Which Are The Best Crib Sheets? A Guide For Dads

The shift from "no baby" to "baby" is hard enough that hundreds of books, articles, and blog posts have been written about the subject. Classes are offered to new parents, and of course, all of your coworkers have something to say. 

But, amid the sea of baby-specific items, (sleep sack? steam sterilizer?) sheets, at least, are familiar to every dad? Right? 

Well there are a couple of points you should know if you're trying to find the best crib sheets, just keep reading (at least the quick overview:)

Quick Overview For Busy Parents

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What are crib sheets & why do I need them?

Crib sheets are specially designed for your baby safely to sleep on a crib mattress.

You Need Best Crib Sheets To Protect The Mattress From The Baby, And The Baby From The Mattress!

Many mattresses will be waterproof, which can make them cold and uncomfortable to lay on. Some waterproof fabrics may also stick to your skin after prolonged contact. To make the baby more comfortable, we use a sheet!

If the mattress of your crib or mini crib isn't waterproof then buy waterproof sheets. Diapers can leak;)

Additionally, babies are hard on their furniture. They kick and poke and pull! A bored baby who is awake before Mommy and Daddy might decide to start pulling on that little crack in the mattress. A sheet is a lot cheaper to replace!

Best Crib Sheets Are Tight-Fitting

Best crib sheets are tight-fitting and do not roll up. So there should be no extra fabric that could cover the baby's mouth or nose.

In my experience, the best baby crib sheets also have elastics for a secure fit.

According to the American Academy Of Pediatrics, a crib should be bare. You should also avoid soft bedding.

Are crib sheets all the same size?

It's reasonable to assume that "crib" would be an indicator of size in the same way that "queen" or "king" would be.


Besides to what you might think of as a "standard" crib mattress, there's also something called a "mini crib."

Expecting parents who live in smaller homes, or who don't plan to convert their crib into a toddler bed, may choose a mini crib instead of a standard one. If you wish, you can read more about crib vs. mini crib by clicking here.

Additionally, a crib mattress can vary in thickness, just like yours can. So you may need a crib sheet which advertises "deep pockets."

Will a baby crib sheet fit a twin mattress?

Even the largest crib mattress will still be smaller than a twin bed, so the sheet would not fit. Conversely, a twin sheet should never be used on a crib mattress. The extra fabric could pose a danger to the baby.

When your child moves to a toddler or twin bed, you can store or donate your old crib sheets

If you have a sibling planned, and you liked the sheets you had on the first go-round, they should do fine in storage. Store them in a dry and cool place.

Unlike car seats, crib sheets are an item that you can reuse with no concerns.  You should discard any sheets that have apparent damage or weakening elastic though.

Or, if you don't plan to need them again, you can donate them and help other parents in need!

How much do crib sheets cost?

Generally, $10-$20 each. You have to pay more though if you want to splurge on a personalized crib sheet or a bedding set with more items.

Old cash register

But it's important to remember that, even if your sheet comes with pillowcases or blankets, these aren't safe for use until your baby is older.

How many crib sheets should I buy?

You should buy at least two crib sheets. Conveniently, many sheets come in sets of two. But if you're gifted extra crib sheets at the baby shower, or you can't decide between two sets, don't worry. Babies may not go through a startling amount of laundry in a very short time, but things change when the potty training time comes...

Sheet Material

Sheets are made of different materials and manufacturers can also combine them. 

Cotton To Make Crib Sheets

Cotton is one of the most popular choices though. If you decide to buy cotton crib sheets, then you might want to consider Egyptian cotton. It’s durable, breathable and soft. 

Other popular materials are polyester, bamboo rayon, microfiber, silk, and linen (source).  

It’s possible to make various fabrics by combining different materials and crafting techniques. Satin is only one example of luxurious materials that can be used to make best baby crib sheets.

Organic crib sheets

You can choose to buy crib sheets made of organic cotton. It’s a good idea to purchase beddings that meet certain standards though. 

Cotton Field

One example is the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). GOTS ensures that the fabric is organic and the manufacturing process is eco-friendly.

That said, best baby crib sheets have components like elastics that aren't organic. 

How do I choose best sheets Fo baby Crib?

As long as you're shopping with a reputable retailer, all sheets should be up to standard and safe for use. 

So as long as you make sure to size your sheet for the mattress that you have, all that's left is personal preference.

There are a lot of different designs and styles out there. You might want a pattern that goes with the theme of your nursery or something that reflects interests you hope your child will share with you.

