Top 9 Points for Importance of Fathers (Backed by Modern Science and Snow)

Last Updated on September 19, 2019

If you need a self-esteem boost (don’t worry, we’ve all been there) or wish to learn if and why dads are so important, take a look at this article. And all the listed reasons for the importance of fathers are backed by modern scienceūüė䬆

The Impact That Good Dads Have on Their Children and Why?

It takes more than conceiving a child and becoming obligated to care for him to be a good father.

For example, in GoT, Ned gave Jon Snow a wolf Ghost

Just kidding…you don’t have to buy a carnivorous mammal (or even a pony) for your kid. That said, Ned protected his children and taught them to be good and just…and that’s something to aim for.

1. Good Dads Don’t Forget the First Years as They can be Crucial

Small children need parents who are there for them because the early years have a significant impact on their future. 

Early years lay the foundation for achieving higher education levels and economic status. Having a caring dad figure is essential for a child’s well-being and success in life. 

Studies suggest that a dad’s love is crucial in early childhood psychological development.

2. Stimulating Home Environment is also Created by Dads

Plentiful mental stimulation in the early years helps the brain to develop better. Fathers tend to interact with children through physical play. Mothers, on the other hand, generally concentrate on caretaking. So fathers interact differently with children, which is beneficial for kids.

When a dad makes his children a priority, he can see the difference. Children with attentive dads typically do better in school and are more emotionally stable.

3. Dads Help to Create a Safe Home Environment

Developing brain needs safety. A good dad is responsible for protecting his children from harm and nurturing them. When the child is in chaotic and threatening situations, his brain is in stress mode. In other words, the brain has different priorities than developing cognitive and emotional skills.

Dads also need to protect their children from physical harm.

You may not be as skilled as Ned Stark when it comes to fending off bad guys, but their things you can do:

4. Dads are Role Model for Their Kids, so all the Actions Have Consequences

Children may not listen to us, but they will always imitate us. The lessons children learn in their childhood are carried with them throughout adulthood. Thus, a dad needs to be a positive role model in their lives.

Dad playing with his daughter outside

5. Dads Teach Kids About Relationships With Ourselves and Others

A stable male figure provides children with a different outlook than their mother.

Dads show children how to take risks and handle social experiences. They teach children the difference between right and wrong. Children get another perspective on dealing with life’s challenges.

“The man who passes sentence should swing the sword” (on responsibility)

Ned Stark- “Father” of Jon Snow in “Game Of Thrones”

6. A case for Teenage Fathers Staying Around

Teenage birth rates are a public health concern. The role of youthful fathers has not gained much attention though. A teenage dad is still in his adolescent years when he has a child. 

In 2011 Stefanie Mollborn and Peter J. Lovegrove published a study where they focused on the role of youthful dads. Their research has some limitations, but they can make some conclusions.

They found out that:

Having a teenage dad isn’t in itself bad.


There aren’t significant differences in child-dad relationships between teen fathers and adult fathers.


Children of teenage fathers had lower cognitive and behavior scores at age two than the children of adult dads. They thought that it’s explained by two factors:

1) Teenage fathers married less often

2) The households of teenage fathers usually have a low socioeconomic status

Importance of Fathers Proved by What Happens if They Aren’t Around

Some scientists have not concentrated on the benefits of having a father and instead studied if his absence really affects kids.

7. The Absence of Dads is Also Harmful to Girls

An exciting study by Bruce J. Ellis et al. was published in 2003. They found that for daughters, the absence of fathers is in itself a risk factor for sexual activity and adolescent pregnancy. 

8. Relationships may Suffer

Without the male presence in the home, children can have difficulty forming healthy relationships. As the social-emotional development is altered, fathers’ absence probably affects the partnerships children build in adulthood. 

That said, there’s no conclusive evidence that father’s absence affects marriage rates.

9. Missing a dad may Cause Emotional Immaturity

I asked a friend how she thinks the absence of fathers affects children.

It’s an assumption, of course. But scientific papers have shown that the absence of fathers affects mental health.

So there may be something there:)

“Men who do not receive fatherly love as children tend to be insecure. They are easily influenced by men outside of the home and do not know what their role is in a relationship. When a child grows up with a good dad figure, he learns confidence and knows how to express his feelings”.

To Sum Up

Thanks for reading, and if you’re not convinced by modern science, you can always read three different father stories. Three people from around the world have told three stories to convey the importance of fathers.

It’s important for every daughter and son to have a father. Click to read why every baby needs a dad (you can also learn about father’s day, father types and much more).