Best Tactical Baby Gear And Military Style Baby Items For Dads

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One of my all-time favorite commercials is a 90’s Camel Boots commercial „For Men Who Walk Their Own Path." This rugged dude is driving an off-road vehicle through the jungle, but suddenly it starts to rain. In minutes he builds himself a shelter and starts to enjoy a coffee made of the rainwater.

When I was a child, I could not get enough of that commercial. It may be the reason that although I live in an apartment and work in a city, I love rugged things with muted colors. And it may be the reason, I'm writing about the best tactical baby gear and manly baby stuff for dads.

Be Confident

For most men walking their own path in the jungle becomes a dream long before a child is born. And yet there is a part of that still wishes that freedom and adventure.

Taking care of your child is another type of adventure, and it’s awesome. That freedom part has to wait of course. You need a lot of equipment, and luckily there has been a boom in dad-designed parenting gear.

Let’s be clear here. Your little buddy needs you when mommy’s not around. It’s your job to feed and protect him or her and don’t forget the diaper duty. Be confident, and every gear is just fine (yes, even that pink stroller your partner chose)

Military style baby items are for that part of you that still dreams of freedom and new experiences. Buy yourself a little reminder that all the adventures are still ahead.

A dad is hiking with a baby in a baby carriers

You just have to wait a couple of years until your baby is a little older and ready to discover the world with you.

This manly diaper bag comes in four colors: Black, Black Camo, Grey and Coyote Brown. Military style changing mat is included, and you also get three TBG carabiners, a dump pouch, a bottle pouch and a wipe pouch. Your partner will not feel left out as you get a daddy and a mommy Velcro patch. For your child, this cool man diaper bag includes a tactical teddy, so everyone is left happy.

If you prefer that your hands are left free to more easily take care of your baby (or build a shelter), then this military style daypack set is for you. Except for the different bag, it has every item mentioned in the previous review. Want to make this bag even more serious? You can buy a bulletproof back panel from the Tactical Baby Gear Homepage.

It’s a good idea to always have a poncho with you. Your baby may get tired of sitting in the stroller, so you need a blanket for him to play on. This poncho comes in three different colors (Multicam, Woodland and MARPAT) and three sizes. Buy the adult size so you can take it with you when your kid’s a little older and ready to go camping or fishing. Talk about manly baby gear...

My baby didn’t like pacifiers, but now in teething phase, he enjoys chewing them. Overuse of pacifiers has been related to teeth development problems. That said, no mother wants to act as a human pacifier, and they have been linked to reduced risk of SIDS

MAM pacifiers are orthodontic, so the risk of teeth development issues is smaller than with some other pacifiers. They are durable, and you can sterilize this MAM pacifier in the storage case. The best thing is, camouflage patterns inspire the design.

Soft toys are perfect for comforting small children. Mary Meyer is a Vermont based company, and they have been doing stuffed toys for over 85 years. If you’re looking for manly baby gear, then this forest-themed pacifier is perfect for your baby. It’s made of soft material, but luckily it’s machine washable in the case the going gets though.

Military style baby carrier is one of the best ways to transport your baby. You can walk easily even on rough terrain, and your hands are left free. Your baby feels safe as she’s pressed against you. If your kid happens to be over 24lb (as is my boy), then you also get some exercise.

Your first priority should be the safety of your little one and the Ergobaby baby carriers are ergonomic and easy to adjust. Padded straps and waistband allow an even distribution of weight so you can carry on for a long time. 

Although it's not a camo baby carrier, the khaki color will go well with the army's MultiCam pattern. If you plan to carry out night ops, you can buy the Pure Black version.   

If you want to take your baby to an evening run or wish to go hiking, then this is the tactical stroller for you. It has air-filled tires and a suspension system, so the ride is smooth for your baby. The handlebar is adjustable which is a good thing if parents are of different height. This manly baby stroller is also easy to adjust. The large canopy is vital as babies tend not to like the sun shining in their eyes. This stroller also has a generous weight capacity of 75lb.

Looking for military baby stroller? A sturdy stroller that allows you to continue working out is a great buy.

Keep in mind that if you want to use it from birth, then you may want to buy a car seat adapter. You should also wait six months before going running with your little one. But that time will go flying, believe me.

When your baby is smaller, you’ll need a lot of bodysuits. Sometimes diapers leak. When your baby learns to eat, then you have to change his clothes every second time even if you’re careful. This bodysuit is an especially good gift if somebody in your family is in the army.

My boy manages to make a lot of mess in a very little time. A bib offers some protection, although I still have to change his clothes every now and then. To be honest, I prefer silicone bibs because they are quicker to clean. That said, if you're looking for something military-style, then this one is for you. Keep in mind that you'll need at least two of them.

You may wonder why I’m mentioning a flashlight when I talk about baby items. The thing is, you may sometimes end up walking in the dark, so it’s great if you have it in your daypack. Additionally, your little one may (and probably will) throw something under the car seat or a freezer. In such situations, a flashlight helps you to localize the item. This flashlight weighs only 11 oz, is water resistant and is very bright (you get up to 1200 lumen). 

This tactical carabiner keychain is perfect for dads because it's made of plastic. You can hang everything from water bottles to baby toys with these carabiners. But when the going gets though, you can give it to your baby or toddler and in passes as a rattle or a learning toy. 

To Sum Up

I hope this post has helped you to find manly baby stuff for your needs! If you wish to read more about fatherhood, click here to read my guide.

I created an awesome list of tactical baby gear dads may not know they want. Click to check out military style baby carrier, bag, clothes and much more.

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