What to put in a new dad Survival kit?

Becoming a dad is one of the most important events in a man's life, so show him your support and surprise him with a perfect new dad survival kit. You can make a funny present or take a practical route; the choice is yours. Keep on reading to learn the most popular items in new dad survival kits and see examples for inspiration.

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How to Make a New dad Survival kit?

1. Print this FREE PRINTABLE to get a shopping list and save some time thanks to predesigned labels.

New dad survival kit printable

2. Choose a suitable vessel. Baskets, buckets, and different boxes are all trendy. Baby bathtubs are ideal if you're planning to take a more practical route or just need a larger vessel.

New dad survival kit vessels- wooden box, bucket, basket and baby bathtub

3. Choose and buy your items from the provided shopping list.

4. Cut out your labels. The free printable also includes empty tags in case you're no happy with our prewritten ones.

5. Attach your labels to items using twine or clothespins.

6. And...guess what... you're ready to surprise the lucky new dad!

Funny new dad Survival kit 

Funny New Dad Survival Kit

There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating a funny new daddy survival kit. A little laugh and friendly banter will help to remind the new father that he's important too, despite all relatives circulating the baby and mother.


  • Coffee and Coffee mug
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Clothespins
  • Air Freshener
  • Condoms
  • Bottle of Whiskey
  • Earplugs
  • Funny T-shirt

Practical new dad Survival kit 

Practical New Dad Survival Kit Items
Practical New Dad Survival Kit

A modern father is expected to help out with a baby. That doesn't mean he has to learn to breastfeed. There are other ways he can help his partner. For example, he could (and very likely will) pull an all-nighter with the baby. He can repair the stroller and be ready for small emergencies. A practical new parents survival kit should hold items that will make these tasks easier. 


  • Coffee and Coffee mug
  • Oil
  • Pump
  • Band-Aids
  • Ibuprofen
  • Exercise Ball
  • Earplugs
  • Precooked Meal
  • Pacifier

Comprehensive new dad Survival kit

Ultimate New Dad Survival Kit

You need a big vessel if you wish to include all the items that I've listed below.

Popular Items in Funny and Practical new dad Survival Kits

Take a look at our list of items and enjoy our prewritten labels. They are all included in the DadProgress Free Printable!

Blue boxes provide additional information for some things because they may not be such obvious choices at first.

DadProgress is a reader-sponsored website, so all the product-links are paid links and take you to Amazon for the latest price (without any extra cost to you)

1. Coffee and Coffee mug

"Say goodnight to your beauty sleep, because it’s not coming back any time soon. That’s OK though, you’re handsome enough to get you by for the next couple of years of no sleep"

New Dad Survival Kit Coffee & Coffee Mug

2. Snacks

"It’ll be a few years before you can parade your kid around on Halloween only to loot their candy later, for now, this will keep your sweet tooth smiling"

New dad survival kit snacks- almonds

3. Precooked Meal

"Who has time to cook? Certainly not you. Ever. Get used to it"

New dad survival kit precooked meal

4. Hand Sanitizer

"Think you’ll have even a nano-second to run to the bathroom and wash your hands after changing a diaper? Not going to happen. Make it quicker with hand sanitizer"

New dad survival kit hand sanitizer

5. Air Freshener

"Does it smell like something exploded in here?” Yes it does. Your baby’s bum"

New dad survival kit air freshener

6. Rubber Gloves

"Changing a diaper can be like investigating a crime scene. Try your best to get in and out unscathed"

New dad survival kit rubber gloves

7. Baby Wipes

"Leave your baby’s bottom slicker and cleaner than an ice rink in December"

New dad survival kit baby wipes

Another option is to buy a separate backpack that includes all the essentials for diaper-change. Check out what HighSpeedDaddy has to offer to boost your new dad survival kit. The bag has an integrated wipe holder and a diaper mat. There's also enough room for diapers, toys, and an extra set of clothes. This backpack is guaranteed to make him look...well prepared.

8. Clothespins

"The more help you can enlist when changing diapers, the better. This little army of clothespins will be the closest thing to a best friend you’ll see for quite some time"

New dad survival kit clothespins

9. Exercise Ball

"Nothing better than helping your baby burp up those little air bubbles and  get your daily squats in...because your gym time is going to be on hiatus for the foreseeable future"

New dad survival kit exercise ball

If your baby has trouble sleeping, then you have my sympathy. The first months were quite hard for us, and this thing helped a lot. Every father can take his baby and gently bounce on a stability ball. It's an excellent way to soothing your infant. URBNFit is a popular brand!

TIP: One of the reasons for infants to cry is gas, which means that you have to burp your little one. There are many ways to do that, but I found the exercise ball to be the easiest. There's nothing special you have to do. Keep your baby close to your chest, support his rear with one hand, her head with other, and gently bounce.

You can always use it for actually working out. Is your baby crying all night? Give your partner some time to sleep!

Do ten push-ups and crunches every 30 minutes. Next time try to do eleven every 30 minutes and so on.

This routine helps you to stay awake. You may not get much sleep, but at least you'll get killer abs.

