Best Organic Baby Shampoo: Honest Guide With 5 Reviews

Along with every other parent in the world, you want the absolute best for your child. Especially when it comes to “bath time.” Trying to pick between so many different products can be pretty overwhelming though.

It is essential to be mindful when selecting body washes, especially shampoo, for your little one. Many shampoos contain harsh chemicals, and organic shampoos may be a good option.

Trying to find the best organic baby shampoo?  Keep reading for Dadprogress top picks!

Key Points For Busy Parents

  • Most "organic" shampoos contain only a percentage of organic ingredients. That isn't a bad thing though- you get the best from both worlds! 
  • Always read labels: Organic shampoos should be cruelty-free and not contain harmful ingredients  
  • Ingredients you don't want to see on the label: Chemical fragrances, formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates 
  • DadProgress reviewed five shampoos. BareBaby Organics Organic Shampoo (check the price on Amazon) won this contest

What is An Organic Shampoo?

Shampoos are liquids used for cleaning hair. True organic shampoos would be made of only natural ingredients. Most "organic" shampoos contain only a percentage of organic ingredients because of technical reasons.  That isn't a bad thing though- you get the best from both worlds. 

Organic Shampoos Reviewed In This Article:

1) Contain Some Organic Ingredients

2) Are Not Tested On Animals

3) Are Vegan

4) All Ingredients Should Be Non-toxic To Human Health

Why Should I Choose Organic Shampoos For My Baby?

Your little one does not yet have a fully developed immune system or body. Exposing your baby to harmful chemicals can cause health problems.

Manufacturers use natural ingredients. Examples include water, organic lavender, natural citric acid, bergamot and organic tree oil.

Meadow and butterflies on flowers

Organic shampoos should be cruelty-free and not be tested on animals.

Cruelty-free is a label for products or activities that do not harm or kill animals anywhere in the world. The term was first used by Lady Dowdingin the 50s.

Always Read Labels

It is crucial to be aware of what ingredients are in the shampoo before choosing one for buy. Since you may not know all the harmful chemicals, I've listed four commonly used groups to avoid (keep reading for more information). 

All the ingredients are always listed based on the concentration. So the chemical with the highest concentration would be the first on the list and so on.

All the reviewed shampoos are actually "shampoo + body wash." So, many of them contain soap which drys your baby's skin. It's a problem if your baby has an atopic skin. 

Beneficial Ingredients In Best Organic Baby Shampoos

Wizard's Book And A Magic Wand

Have you ever read about organic shampoos? According to most authors, they have more beneficial effects than Harry Potter's potions.

" Your baby's scalp and hair are treated naturally.  Shampoos that are rich in vitamins are very beneficial for a healthy scalp and hair for babies. Organic baby shampoo can help fortify new hair growth. Allowing your baby to go natural can help their skin to grow stronger."

Want to know the brutal truth?

There's no evidence that any nutrient supplementation is needed in the absence of deficiency!

Hair follicles transit from a phase of active fiber production to a resting phase. This rhythmic behavior is complex and under the control of multiple factors. Studies have shown that iron, zinc, fatty acids, selenium, many vitamins (A, D, E, folic acid, biotin, niacin), amino acids and antioxidants can have a positive effect. Your baby should get all these nutrients from food. There's no evidence that topically applied nutrients have any effect on hair growth.

Don't get me wrong here, organic shampoos are great! They have all the benefits I've mentioned before. They just don't have magical qualities.

Gross Ingredients To Avoid

Shampoos may contain harmful substances. Even if you are not planning to buy organic shampoo for your baby, you should always read the label.

1. Chemical Fragrances

Although this may sound harmless, you may want to avoid this ingredient in your baby’s shampoo. These fragrances can be irritating to the skin of your baby and even cause eczema.

This term is also used to mask many chemicals used in baby products. For example, some of these chemicals (like styrene) are known to be carcinogens.

2. Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is a colorless, flammable gas at room temperature and has a strong odor. Exposure to this ingredient may cause adverse health effects according to EPA. It is added directly to products and is used as a preservative to prevent mold from forming.  

