List of Best Christmas Gifts for First Time Dads in 2022

Last Updated on February 27, 2021

Finding the best Christmas gifts for first time dads is fun. Here you can find the list of my present ideas to make your life easier.

1. Personalized Christmas Tree Ornament (Check the latest price on Amazon)

When it comes to personalized Christmas tree ornaments, you can find hundreds of options out there. These are excellent Christmas gifts for first-time dads as they remind them every year of that memorable first holiday with their new buddies. And you don’t have to worry about the recipient already having it…there’s always room for another beautiful Christmas decoration.

2. “Ugly” Christmas Sweater (Check the latest price on Amazon)

When you become a father, it’s time to find the courage and put on that unique Christmas sweater, you may have made fun of just a year ago. So, if you’re looking for a funny Christmas gift for a new dad, then this item should definitely be on the list. I love the Ripple Junction “Fun, Old Fashioned Family Xmas” sweater as it celebrates the family values and isn’t too flashy even for visiting in-laws.

3. Be Prepared by Gary Greenberg (Check the latest price on Amazon)

This book is an excellent Christmas gift for a first-time dad as it covers all the essentials. Since starting DadProgress, I’ve read around 15 books on parenting, so I’ve seen different takes on the subject. The “Be Prepared: A Practical Handbook for New Dads” is a short illustrated manual that helps fathers through most significant problems related to babies. Although it contains some cliches, I found this book all in all to be very helpful and encouraging for new dads. 

4. Santa Suit as a Christmas Gift for First Time Dads (Check the latest price on Amazon)

A Santa suit may be a perfect Christmas gift for a first-time dad but open it only when older kids aren’t watching. Even if playing a Santa hasn’t been his dream, it’s still an excellent thing to have around the house. You may be able to talk relatives or friends into playing the part. And you never know when your boss needs a last-minute favor.

5. Noise-canceling Headphones by Bose for New Dads (Check the latest price on Amazon)

Noise-canceling headphones are excellent Christmas gifts for first-time dads because a couple of minutes of silence may be everything his longing for. If he needs his sleep before the morning commute or a couple of hours of quiet time in a home office, then these will help him out. And don’t forget that these will also allow him to enjoy loud music and movies while other family members are already sound asleep. If he still has a CD player around the house, add a record of Silent Night to the package to make it more Christmassy.

6. Coffee and Coffee mug as Christmas Gifts for First Time Dads (Check the latest price on Amazon)

Although Christmas is more of a hot chocolate time, new dads tend to run on coffee (or strong tea). Many firms like Starbucks release holiday blends, but you can also find exciting sample sets that include various pods. When choosing a coffee mug, you could buy a beautiful Christmassy set for the whole family or a unique profile for the dad to celebrate this memorable holiday.

7. Teach him dad Jokes (Check the latest price on Amazon)

Learning new skills is an integral part of every mans’ life. New dads need to know a couple of old-fashioned dad jokes. While you could give them a book or a calendar, this dad joke button may be the best Christmas gift for first-time dads. They can effortlessly learn 50 jokes or just press the button and walk out of the room if they aren’t in the mood. 

8. LEGO (Check the latest price on Amazon)

I love Legos, and as Christmas is the time for spending time with the family, it’s an excellent Christmas gift for first-time dads. They can enjoy a couple of hours building their favorite kit. I’ve chosen a Christmassy design for an example, but there are probably thousands of options out there. It may be the last time they get to do that in peace because time flies. My three-year-old is already very interested in everything I do. This means that building a Lego set with tiny pieces that may easily get lost in small toddler hands is somewhat complicated.

9. Special Whiskey Glass for new Dads (Check the latest price on Amazon)

If his kid was born this year, then a unique tumbler is an excellent Christmas gift for the first-time dad. After everyone has gone to sleep, he can relax under the Christmas tree and take a sip of his favorite drink. And don’t forget that you can also serve many tasty non-alcoholic cocktails in a tumbler. One example is Georgia ’n’ Ginger. It’s made with coffee, but when you’ve got an infant at home, having a little bit of caffeine in you is usually just a bonus.

10. Make him a Gingerbread House (Check the latest price on Amazon)

This present requires a little effort on your part, but you could build him a beautiful gingerbread house that includes the whole family. When I was little, making something like this required a lot of work as we had to measure all the pieces one by one and cut them out with knives. Today, you can buy excellent gingerbread house molds that make the whole process so much easier. As a result, you can concentrate mainly on the fun part of decorating it:) Talk about unique Christmas gifts for first-time dads.

To Sump Up

Christmas is a beautiful time of the year and searching for perfect presents is usually so much fun (although I’ve heard some people finding it stressful). Today you can simply take a cup of tea or coffee and look for new dad Christmas gift ideas from the internet. After that, ordering them is made effortless. If you start early, you can buy all the presents from your home in a couple of hours and enjoy the holiday season. I hope my list of Christmas gifts for first time dads makes your life easier! Merry Christmas!

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