Crib Sheets For Winter And Summer

If your baby is due during the winter months, you may want to consider a sheet made from a warmer fabric, such as flannel. For the summer months, you may lean more towards cotton. 

That said, it very much depends on the temperature of your house. For example, we have cold winters. Sometimes the temperature can drop below -22 (-30C), but as it’s customary to keep flats warm, we don’t use any special crib sheets. It’s usually above 68 (20 C) in the nursery although it may snow outside.

Toddler looking outside where there's snow


Sheets hanging outside and mountain in the background

It’s safe to say that you can machine wash most of the crib sheets on gentle cycle. You can usually tumble dry them on low heat. Because too much heat may shrink many materials, it’s safer to hang them to dry though.

Try to find time to read the cleaning instructions because there are so many different materials out there.

7 best Standard And Mini crib sheets for DadProgress Reviewed

Burt's Bees Baby Fitted Crib Sheet, 100% Organic Cotton (Check the latest price on Amazon)

Nice, neutral-toned sheets from Burt's Bees. Burt's Bees is a company who prides themselves both on quality and on sticking to the basics.

Fit: Standard crib ( 28" x 52")

Machine washable 



  • Burt's Bees crib sheets have an extra fabric overlap for a snugger fit
  • These sheets are made of 100% breathable organic cotton and are GOTS certified. So they should be perfect for environmentally conscious parents
  • You can choose between six gender-neutral patterns
  • These sheets are very soft
  • -

TILLYOU Microfiber Silky Soft Crib Sheets Boy  (Check the latest price on Amazon)

Tillyou offers smooth and luxurious baby sheets in a stunning array of colors

Fit: Standard crib ( 28" x 52")

Machine washable 



  • The manufacturing process is pesticide and chemical free
  • The material is hypoallergenic
  • You get a one-year quality warranty
  • There are eighteen different colors available
  • The material is quite thin

M&Y Fitted Crib Sheets (3-Pack) (Check the latest price on Amazon)

These baby girl sheets are sweet and simple, and there's three of them! You can also buy blue M&Y crib sheets for your baby boy

Fit: Standard crib ( 28" x 52")

Machine washable 



  • You get a 3-pack for an excellent price!
  • M&Y crib sheets are made of hypoallergenic fabric
  • You get a 100% Money-back guarantee
  • Pockets may not be deep enough to fit all mattresses. The thickness of the mattress should be around 9"

​American Baby Company Mini-Crib Sheet (Check the latest price on Amazon)

This sheet is for a mini-crib! That means it won't fit a regular crib mattress! But, if you have or are planning to buy a mini-crib; just look at that price and color range! Beware, though, that the knit fabric may pull in the wash

Fit: Mini crib ( 24" x 38") 

Machine washable 



  • There are more than 30 different colors available
  • Affordable price tag
  • The fabric may distort in the wash

Mini Crib And Pack And Play Sheets by Brolex (Check the latest price on Amazon)

These sheets are suitable for your mini-crib or pack and play! That means it won't fit a regular crib mattress though! These happy crib sheets are perfect thing to add a little personal touch!

Fit: Mini crib ( 24" x 38") 

Machine washable 



  • One of the softest crib sheets
  • The fabric is quite thin

Mini Crib And Pack And Play Sheets by Cambria Baby (Check the latest price on Amazon)

Suitable mini-cribs and pack and plays! 

Fit: Mini crib ( 24" x 38") and pack and play (26" x 38") 

Machine washable 



  • These sheets are made of 100% breathable organic cotton and are GOTS certified. So they should be perfect for people in need of organic mini crib sheets
  • Alternate Arrow Up
    In the pack there are two unisex sheets
  • Alternate Arrow Up
    The material is very soft

Waterproof Crib Sheets by Ely's & Co (Check the latest price on Amazon)

Sheets by Ely's & Co are perfect if your mattress isn't waterproof and you don't want to buy a separate pad for protection

Fit: There are four sizes available. You can choose a sheet for a standard crib ( 28" x 52") or a mini crib (24" x 38")

Machine washable 



  • As I've already mentioned, these sheets are waterproof. They are lined with TPU material, but otherwise made of cotton
  • Alternate Arrow Up
    In the pack there are two unisex sheets
  • Alternate Arrow Up
    The material is very soft
  • Alternate Arrow Up
    You can choose betwwen four different sizes

All right, Fathers-to-be, that's about all there is to it! Get out there and wow them with your crib sheet knowledge!

If you're looking for a crib sheet for your standard or mini crib mattress, then click to read my guide on best baby sheets. You may even want to buy organic sheets for your baby boy or girl!

Last Updated on November 3, 2019