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A modern father is expected to help out with a baby. That doesn’t mean you have to learn to breastfeed. There are other ways you can help your partner. For example, you could (and very likely will) pull an all-nighter with your baby. You can repair his stroller and be ready for small emergencies. The new dad survival kit should hold items that will make your tasks easier. Keep reading to find out the ten things on my list and why I've picked them! 

I'm a new father and this new dad survival kit picture lists the items that I found helpful. Click to read why I picked these items.

Exercise ball

If your baby has trouble sleeping, then you have my sympathy. First months were quite hard for us, and this thing helped a lot.

Every father can take his baby and gently bounce on a stability ball. It's an excellent way to soothing your infant. Consider an exercise ball by Dynapro (click for latest price on Amazon).

TIP: One of the reasons for infants to cry is gas which means that you have to burp your little one. There are many ways to do that, but I found the exercise ball to be the easiest. There’s nothing special you have to do. Keep your baby close to your chest, support his rear with one hand, her head with other and gently bounce.

You can always use it for actually working out. Is your baby crying all night? Give your partner some time to sleep! 

Do ten push-ups and crunches every 30 minutes. Next time try to do eleven every 30 minutes and so on.

This routine helps you to stay awake. You may not get much sleep, but at least you’ll get killer abs.

Stroller maintenance kit

Air filled tires provide a smoother ride. If your stroller has them, then a pump is a necessity in your new dad survival kit. Stroller tires deflate quite quickly. 

Consider a Vibrelli Performance Floor Pump. It comes with a puncture repair kit.

Sooner or later your stroller starts to creak and then you'll need lubricant. WD-40 multi-use product works great (click for the latest price on Amazon).

You also may want to consider a puncture repair kit. I was quite happy that I had one after discovering a nail in one of the tires.

Emergency kit

There are three things to keep at home- a first aid kit, a thermometer, and a nasal aspirator.

Best Baby First Aid Kit

I discovered that first aid kits don’t hold a nasal aspirator nor a thermometer. You have to buy them separately. A nasal aspirator by FridaBaby is very popular and you can check the latest price on Amazon by clicking this link.

It’s better to have a first aid kit and never have to use it than finding yourself without one when in need.​ A baby first aid kit by PreparaKit is a very good choice. By clicking this link you can see the latest price on Amazon.


Paracetamol is the only medication you should always have at home for your baby. It’s an excellent pain reliever and a fever reducer for children.

Make sure the dosing is appropriate with your child's weight.


Paracetamol appropriate dose is 10-15 mg/kg/dose


The last thing you’d want to do is wake up your baby. Will you need decent headphones? Well, that depends on three things. How big is your home (how likely is your baby to hear you)? How sensitive is she? How loudly you want to binge-watch your favorite TV series? My answers were: “Not big enough! Very! Loudly!”

Sony MDR7506 (check the latest price on Amazon) doesn’t have a fancy look, but the sound is superb, it has a long sturdy cord, and it’s durable.


After becoming a dad, you'll discover that you have much less time for yourself. Spending time with your baby is essential for bonding and his development. Spending time at home is vital for your relationship. That said you’ll have to get stuff done.

Yes, you can do basically everything with a mobile phone. If you have a lot of reading to do, then a bigger screen saves you time though.

Does your baby sleep in a stroller? Great! Take a tablet with you, sit in a local coffee house and binge-watch your favorite TV series. You may also get some actual work done.

There are many different types and brands out there. My personal choice is Apple iPad (click for the latest price on Amazon).


Because you need a place to put all the items mentioned here 🙂

If you go out with your baby, then better be prepared for a diaper change.


Be prepared for a diaper change: Changing pad, 1-2 diapers, cleaning wipes and another bodysuit just in case.

Most strollers have a bag, but a backpack is just cooler. Maybe something by ​Fossil (click for the latest price on Amazon)?

Another option is to buy a separate backpack that includes all the essentials for diaper-change. Check out what HighSpeedDaddy (sold on Amazon) has to offer to boost your new dad survival kit. The bag has an integrated wipe holder and a diaper mat. There’s also enough room for diapers, toys and extra set of clothes. This backpack is guaranteed to make you look...well prepared.

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