smooth glide
  • It’s the lightest reviewed glider here (only 38lb), so it’s very easy to transport
  • Although it’s made of wood, it doesn’t cost too much
  • The ottoman is included in the package


  • It’s not a recliner
  • This glider needs more padding
  • Official weight limit is only 220lb

Angel Line Windsor Glider With an Ottoman Review(Check the latest price on Amazon)

Angel Line Windsor Glider is a traditional lightweight glider chair that weighs only 45lb. This means that it’s easy to transport, but the weight limit is probably around 250lb based on the quality of wood. The manufacturer doesn’t give a specific weight limit, so the 250 is just an assumption, of course.


  • The Windsor Glider has a wooden frame. As a result, it has a traditional look that suits well to most nurseries. You can choose the color of the frame and cushions so you should be able to find a suitable chair for your baby room
  • This affordable nursery glider has storage pockets for all the essentials
  • Windsor Glider easy to assemble
  • You also get a gliding ottoman


  • It doesn’t recline

Storkcraft Tuscany Glider Review (Check the latest price on Amazon)

Storkcraft Tuscany Glider is another lightweight (45.5lb) wooden glider which is easy to move around. As with all the gliders in this price range, the weight limit is probably around 250lb.


  • The wooden design makes it perfect for most baby nurseries, and you can choose the color of your frame and cushions
  • Although it’s not a recliner, you get a relatively comfortable glider. The enclosed ball bearings make movement smooth. Additionally, the cushions are quite soft, and you get a lumbar support pillow
  • This glider chair has storage pockets for all the essentials
  • Tuscany Glider is easy to assemble
  • You also get a gliding ottoman


  • Tuscany glider is not a recliner
  • This glider makes squeaking sounds, and this is not good if you’re trying to get your baby to sleep. Sometimes oiling the chair helps
  • At the moment of updating this article, this model has become unavailable or costs well over 200 dollars. I hope this is just a temporary problem

Angel Line Rebecca Gliding Recliner Review (Check the latest price on Amazon)

Rebecca glider weighs more than other reviewed items (92lb), so I’m assuming that the weight limit is also more than average. It’s probably (the manufacturer doesn’t give the official number) 250lb and 300lb and dads who are about 6ft have found it comfortable. This chair usually costs between 200 and 250 dollars, but it’s worth checking the latest price on Amazon. I wanted to find a cheap glider recliner to review.


  • You get a modern glider, and you can choose between three colors
  • This is a beautiful, comfortable baby chair
  • It’s easy to assemble
  • It costs more than other reviewed gliders on this list, but it’s a good cheap glider recliner


  • This glider doesn’t have extra storage spaces
  • Some parents find it too hard to push the footrest down
  • This model has the same problem as Storcraft Tuscany above- at the moment of updating this article, it’s not available. I hope these are only temporary problems and keep both of them still here

Rocking Chair by Cristopher Knight Home Store (Check the latest price on Amazon)

If you’re looking for a cheap rocking chair for the nursery, then this is one of the best options. More expensive models tend to have more arm padding and some extra storage spaces for the essentials. This rocker, on the other hand, has a beautiful modern look and you can continue using it for years.


  • You get a comfortable modern rocker
  • This rocking chair is relatively hard to assemble

How Much do Nursery Gliders Cost?

Nursery gliders usually cost between 120 and 600 dollars. I’m sure you can find a lot more expensive items, though. That said, it’s hard to find a nursery glider under 100.

If we’re talking about affordable nursery gliders, then the price should be under 250. If you think that even 400 is relatively cheap, then check out my article about the best nursery gliders.

The prices vary from place to place and also in time because the demand may change. This means that you may want to check the latest price on Amazon or other sellers.

This is especially true after the Covid 19 pandemic. Supply changes have been squeezed, so all models are not always available. Additionally, items have become more expensive. When I first published this article, many affordable nursery gliders were available for 200 dollars or less. This is not the case anymore.

