List of Organized Activities For Toddlers To Improve Your Day

Last Updated on October 25, 2019

Taking care of a toddler involves many daily routines that -let’s be honest here- are usually boring and not very fulfilling. Additionally, if you are a stay-at-home dad or mom, then you may not see other adults beside your partner for days.

One great way to break the routine is to check what organized activities for toddlers your city offers. You’ll pump into other grownups and kids always benefit from a more stimulating environment.

I find these activities especially crucial during autumn and winter. The weather is usually drizzly, so I don’t want to spend time outside but need something to raise the spirits.

1. Concerts For Babies And Toddlers

It may surprise you, but many concert halls offer a range of events for children.

I visited a show for toddlers with my two-year-old. They had an adorable big blanket with different fairy tale characters on the floor. The four musicians had prepared a friendly 45-minute program that included many world-classics. All pieces were short and with a nice tempo to make them palatable for little kids.

All that said, my boy listened to the first piece with a very suspicious face, and after that, he started crying. And he continued crying until I managed to get him out of the small room.

So yes…concerts aren’t for everybody, but all the other children seemed to enjoy the experience. I have a plan to revisit this event in the future, but at the moment, I’ve accepted that he’s not a violin-person.

In the picture, you can see my boy studying the floor of a corridor. All the others are listening to the music inside.

Toddler On The Floor

2. Museum Visits For Babies And Toddlers

Many museums in different countries arrange special events for young children.

I find it a great way to get out of the house and insert some culture into my day. Yes, visiting an exhibition with a toddler doesn’t leave time to admire all the works. That said, I usually stroll around, try to get a glimpse of everything, and read the brochure later when my little one is sleeping.

For example, KUMU in Estonia has created programs that take place twice a month and last about an hour. The first half is selected to visit an exhibition. Usually, a couple of stimulating works are chosen for a more thorough inspection. The second half is for creating “art” with your toddler and other parents. All in all, it’s quite an interactive experience.

Art Of A Toddler

I find museum programs to be a good fit for my active toddler. He can walk around and interact with other kids. I, on the other hand, have a chance to experience the latest art-shows.

3. Theatre For Babies And Toddlers

Traditional theatre is usually hard to follow for babies and toddlers.

That said, I found a playhouse that specializes in puppet shows. And this theatre also offers programs for little kids. The plays are about 30 minutes long, and even young toddlers can follow the story. My boy doesn’t much pay attention, of course, but at least he gets to experience theatre from a very early age.

4. Gym For Babies And Toddlers

Most gyms today offer training programs for parents. Take little time to familiarize yourself with different options. Is the goal to provide stimulation for your kid or get yourself into shape? Gyms are a great way to break a routine and meet other adults.

That said, if you wish to get into shape, then gyms are not a necessity. As I’ve explained in my fitness guide for parents, you can do the basic circuit training at home with your toddler. You’ll save time and money. It’s also easier to deal with melt-downs and accidents.

Toddler On a Gym Mat With Dumbbells

On the other hand, if the goal is to provide stimulation for your kid, then make sure that your kid is in the recommended age-range and just go. One training session per week is enough for toddlers.

I visited a gymnastics course when my boy was six months old. He didn’t seem to enjoy it, so I didn’t go again. Additionally, as the program involved throwing your baby to another parent, it made me feel uncomfortable. Not in this world can I trust a total stranger to catch my child safely.

5. Swimming Lessons For Babies And Toddlers

Swimming lessons are a great way to spend little time with your kid. Water is relaxing and helps your kid to develop motor skills. Additionally, infants have a “diving reflex,” so they’ll hold their breath when submerged in water. If you start swimming-lessons from an early age (younger than six months), then this skill will persist.

Younger children will need swim diapers, but otherwise, there’s nothing special to take into account.

We visited the local pool a couple of times last spring, and our boy really liked it.

6. Music Lessons For Babies And Toddlers

Some schools offer music lessons for very young children. Don’t expect to raise a new Mozart this way, but your little one gets to experience different musical instruments. Studies show that music has beneficial effects when it comes to development.

We attended a course where a teacher played different musical pieces to kids and introduced related musical instrument. As it was a very interactive experience, even our toddler enjoyed it.

7. Art Lessons For Babies And Toddlers

You can find art classes for babies and toddlers, but in my experience, they are usually more fun for older toddlers and parents. All children are different, of course, and it also depends on the medium. That said, at the moment, I have trouble getting my two-year-old to draw even three lines on a paper. So an art class would be an overkill.

8. Dance Lessons For Toddlers

If you’ve got a dance school in your city, then check out their program. Many offer special courses for little children. This may mean a dance-inspired training session or dancing and interacting with others.

To Sum Up

I hope my small list of organised activities for toddlers and babies gives you some inspiration if you’re bored out of your mind by the daily routines.

If you’re tired of coming up with easy and fun activities for toddlers that are also educational, then click to read my post to get inspired by organized activities for babies and toddlers (most are indoor though).