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All men should have a chance to be more involved in parenting (providing food for the family here..)

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We as parents should use less harmful chemicals and more durable responsibly produced gear 

Toddler found trash and playing with boxes


"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter" E.E Cummings

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Gert Mikkal

 Gert Mikkal 

 First Time Dad 


DadProgress is a site for skeptical parents who wish to raise their children safely and get unbiased information. 

 I hope to answer all the questions new dads may encounter on this journey.

Doesn't “Helping You become even a better father” sound a bit hollow? I honestly think "No!" Anybody who’s reading to make better decisions for their children already is an awesome parent. You are already doing your best and that sets you apart.

It’s well known that men have long been discouraged from playing an equal role at home. Not all men want that, but at least all should have the chance.

Keep being awesome!