Father’s Day Gift Guide With 10 Super Ideas For 2022

Last Updated on May 29, 2020

Modern Father’s Day is little over a hundred years old although it was made an official holiday only in 1972. Not all countries celebrate the day in a similar fashion, but in most places, fathers can expect a present. That said, although it’s always nice to get a gift, I think most dads enjoy the simple idea behind it- that fatherhood is worth celebrating.

Over 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

If you wish to buy a special father’s day present, then it’s best to think about his hobbies. You can’t exactly give him a “Best Dad” mug every year (unless he’s an avid collector of cups 🙂

1. Father’s Day Gifts for Dads who Love Games

If your dad likes to play video games, then Portal 2 (check the latest price on Amazon) is an excellent option because it’s a single player and you have to solve puzzles. Although Portal 2 is an old game, it’s worth buying if your dad still owns the Playstation 3 or XBOX 360.

That said, thanks to Netflix releasing The Witcher in 2019, Gerard of Rivia has become extremely popular. The game was released in 2016, and it won many awards. I spent many days playing it on my PC, but you can order The Witcher 3 for PS4 from Amazon.

If you and your dad like to play board games, then one of the best options is the 7 Wonders (also sold on Amazon). You can play it with up to seven people, there are many ways to win, and sessions usually last less than an hour.

It’s a great Father’s Day gift because they keep adding expansions, so the game continually changes. If your dad already owns the game, consider the Armada Expansion (also sold on Amazon) to add another layer to it.

2. Father’s Day Gifts for Traveling Dads

For frequent flyers, I have a perfect gift idea- wireless headphones. They cost quite a lot, but they make traveling so much better, and you can always borrow them from you him. At the moment there are two great options on Amazon: Bose QuietComfort Wireless Headphones and Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones. I have tested them both, and the performance is equally good. So the final choice depends on your personal preference and price.

Audible offers a wide selection of audio books. If your dad has to drive around a lot, then a years subscription is a perfect gift. One book per month is included in the subscription plan, but he has an option to buy more. If your dad doesn’t like the service, then he can cancel the plan and is still left with all the audiobooks he has already paid for. Audible is also great for runners.

3. Father’s Day Gift for a dad who Loves Books

For fathers, who like to read a lot, the Kindle Paperwhite (check the latest price on Amazon) is a perfect option. I used to buy regular books, but they take up so much, and then I discovered Kindle. It’s lightweight ( 6.4oz/182g) and holds up to 32 GB of data. The new model is waterproof, so it’s perfect for relaxing on the beach or by the pool.

4. Father’s Day Present for dads who Love Whiskey

If your dad happens to love whiskey and he doesn’t yet own nice glasses, then you can stop searching. Beautiful whiskey glasses are an ideal present for any man. Tumblers are a perfect choice for drinking bourbon. Check out the crystal glasses by Venero (also sold on Amazon) that have a modern twist. Many connoisseurs prefer tulip-shaped glasses which direct aromas to nose and so help to savor all the nuances. A crystal glass set of four by Glencairn (also sold on Amazon) is an excellent choice.

5. Father’s Day Gift for Dads who Love Workouts

Dads who wish to improve their health would surely enjoy the P90X training program (also sold on Amazon). It’s a three-month-fitness program that people can mostly do at home. Although I’ve found it to be excellent, it’s not for total beginners as you have to train six to seven days per week. It may be disheartening for dads if they don’t have the stamina to follow through. Luckily there are similar beginner programs available too. Another point to make is that training sessions take up a lot of time. Your dad’s also recommended to follow the eating suggestions. If your dad’s a busy man, then it may not be the best option as the longest training sessions will last up to 1.5 hours.

That said, the course may not always be available from Amazon, but Tony Horton has also released P90X3. Here the training sessions last only 30 minutes. I’m assuming that it’s not going to be easy 30 minutes:)

6. Father’s Day Present for Dads Who Like to Build

LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V Rocket (also sold on Amazon) is a perfect gift for most dads and if he doesn’t like it…well you can build it yourself. You can create the first rocket the landed people on the Moon.

Giving a man a toolset for a birthday is like giving a woman a vacuum cleaner for Christmas. That said, if a man gets a toolset as a Father’s day present, it’s an entirely different matter. This gift shows that his children trust in his abilities. They know that he can use the tools and that he’s always there to fix things. Check out this helpful general toolset by CARTMAN (also sold on Amazon).

7. Father’s Day Gift for Dads who Like to Spend Time in Nature

For dads who like to spend time in nature, there are many excellent gift ideas out there. For starters, you could buy him the Bushcraft 101 by Dave Cantenbury (also sold on Amazon) to read.

8. Father’s Day Gift for Dads who go Fishing

It’s hard to buy fishing gear if you don’t know what your dad already has and what he needs. That said, a box of fishing baits is usually a good choice. These contain a lot of stuff so he can spend hours thinking of different ways to use them. InnoFun sells its boxes on Amazon, but that’s just one example.

9. Father’s Day Present for a Dad who Collects Stamps or Builds Models

A magnifying lamp is an excellent present for dads who have to deal with small objects. It’s hard to see tiny details without it in dim lighting. Brightech (also sold on Amazon) has made a superb lamp that is loved by thousands of men.

10. Father’s Day Gift for Safety

Your dad took care of you when you were little. Now’s your turn. If he already hasn’t got one, buy him a smoke detector to make his place safer. Additionally, it can be a fun gift for a smoking dad 🙂 First Alert detector (also sold on Amazon) comes with a monoxide detector as well.

Non-Material Ideas for Father’s Day

If you prefer not to buy a present, then there are other great ways to enjoy that special day:

  • You could make the gift yourself- find some DIY gift ideas by clicking here
  • There’s always an option to gather the family together, and you could volunteer to cook. If you’re terrible at cooking, there’s always an option to book a table at a restaurant. Or if you don’t have much time you can order a takeaway and only prepare the dessert (ice cream will also do)
  • On a sunny day, you could even arrange a picnic for the whole family

Thanks for Reading

If you wish to buy a Father’s day present for your dad then hopefully this guide has given you some good ideas.

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