What’s the Best Footmuff for Your Pram or Stroller to let Your Baby Sleep Comfortably?

Why would any dad write (or read) about best footmuffs? Simple, they save you a lot of time when it's cold outside. This topic can also be interesting if you want to know how to deal with your baby during winter. Just keep reading.

5 Footmuffs Reviewed in This Guide

Guide to Babies Sleeping Outside

It had never occurred to me that somebody would find babies sleeping outside interesting. Yet, in 2018 The Telegraph wrote that this old-fashioned Scandinavian practice was undergoing a revival in The UK. 

A couple with a stroller and a dog kissing in the winter outside

So...not everyone was pushing their little ones out in a pram to sleep?

If you’re wondering if the rumors of Scandinavian babies sleeping outside even during winter are true, then the answer is yes. It’s considered perfectly normal even with 14 degrees (-10 C).

That said, parents in northern countries follow certain general rules:

  • Dress your child warmly and then put him in a baby bunting bag. If it's not very cold outside, then two layers of clothes may be enough
  • When the temperature dips below 41 degrees (5 C) then you may want your baby to wear gloves. Many footmuffs allow babies easily to push their little hands out. It's safer to keep them protected
  • Babies in Scandinavia are sleeping in prams or standard strollers with big bassinets. These keep the warmth better than lightweight strollers. If you want to read more about stroller types then check out DadProgress stroller guide
  • Scandinavian parents tend to use battery powered baby monitors. When I was looking for one, I wondered, why most of the recommended models come with an electric cord. But of course, you don’t need a battery operated baby monitor if your little one is always sleeping in her crib
  • Some baby monitors let you track the temperature in a bassinet. It's a convenient feature if it's cold outside
Baby Sleeping On The Balcony in the best footmuff (there's a battery powered baby monitor next to him)

Is it a Good Idea to let Your Child Sleep Outside?

In the U.S the practice has become so uncommon than in the 90s one Danish woman was imprisoned for it. She was accused of child endangerment.

In many big cities, it may not be the best idea to let your babies sleep alone outside because of crime.

But from the health point of view, the baby was not in danger. It’s not harmful to babies to sleep outside.

Personal Experience:


I took this photo last year when our boy refused to sleep, and it was my turn to go out with him.

Our baby sleeps very well in a stroller, and last winter my wife went to walk with him every single day for an hour. 

We live in a city, and we don’t leave prams outside unless we can see the stroller all the time. 

But when we visit our parents (who happen to have big gardens), we always let our baby sleep in the pram. Even if it's 14 degrees (-10 C).

A Study:

Marjo Tourula from Finland has examined how children sleep outdoors in winter. In 2011 she published a study showing that “the best temperature for outdoor sleeping is −5°C."

Baby Winter Clothes

Clothing provides thermal resistance between the child and its environment. So the child's body temperature stays acceptable even if the temperature of outside changes. The insulation is provided by garments and by the air trapped between the layers of them.

It means that clothing consisting of many layers protects the best!

"Maximum amount of clothes combined with a pram can provide appropriate insulation in an ambient temperature of about −17°C"

Why use a Footmuff?

Warmth & Temperature Control

Footmuffs are great as they provide your child with the warmest outer layer of clothing. They are in essence quite big warm sleeping bags, and you may be able to use one even for up to four years. 

It's also easier to control the temperature with a bunting bag. When you visit friends or go to a mall, you can quickly open the zipper if it's too warm. Done.

Save Money

You may be able to save a lot of money if your child grows fast because otherwise, you would have to buy many snowsuits. That said, last year we had a cold winter, for many days it was -4 degrees (-20 C) outside, so we still had to buy a snowsuit.

Save Time

Best baby sleep sack for winter saves you a lot of time because you can take your little one quickly out of it. Handling a snowsuit with sleeves requires a lot of time...and patience...

What to Look for When Searching for the Best Bunting bag?

How Cold you Expect it to be Outside?

There are footmuffs for milder temperatures and even for summer. Most parents buy stroller footmuffs for winter though.

Should Your Footmuff be Waterproof?

It very much depends on where and how you use it. Your stroller probably has a rain cover, so you don't have to invest in an insulated footmuff. It may be worth it if you’re an avid runner and have purchased a jogging stroller though. You may want to check out my guide on best jogging strollers.

