Easter Basket for Men is an Awesome Surprise That’s Easy to Make!

Last Updated on February 5, 2022

Easter baskets have a long tradition. They are usually filled with food (including sweets and Easter eggs), drinks, and toys. As a result, preparing an Easter basket for men is simple, just keep on reading:)

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Different Styles of Easter Baskets

There are different routes, you could take to make an Easter Basket for men

  • You may want to make a more traditional Easter basket for men. Scroll down to see an example
  • One possibility is to go color-coded. Build a practical gift basket around typical colors of the Easter. You can see an example build around color yellow by scrolling down
  • You may want to surprise him with items that are related to his hobbies or stage of life. For example, the Easter basket could be themed around fishing or becoming a dad (click for ideas for new dads)
  • Lastly, there’s no reason why a man shouldn’t get the same Easter basket as all the kids in the house. I wouldn’t mind having a basket full of sweets and toys just for me:)

How to Make an Easter Basket?

1) Pick a theme and buy the items you want to include

2) Choose a vessel: Baskets, buckets, and different boxes are all trendy

3) Colorful shredded paper is the most popular choice when it comes to basket fillers. That said, unless you’re going to burn it (for warmth), it will end in a trash bin. I chose to use a yellow new towel as a base- one can use it for years

4) And…guess what… your awesome surprise is ready!

Traditional Easter Basket for Men

Traditional Easter Basket On a table

Different countries have different Easter traditions. That said, as it’s a happy holiday, food, drinks, and various games are usually involved.

Easter Eggs, Sweets and Other Food in an Easter Basket for Men

Chocolate eggs are the easiest option for gifts because you don’t have to worry about spoiling. That said, in many countries, it’s customary to include real colored chicken eggs, ham, and other food items.

Drinks in an Easter Basket for Men

Beer and wine have a long tradition when it comes to celebrating Easter. As it’s an old holiday, I suggest that you include drinks with „roots. “

Zinfandel (Primitivo) is a popular grape that has been used for over 500 years for winemaking. So buy a nice red wine made of this ancient variety.

Trappist beers are typically strong dark abbey beers that I would consider barley wines. Abbies in Belgium and the Netherlands have a tradition of over 150 years, but since 2013 you can also buy Trappist that’s been made in the US.

Items in a Traditional Easter Basket For Men on a table

Games in an Easter Basket for Men

Sports are part of Easter, and most are related to eggs. You can buy many Easter games from Amazon. That said, I included bright popsicle molds. I can use them for egg rolling (I’ve got a toddler in the house) and for making popsicles.


You could include tickets to a concert, buy a CD (like in my basket) or a vinyl. If you wish to give something related to Easter, then the St Matthew Passion by J.S.Bach is a good choice. He wrote it in 1727, and it’s one of the most important choral works. It’s traditionally presented on Good Fridays.

Don’t Forget a Card!

Easter cards have a long tradition:) Men can appreciate humor so pick something lighthearted

Yellow Easter Basket for Men

Tool (listed in the text) in a tool box on a yellow towel

My example basket is full of tools because most come in yellow, and it’s a practical gift. Just yesterday, my boy climbed on a drawer and broke it. Nothing a couple of screws and a power drill can’t fix though:)

In case you wish to make something similar, check out my list of essential items below:

1. Cordless Power Drill

2. Hammer

3. Hand saw

4. Screwdriver

5. Adjustable Wrench

6. Pliers

7. Tape Measure

8. Screw bit set

9. Sliding arm Clamp (I suggest buying two and the link should take you to a two-pack…best to double-check:)

10. Level (If you wish to make a small package then there are also shorter levels out there)

11. Try Square

Tools in a Yellow Easter Basket For Men on a table

To Sum up

Easter basket for men is easy to do, and it’s an excellent surprise. I talked about different themes and showed you two example baskets. Pick your style, enjoy the process, and have fun!

How to make an Easter basket for adult? It’s actually very simple- you could do a traditional one or go pick a color. Click to see my examples for DIY Easter baskets for men and women?

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