Beach Essentials: 15 Items You’ll Need When Going To A Beach With A Child

We hit the beach with our baby when he was seven months old. It was quite an experience for him. He laughed at the waves and played with the sand. The only miscalculation by him was when he dropped himself face-first on the sand. No harm was done. After a couple of minutes of cleaning, he was laughing again. Here are the beach essentials when going to a beach with a family and you've got a baby with you.

List of 15 beach essentials you’ll need when you take your kids to a family beach vacation. Click to explore what cool beach stuff there is for your baby, toddler or teen!

Beach Essentials For You And For Your Child

A hat with a wide rim is usually enough to protect the eyes of younger babies. Hats also protect you from overheating. For a child, iPlay Swim Hat (Check the latest price on Amazon) is one of the best choices.


Sunglasses are essential if you want to protect your child's eyes. I’ve written a guide on how to pick sunglasses for a baby. You Can Read About The Best Sunglasses For A Baby By Clicking This Link.

Roshambo Baby Shades (Check The Latest Price On Amazon) are made in Italy and they offer a classic look. They are one of the best baby sunglasses out there.

Beach Umbrella

An umbrella is something you’ll need if you wish to spend many hours on the beach with your little one. Too much sunlight is harmful to you even if you wear sun protection. We didn’t have one with us, but we found a comfortable place in the shade of an old pine tree. That said,

The beach umbrella by BeachBub (Check the latest price on Amazon) would be my choice as it’s big and sturdy enough. This umbrella is also easy to pack with you.

Swim Diapers For A Baby

If you want to enjoy your time on the beach, then buy swim diapers for your infant. It’s a personal choice if you're going to buy reusable swim diapers or not, but take at least two pairs with you.  Just remember that they are meant to contain only poo:)

Click this link if you wish to know how to find the best swim diaper. 

Nageuret reusable swim diapers (Check the latest price on Amazon) are one of the best baby diapers on the market and my infant is also wearing these.


A yellow towel by Hermes or a multi-colored beach towel by Dolce & Gabbana would surely reflect your impeccable taste. But if you want to be playful then buy the Steelers #1 Dad towel (Check the latest price on Amazon), because when the towel’s right it’s right. That said, if you're searching for a big beach towel then it's not for you. It's about 24" x 16"

Beach Blanket

A big beach blanket is a must when hitting the beach with little ones. I like more traditional beach blankets like the one by Coal Creek Supply (Check the latest price on Amazon)

There are modern „sand-free“ options available though. For example one of the most popular choices is a​ WellaX sand-free beach blanket by Chillax (Check the latest price on Amazon).


Don’t forget to take some toys with you to keep your kid occupied. For toddlers, you may want to buy a collection of sand toys by Prextex (Check the latest price on Amazon).

Children also love nets as they can scoop small shells and fish with it. Battat Shark Diving Set (Check the latest price on Amazon) is a fun toy as you get sinking colorful creatures as a bonus. So even if there aren’t real fish in the sea (or pool) to catch, your child still has something to do.


It’s essential to protect the gentle skin of your child from harmful UV rays.

 We didn’t buy sunscreen, but we stayed on the beach for only two hours and remained in the shade. Our child also wore protective clothes. 

If you want your child to play in the sun, then buy sunscreen. Neutrogena sunscreen (Check the latest price on Amazon), is one of the best baby sunscreens. It doesn’t contain the harmful chemicals I’ve mentioned in my post about organic shampoos and SPF is 50. As this is a physical sunscreen, it may stain clothes though.

A Portable Cooler

If you plan to go for more than a couple of hours, then it’s a good idea to take a cooler with you. You should pack at least water and some snacks with you. A cooler by IceMule (Check the latest price on Amazon) is an excellent choice as your hands are left free to carry other stuff and your baby.

Sand Coasters

If you’re traveling with a child, you have to carry a lot of stuff anyway. You may as well make your stay on the beach a bit more luxurious and buy sand coasters by Turtlebacks (Check the latest price on Amazon). They don’t take much room, and your cold one will not have to lay in the sand.

Portable Phone Charger

I guess I don’t have to explain this item as nomophobia has become a thing. Nomophobia means the fear of being out of cellular phone contact by the way. If you suffer from it, then buy Anker PowerCore 10000 (Check the latest price on Amazon).

Beach Wagon

The best way to transport all your stuff is with a beach cart. Mac Sport beach wagon (Check the latest price on Amazon) allows you to load 50 lbs of stuff on so you don’t have to make many trips. This wagon also has a fold out table for drinks, so you don’t need to buy coasters separately.

Wet Bag

You need a place for your wet towels, and swimwear...and don’t forget the diapers... A plastic bag is the easiest choice. In Europe, they are planning to ban them though (to the relief of all sea creatures). Buy the one buy Teamoy (Check the latest price on Amazon) which is quite large and can function as a beach tote.

Pack and Play

If you have many children, then you might want to consider a pack and play. Summer Infant Pop N’ Play (Check the latest price on Amazon) is one of the best pack and plays.

I admit it’s quite big, but there’s room for two babies there, and it weighs only 12,2 pounds. It takes less than 30 seconds (yes, I have tested it) to assemble and you can also buy a canopy so it can function as a sunshade for your little one.

Beach Tote

If you’re not planning to take a lot of stuff, then you’ll probably not need a beach wagon. A Malloy bag by Orlebar Brown will help you store all the necessities. A tote bag by Odyseaco (Check the latest price on Amazon) which has a classic bohemian look is another excellent choice.

Beach Safety

If you’re going to a beach vacation with a family, then it’s a good idea to take a small first aid kit with you. You don’t need anything special though. 

Bandages and sting relief pads help you to treat most common problems on the beach. DadProgress top pick is a first aid kit by PreparaKit (Check the price on Amazon).

If you’re planning to go sailing, then don’t forget to buy a life vest for your little one.

You can read how to quickly find the best infant life jacket by clicking this link.

Spoiler Alert:)

DadProgress top pick for infants and toddlers is a life jacket by Stholquist (Check the latest price on Amazon)

Last Updated on October 21, 2019