Tips to Save Some Money When Buying Your Nursery Chair

1) When you have found a suitable item, it’s best to check the price from many reputable sellers. This guarantees that you don’t overpay.

2) If you’re not in a hurry, then choose your item and wait for sales like Black Friday.

3) You can buy (or get one free from a friend:) a second-hand nursery glider. That said, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Some cushions are tough to clean, and you can’t be sure that the used chair is sanitary. This may be a problem if you don’t know the previous owner. Some gliders have removable cushions though. This means that you may be able to dry-clean or replace them
  • It’s a good idea to ask where the chair was stored. If it stayed in a damp place, then there’s a danger of mold. As a result, your baby may get airway or skin reactions or develop a mold allergy

What to Take Into Account When Looking for a Affordable Nursery Chair?

1) Weight Limit and Weight

The weight limit of gliders is usually around 250lb.

Affordable nursery gliders tend to weigh only around 45lb- perfect for parents searching for a lightweight chair.

That said, if you want a more sturdy glider, then you’ll have to pay more.

2) Style of Your Affordable Nursery Glider

Luckily, even the cheapest nursery gliders offer a variety of designs and colors, so you can find a suitable chair for your nursery.

3) Your Comfort

A nursery glider should be comfortable, or you shouldn’t buy one. Luckily, a smaller price tag doesn’t mean that you have to settle with too little padding.

4) Materials and Durability of the Nursery Gliders at the Lower end of the Price Range

You will find that most gliders on the market are made of a combination of composites and softwood. More expensive gliders use better materials like hardwood. If you want to ensure that your nursery glider will last for many years, then it’s best to buy a more expensive product.

It’s a good idea to read what other parents have said about the product. Many cheap nursery gliders can make a lot of noise. You don’t need a chair that squeaks so loudly that it’ll wake your baby.

5) Do you Want a Recliner?

The sad truth is that you can’t find good cheap glider recliners under 250 dollars. If you want one, then you should generally be prepared to spend over 300 dollars. At the moment of writing, one of the options is Piper by Davinci (also sold on Amazon).

You may also want to check if the Angel Line Rebecca (reviewed in this article) has become available again as it used to be one of the best affordable recliners.

6) Cheap Rocking Chair for Nursery may be a Good Alternative

The purpose of nursery chairs is to provide you with a comfortable, preferably moving area for nursing and calming your baby. While gliders move back and forth on a frame, rocking chairs move on two curved bands. They tend to cost less than 200 dollars which makes them affordable alternatives.

While modern rocking chairs don’t have less padding, there are some cons: 

Glider vs Rocker:

  • If you’re looking for a recliner, then a traditional rocker isn’t an option
  • Rockers tend to make more noise than gliders
  • A conventional rockinc chair takes up more space than a glider because it doesn’t move on a stationary base

This all said, modern rockers often have wide seats. This means that if you’re looking for an affordable chair, then rocking chairs may be more comfortable.

To Sump Up: The Best Inexpensive Nursery Glider

If you’re looking for an affordable nursery glider, then you can expect to pay between 150 and 250 dollars for a quality-product. It’s worth checking the latest price of these chairs on Amazon though, because prices may rise or you may get a bargain!

The best affordable glider for DadProgress is Storcraft Premium Hoop Glider (Check the latest price on Amazon). It’s a beautiful lightweight baby chair with smooth movements ideal for a modern nursery.

If you want a good glider recliner, then one of the best options is Piper by Davinci (Check the latest price on Amazon) because the quality-price ratio is good. Or you may want to check out if the Rebecca by Angel Line has become available again.

If you wish to see other options, then take a look at my article on the best nursery gliders.

Thanks for reading!

Preparing for a baby costs money and you may not want to pour or your life savings into a nursery. Finding the best afffordable nursery glider rocker may not be easy though. I prepared a list of solid baby chairs (they are all small and most come with an ottoman) to give you some ideas. Click to read more.