10. Oil

"Why does this stroller sound like a haunted house?” Nobody wants to hear the eek and creek of stroller wheels. This oil will make it sound a lot less scary, when you need it"

New dad survival kit oil

11. Pump and Puncture Repair kit

"The last thing you need on your daily stroll is a flat tire - because there are no breakdown lanes for strollers. Make a quick fix and patch and get back to rolling your baby around like they’re royalty"

New dad survival kit pump

A stroller maintenance kit is a useful thing to have! Air-filled tires provide the smoothest ride, but models with inner tubes deflate quite quickly. So if your stroller has them, then a pump is a necessity in the new dad survival kit. 

Additionally, you may also want to consider a puncture repair kit. I was quite happy about having it after discovering a nail in one of the tires.

Consider a Vibrelli Performance Floor Pump that comes with a puncture repair kit.

Sooner or later, your stroller starts to creak, and then you'll need lubricant.

12. Cozy Socks

"Welcome to the life of not leaving your house for several weeks at a time. May as well make the most of it and keep those hairy little toes of yours warm"

New dad survival kit cozy socks

13. Whiskey

"Let's be honest, you will need this..."

New dad survival kit whiskey- Jim Beam

14. Condoms

"You can barely handle one baby, you think you’re ready for two?"

New dad survival kit condoms

15. Ibuprofen

"Imagine that everything that bothered you caused you to scream as loud as humanly possible for an indeterminate amount of time. That’s your baby. You’re going to need lots of ibuprofen"

New dad survival kit ibuprofen

Ibuprofen is an excellent pain-reliever for adults. That said, you should also buy paracetamol (acetaminophen) for children. It's an excellent pain-reliever and a fever reducer for kids. Make sure the dosing is appropriate with your child's weight: Paracetamol appropriate dose is 10-15 mg/kg/dose.

16. Band-Aids or an Emergency kit (First aid kit, Nasal Aspirator, and Thermometer)

"Somehow your baby will find a way to get a paper cut, and they’re not even doing your paperwork (yet). For all the little nicks and scrapes, these are a lifesaver"

New dad survival kit first aid kit

Buying an "emergency kit "for your new dad survival kit is a practical choice.

It's better to have a first aid kit and never have to use it than finding yourself without one when in need.​ A baby first aid kit by PreparaKit is an excellent choice.

I've discovered that first aid kits don't hold a nasal aspirator nor a thermometer. This means that you have to buy them separately. A nasal aspirator by FridaBaby is a popular choice.

17. Earplugs or Headphones

"The only peace and quiet you’re going to get is either by moving into a cave in the Himalayas, or wearing these on a regular basis, the choice is your. You should note the weather in the Himalayas isn’t great"

New dad survival kit earplugs

Earplugs are for a dad to get some sleep, but headphones may be a better choice. The last thing parents want is to wake up their baby.

Will you need decent headphones? Well, that depends on three things. How big is your home (how likely is your baby to hear you)? How sensitive is he or she? How loudly you want to binge-watch your favorite TV series?

My answers were: "Not big enough! Very! Loudly!" So I ended up buying wireless noise-canceling headphones by Bose.

18. Pacifier

"Your new little buddy wants something to calm down. You can’t share your whiskey. What do you do? Pacifier to the rescue!"

New dad survival kit pacifier

19. Toy Rattle

"Shake-a Shake-a Shake-a. Repeat process. For hours"

New dad survival kit toy rattle

20. Funny T-shirt

"Instill the wonderful sense of humor you’ll need to have to raise a child with a t-shirt that let’s the world know “Comedian in Training"

New dad survival kit t shirt

21. Soft Baby Book

"You’re going to be reading a lot, and not a single piece of reading material has a centerfold. Get used to it"

New dad survival kit soft book

Soft baby books are for a dad to spend some quality time with the little one. A tablet will help to incorporate some "me-time "into the daily schedule as well.

After becoming dads, men will discover that they have much less time for themselves. Spending time with the baby is essential for bonding and his development. Spending time at home is vital for your relationship. That said, he'll have to get stuff done.

Yes, a father can do almost everything with a mobile phone. If he has a lot of reading to do, then a bigger screen saves him time though.

Does your baby sleep in a stroller? Great! The new dad can take a tablet with him, sit in a local coffee house, and binge-watch his favorite TV series. He may also get some actual work done.

There are many different types and brands out there. My personal choice is the Apple iPad.

22. Disposable Plates

"Wait until you see the extinction level event mess your little one can make during meal time. These disposable plates will make it a little more bearable"

New dad survival kit disposable plates

You can buy biodegradable disposable plates (like the ones in the picture) and tableware.

23. Bib

"Imagine how hard it is to eat that fast food at 2am after a few hundred beers. That’s how your poor baby feels every meal. The bib will help"

New dad survival kit bib

That's it!

Hopefully, this post will help you to make a perfect new dad survival kit! This FREE PRINTABLE will get you started!

Surprise the daddy to be with a DIY new dad survival kit! Click to see a list of most popular items and many examples so you can start building your own! As a bonus, the free printable will save you many hours

Last Updated on May 11, 2020

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