List of Top 15 Items to Make Choosing a Push Present for Dads Easy-Breezy

Last Updated on March 1, 2021

In the last couple of years, push presents have become extremely trendy. When I wrote an article about hospital bags for dads two years ago, I wondered aloud if a push present is even necessary. Now my wife got one after the birth of our second child. It’s a beautiful gesture, and if the gift manages to bring a smile to your partner’s face, then your job is done. But the trend doesn’t stop there! Friends and family may also want to give a push present for dads. For you out there, I wrote this article, which includes my favorite suggestions.

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1. Encouraging Love Letter or a Notebook (Example by Bedsure Store)

Write down all the reasons why he’s going to be an excellent dad and make the letter extra beautiful. You can even frame it. If a group of friends or family are making this unique gift, let everybody come up with at least one idea. Another great idea is to write it from the point of view of a surprising character like the newborn baby or a family pet.

You could also encourage him to keep a journal about fatherhood. Feel free to design the first page in an aforementioned way and leave the rest of the story for him to write. If you decide to go with a notebook, then a manly leather-bound design be your best bet.

2. Baby Photo Album (Example by Pearhead)

Baby photo albums are great gifts for dads who love to capture the ordinary and extraordinary moments of their children’s lives. The Pearhead “Hello Baby” album holds up to 200, 3 x 4″ photos at a time. Its acid-free pages measure 9″ x 8.6″ x2″. Dads who love to create funny and unique captions might love this photo album because it leaves space to write notes or memories next to each picture. There are special sections for each baby’s birthday but not for monthly milestones, which might be disappointing. Neutral colors and a “Hello Baby” script come in handy, especially if you’re looking for a nursery gift for a dad who isn’t a big fan of pink or blue.

3. T-shirt With a Very First Footprint (Example T-shirt by Jerzees Store)

A novelty T-shirt with a matching onesie is always a good choice as there are endless possibilities out there. This allows you to take his personality and hobbies into account. But an extra sweet gift is a T-shirt with his little buddy’s very first footprint. Buy a blank T-shirt and (politely) ask a nurse in a hospital to stamp an imprint of the baby’s foot on the pocket. Just make sure you buy skin-friendly colors. Sure, the footprint will probably fade after the washing, but it will make a beautiful push present for new dads.

4. Engraved Watch (Example by Casio G-Shock)

Engrave the back of the watch with the birth date and time of dad’s new baby. This will make an excellent sentimental gift. Every time he checks the time, he’ll think about welcoming his new bundle of joy into the world.

Casio G-Shock watches are heavy-duty and designed to handle anything dads throw at them. They are shock-resistant and water-resistant up to 200 meters. The G-Shock G310 (pictured on the Amazon link) also features an LED backlight for easy reading in all lighting conditions. It can display the time for up to four different cities and has a full auto-calendar. Dad can also set up to five alarms to help him stay on top of all of his dad and work duties.

5. Send the Dad out to Celebrate With his Friends

A night out with friends is an excellent push present for new dads. This doesn’t have to happen right after birth because he’ll probably want to spend some time with his new bundle of joy. But after a week or two, most men start missing their friends and will really appreciate a present like that. You could design him a “free pass “card that he could use after, say, two weeks on the day of his choice. And many brewhouses also offer gift-cards. The sky is the limit when it comes to designing these.

6. Digital Picture Frame (Example by Dragon Touch)

A digital picture frame is another excellent push present idea for dads. Father can set it up on his desk at work, next to his side of the bed, or anywhere else he wants to be able to view special family photos and memories.

The Dragon Touch frame is generously sized with a 10.1-inch touchscreen. Compared with other digital picture frames that offer poor image resolution, this model offers 1280 x 800 along with a 16:10 aspect ratio. It also comes equipped with an auto-rotate setting and sleep mode. The Dragon Touch picture frame connects to the cloud over Wi-Fi, so keeping it up to date with current pictures is a breeze. This excellent push present for a new dad can store more than 40,000 photos with a built-in 16 GB memory.

7. Timely Bottle of Alcohol (Example Box by MyGift Store)

Although simple, alcohol bottled in the year of his children’s birth can be a touching gift. It’s a pleasant memory that gets better as it ages, and it can even be a meaningful gift to share with the child on their 21st birthday after a couple of decades of fatherhood. Strong alcohol (like whiskey, cognac, or even tequila) is easier to store for a long time than wine, for example. So unless the lucky man owns a wine cellar, I’d recommend buying a bottle of the strong stuff. Many premium versions come in a nice wooden box, but you can also buy it from the internet. This allows you to add an engraved metallic plate or hide a touching letter into it. As a result it surely is one of the best push presents for a new dad.

