Christmas Sensory Bin: Create Some Mess For Your Little One And Have Fun

Last Updated on December 6, 2019

After making a car sensory bin for my little buddy, I discovered that he really likes this type of play. Sure, it’s a messy activity, but creating mess comes naturally to most dads (or so my wife claims). And as I’m also responsible for the cleaning, she isn’t very much bothered by the fact that at times, our apartment resembles a rice field. In the spirit of the season, I created a Christmas sensory bin, and hopefully, it also inspires other dads to create some mess.

Remember to clean after yourself, though, because most moms already have enough on their plates this time of the year.

Supplies For The Christmas Themed Sensory Bin

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  • You need a container: Big boxes and large bowls are perfect
  • Choose your base: I used white and brown rice
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Small bowl
  • Caps or buttons
  • Gingerbread trees
  • Chocolate Santa
  • Small candy like M&M’s
  • Small rectangular piece of cloth or felt
  • Thread
  • Colored paper
  • A couple of toy blocks
  • Scissors
  • Glue
Supplies For Christmas Sensoy Bin (Items listed above)

Making Of a Christmas Sensory Bin

It took me about 15 minutes to make this Christmas sensory bin.

1. Make a Couple of Small Houses

Take a couple of toy blocks to represent houses. Now, choose the color of the roofs and cut out circles for each block. After that, cut the paper as shown in the picture and glue the parts together to make tiny roofs. 

Making of tiny houses as described in the text

2. Prepare a Gift Bag For Santa

I made a tiny gift bag by cutting out a rectangle out of red felt (don’t ask me why I had it), as shown in the picture. I used candy to represent gifts and closed the bag with thread.

We let our toddler eat candy and gingerbread in moderation because denying him these little joys of life seems wrong. I understand why some parents don’t want their kids having high-calorie-food at all. That said, we let him try all food, but try to keep the high-calorie-food consumption in check.  

making of a gift bag as described in the text

3. Make a Tiny Magic Bond

Pour all the caps or buttons to a small bowl.

4. Butting it All Together

I used white rice to represent snow and inserted tiny houses on the “hill.” Gingerbread and cinnamon sticks bring in the pleasant Christmas smell and make a beautiful “forest.” I made small path-ways with brown rice so that the waiting Santa could walk more comfortably. You can result in the picture.

Christmas THemed Sensory Bin

Merry Christmas!

I hope my sensory bin will inspire you to create some mess with your little ones this year. Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

Making white rice to represent snow when creating a Christmas sensory bin for your toddler is a great idea! Click to see how my bin turned out!