Consider your Stroller Brand (or don’t)

Universal stroller footmuffs fit in most strollers. That said, most stroller manufacturers sell suitable bunting bags for their models. My baby sleeps in a universal footmuff as it was cheaper than the one sold by our stroller maker.

Want to use a Footmuff in a car Seat?

Best footmuffs for cars have holes in them for car seat harness. You shouldn’t use a footmuff without holes as it’s essential that the harness fits properly.

That said, most car seat manufacturers prohibit the use of accessories. The main reason is that they can’t guarantee the safety of their product with random objects attached to it. I can’t think of a reason why something soft between a car seat and your baby’s head would be dangerous if the harness fits.

The only real downside of using a footmuff in a car seat is that it may become uncomfortably warm for your baby to lie on it.

The Position of a Zipper is Important

Footmuffs that have a zipper in the middle are more comfortable to use.

Best Footmuffs for DadProgress Reviewed

  • You can choose between an infant size and toddler size, but most parents buy the bigger one which allows them to use it couple of years
  • It’s got an extra winter layer for warmth, the outer shell is windproof and water resistant
  • If you are searching for a footmuff with a hood then the Skip Hop is for you because you can transform the top part into a hood
  • You can machine wash it
  • You can unzip the bottom for dirty shoes. It's a great feature as it saves you some time- you don't have to take off the shoes of your toddler after every playing session
  • I prefer footmuffs that have a zipper in the middle, but it comes down to personal preferences (this one has it on the side)
  • The Bundle Me bunting bag is easy to use with car seats as it adapts with all harness systems. The back is removable and so you can use the straps as intended. You can, of course, also use this footmuff in prams an strollers
  • You can choose between two sizes
  • It’s machine washable
  • You can remove the top end for better temperature control. As there are two zippers for that, it may not be that comfortable to operate with
  • If your toddler is sitting in it, then you may notice that the straps don’t attach it properly to a stroller and it continues to slip
  • It's a great footmuff as it uses organic cotton and all the materials are Oeko Tex certified (Standard 100). Orbit Baby is one of the few companies that has gone through the trouble to prove that the used materials are environmentally safe and easier on children’s skin
  • You can choose between two sizes
  • Although the smaller footmuff is designed to fit mainly  Orbit Baby infant car seats, you can use both of them in any stroller. You can use it with other car seats, but you should first make sure that it’s compatible
  • The flaps are adjusted with buttons
  • Only one color is available
  • Lemonda footmuff has a waterproof outer shell
  • It's usually one of the cheapest options out there and keeps your baby warm like any other more expenesive product
  • You can choose between two colors
  • The zipper is in the middle so it's easy to use
  • It isn't machine washable
  • Many parents have found the outer material to be too slippery  
  • 7 A.M Enfant Blanket is a perfect footmuff for cold weather (up to -20/-4F). It also has a water-resistant outer shell
  • The Enfant Blanket bunting bag is easy to use with car seats as it adapts with all harness systems. The back panel is removable so you can use the straps as intended. You can, of course, also use this footmuff in prams an strollers
  • This footmuff grows with your child, you can choose between three different sizes
  • It has an adjustable hood, 
  • The zipper goes down the middle, so it’s easy to use 
  • It’s machine washable
  • You can choose between many different colors so you probably can find a suitable for your stroller
  • It's usually more expensive than other options

To Sum Up

I hope this guide will make your decision easier. I’ve reviewed five great baby bunting bags. Skip Hop Stroller Footmuff (also sold on Amazon) is the best overall footmuff for me.

If you’re searching a footmuff for a newborn then the JJ Cole Original Bundle Me Footmuff (Check the latest price on Amazon) is probably the best choice as it’s so cozy.

Waterproof footmuffs aren’t usually a necessity, but if you want one (for running, for example), then LEMONDA Waterproof Footmuff (Check the latest price on Amazon) is one of the best options. 

It can be hard to find the right stroller footmuff (for your baby or for a baby shower) for winter. Click to read what northern parents think of them and read the reviews.

If you’re expecting a freezing winter, then the 7 A.M Enfant Blanket Footmuff (Check the latest price on Amazon) may be the best choice. It also grows with your child.

If you’re searching for an organic footmuff, then check out the Orbit Baby Green Edition Footmuff (Check the latest price on Amazon).

Have a fun winter!

Last Updated on January 27, 2021