8. Illustrated Storybook (Example is Clifford’s Day With Dad by Normal Bridwell)

An illustrated book is a perfect push present for new dads who love storytime. “Clifford’s Day With Dad” is a delightful story that lets dads and kids connect with their favorite big, red dog over and over again through the pages of a book! This story is a great conversation starter because it shows how dads can help their children and kids can help their dads. However, it’s a paperback placing it at risk for bending or crinkling if ordering by mail.

9. Streaming Service Subscription (Example by Amazon Prime)

One of the best parts of fatherhood is the quality time with the children. A subscription to a popular streaming service can easily provide this so it’s one of the best gift ideas. While some movies and shows are more mature for after the kids go to bed, some shows are very kid-friendly, including The Happiest Baby on the Block. It’s a lot more efficient to stream them than buy them as you can save money and space. A streaming service subscription is a gift that keeps giving, and one that the father won’t forget any time soon.

10. Scrapbook Recording the Last Nine Months (Example by Recutms)

If you’re looking for unique push present ideas for dads, then a scrapbook might be a way to go. You could design beautiful pages or sections for each of the last nine months. And don’t forget that you don’t have to go with an album. First shoe boxes and motherhood packages are a popular way to go. Draw in many personal details (pregnancy pictures for every month are a good example), but don’t be afraid to add more general items as well. I know a mom who included a couple of the most positive news stories for each month and also a newspaper of the day the little bundle of joy was born.

11. New Camera (Example by Canon EOS Rebel T7)

A new camera is the perfect push present for dads because it allows them to document their children’s growth. There’s nothing like looking back on old pictures with the family years or decades after the fact. Additionally, he may discover a new hobby for himself. For example, I enjoy hiking, but after getting a DSLR camera, many of my hikes have actually turned into photoshoots of nature. 

The Canon EOS Rebel T7 can be the best push present for new fathers. It is a semi-professional camera that provides many advantages, including built-in Wi-Fi, a 9-point autofocus system, and a decent ISO range of 100-6400. Many people prefer to shoot videos with DSLR cameras as they allow a cheap way to shoot “cinematic “shallow focus shots. The EOS Rebel T7 offers good video quality. As a bonus, an 18-55 mm lens is included. This means you can do a nice baby photoshoot without buying extra items (although a good tripod and a macro lens will enhance your game).

12. Jewelry (Bracelet Example by Soulsis)

Many will argue that a wrist-watch and a wedding ring are the only two pieces of jewelry a man should wear. But there are actually other terrific options out there. A ring with the birth date of a child engraved into it is an excellent gift idea. That said, these aren’t for everybody, and you’d need to know the proper size. Customizable bracelets (like the one on the picture) offer another possibility to make a meaningful gift. And don’t forget that there’s always a possibility to buy cufflinks. Although I don’t remember the last time I had a chance to wear a suitable dress shirt.

13. #1 Coffee Mug (Example by 3dRose)

Let’s face it. He’ll probably get many novelty coffee mugs over the years to come, so why not start right away? Something with a number 1 will make an excellent dad gift. And it’s always a good idea to have a couple of extra mugs lying around when young children are playing around the house. Things happen to break;)

14. Audible Service Subscription

Books are excellent push presents for dads, but there’s this thing…men don’t have that much free time after that special day. I bought four parenting books after our boy’s birth, and over three years later, one of them is still unread. But I’ve managed to go through a plethora of works (not all about parenting), thanks to Audible. Fathers can listen to books while walking around with their babies, driving a car, or working out. You could design a beautiful letter introducing your gift and recommend “Brain Rules for Baby “by John Medina for the first listening. And don’t forget dads can access all the books even after canceling the subscription.

15. Baby Carrier (Example by Ergobaby Omni 360)

Baby carriers are a good choice if you’re looking for a practical push present ideas for dads. Dad and his new baby can enjoy some quality bonding time with the Ergobaby Omni 360 Carrier. This innovative carrier is designed to be used with newborn babies through toddlers. There are four different carrying positions it can accommodate: a front carrying position for newborns, a front carrying/facing out position for babies older than five months, a hip carrying position for babies older than six months, and a back carrying position for babies older than six months.

If the family heads out to do something together, the dad can stay comfortable wearing the baby during long walks thanks to the waist belt that offers padded lumbar support. The carrier also has padded shoulder straps and can be worn as a backpack or with crossed straps, depending on preference.

While many of the ideas here are ideal for giving at the hospital after the new baby’s birth, a baby carrier is perfect for a baby shower to make future new parents happy.

To Sum Up

I hope this list of push presents for dads will make your life easier when trying to think of a perfect gift for the lucky dad. A new bundle of joy is, of course, the best present of all, and new dads are definitely not waiting for another gift, but that makes the surprise even better. I know many people argue against the term “push present” as the man didn’t do any pushing. But call it what you will, it’s a nice gesture to give something sentimental, funny or practical after the birth of a child.

P.S And don’t forget that women make the actual pushing, so you may also want to give something for the new mother🙂

Thanks for reading!