Formaldehyde also occurs naturally. The main problem with added formaldehyde is that consumers don't know how much of it is used.

3. Parabens

Parabens are chemical preservatives used to inhibit bacterial growth. Now, you might say “Well that isn’t so bad.” But here’s where things take a turn for the worst:

In cosmetics, parabens are the most frequent cause of allergic reactions.

This ingredient has been shown to imitate estrogen in a body. The disruption of estrogen is thought to play a role in the growth of cancer.  Parabens have been linked to breast cancer for example (source).

Most common parabens: Butylparaben, Methylparaben, and propylparaben.

4. Phthalates

Phthalates are chemical compounds used to soften plastics. Many of them are found in toys and household products. They are sometimes being used in personal care products to help fragrances last longer.

Most people are exposed to some level of phthalates. This is an ingredient you wouldn’t want in your baby’s shampoo though. Phthalates may have adverse effects on health as they are endocrine disruptors.

5 Popular Organic Baby Shampoos Reviewed

  • California Baby uses many organic ingredients. Examples include chamomile, lavender and aloe
  • This shampoo is very concentrated, lasts long
  • Although it's a shampoo+wash, this product doesn't dry you baby's skin. The shampoo is formulated to for sensitive skin, your baby’s skin will be left soft, while their hair is left manageable and shiny. That said, for some babies with eczema, all "washes" may be too drying and you may be better off with only a shampoo 
  • Cruelty-free: This product isn’t tested on any animals
  • California Baby shampoos are vegan
  • -
  • Many organic ingredients are used. Examples include chamomile, lavender and aloe
  • This product is for all of you vegan parents. It’s 97 percent plant-based
  • Cruelty-free: This product isn’t tested on any animals
  • This shampoo contains fragrance. As I have mentioned before, the problem with this term is, that it may be used to cover-up some harmful chemicals
  • Alternate Arrow Down
    Although a lot of parents have found the smell pleasant, for many it feels too intense. It may be not the best idea to buy it online as you can't smell it beforehand
  • Natural ingredients are used and these shampoos are great for all skin-types
  • Puracy shampoos are vegan
  • Cruelty-free: This product isn’t tested on animals
  • This product is coconut-based and includes Himalayan Pink Sea Salt as in ingredient which is a natural mineral that hydrates and balances your baby’s skin. Worried about allergy’s or irritation of skin? No problem. This plant-based product is has no irritants nor allergens. It is pH-balanced and is clinically proven to retain softness of your baby’s skin
  • This item is packaged in two different options. You can purchase it as a single bottle or as a 2-pack deal
  • They do not advertise using organic ingredients in ther shampoos. I suspect they are just too honest for their own good
  • Alternate Arrow Down
    Advertised as "tear free", but can still irritate you baby's eyes
  • Many organic ingredients are used to make this shampoo. Examples include ginger root extract, kiwi extract and grapefruit essential oil
  • As I've explained in this guide, it's impossible to find a 100% organic shampoo that also works well. That said, BareBaby Organics has used as many organic ingredients as they can. All the ingredients they have used score 1 out of 10 on the Skin Deep Database (1 is the safest)
  • This product isn’t tested on animals
  • This shampoo is vegan 
  • BareBaby Organics is small family-firm and they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it (you have to pay for shipping)
  • -
  • Organic calendula is used
  • Like all "organic" shampoos in this review article, this product isn’t tested on animals
  • This shampoo is vegan
  • -


After reviewing five of the best organic baby shampoo products, I had to make a conclusion.

As I've mentioned many times (sorry for repeating myself), these shampoos aren't 100% organic.

That said, they had to meet specific criteria that I mentioned in the beginning.

I had a few questions about organic baby shampoos. Is there a 100% natural and chemical free baby shampoo? Why should I buy one? What are the best brands and products? Click to read what I found out.

BareBaby Organics shampoo (check the price on Amazon) was a winner of this close contest. According to Skin Deep Database, all the ingredients they use are safe. This shampoo contains a lot of organic ingredients. It is also not tested on animals, and it's vegan.

Last Updated on October 21, 2019