An Ultimate List of Activites For Toddlers That Will Keep Your Little One Busy

This list of activities for toddlers helps you out when you’ve got a bored little one at home. It’s usually helpful to plan a couple of days ahead in case you need to buy some items. That said, this list also includes many easy toddler activities that require minimal effort from your part. 

50 Fun Indoor Activities for Toddlers

Here are 50 activities for toddlers that work well inside. 

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1. Make a fun Sensory bin

Sensory bins are surprisingly fun to make and provide hours of playtime for young toddlers. The only problem is cleaning...

Fun activity bin for toddlers

2. Easy Toddler Treasure Basket

Treasure baskets are perfect for keeping young toddlers occupied. Busy dads can quickly throw old baby stuff (rattles, pacifiers, baby toothbrushes, etc.) into a basket or a bag and voila...a treasure for toddlers. It worked very well for us when our boy was a little under two years old.

Treasure bag (you can see a pacifier, a teddy, a toothbrush in it) For toddler

3. Build Something With DUPLO Legos

My boy doesn’t like to play alone, so DUPLO Legos are perfect for us. I can build something, and he can play a giant Godzilla by destroying it. There are also other toddler blocks available, of course (click the link to learn about other good options).

DUPLO Lego House

4. Cardboard Box Tunnel or Fort

You can use cardboard boxes (I used diaper packs) to make a tunnel for young toddlers or a fortress for older ones. You can also let your little one build something using all the stuff that your wife urged to throw away (good thing that you didn't listen to her three weeks ago, right?)

Cardboard Box Tunnel

5. Play With Playdough

You can buy products like Play-Doh. It’s non-toxic and doesn’t usually cause problems if your toddlers happen to put some of it to his mouth. That said, you can also make edible playdough yourself. Our two-year-old loves the Play-Doh, but it’s usually me who ends up doing tiny cars for him.

Green toy car is covered with green play doh

6. Make a Ribbon Play Basket

There was a period when our boy could spend an hour with a single ribbon. I made this basket when he was already over two years old, and now he barely glanced at it. In conclusion, it can be a perfect activity for a toddler if you introduce it at the right time. You simply attach different ribbons to a basket. Different colors and material make it more interesting (in theory).

Toddler sitting in a basket that has many ribbons attached to it

7. Puzzles

Puzzles are easy activities for toddlers, and there are options for all skill levels.

Three different toddler puzzles

8. Read a Book Together

There are innumerable books for toddlers. A lot of them introduce a certain topic and can come with sounds. Many toddlers enjoy their parents reading to them. Our boy isn’t one of them, though. He likes to look at the pictures and play with sounds. If you’re out of ideas, then it may be fun to visit (yes, really) a bookshop and let your little one choose her favorite.

9. Designate a Drawer for Your Toddler

When our boy was one year old, he loved to empty the drawers in our kitchen. Many parents opt for baby-locks, but we left a couple of lower drawers for him. We kept only safe items there, and so when he started his morning-routine, we got to sip coffee 15 minutes in peace.

One open door in the kitchen and some stuff on the floor

10. Sticker Books

Sticker books are fun activities for young toddlers. Our-two-year-old loves them. As a bonus, you don’t have to worry about the mess. An educational sticker book by Roger Priddy is a popular choice (not pictured).

Sticker book

11. Play With a Shape Sorter

Shape sorters are traditional educational toys, and young toddlers can spend hours playing with them. The one by Play22 (not in the picture) comes with 18 different shapes. Some parents also make these by using Lego bricks and cardboard boxes.

Two shape sorters on a table

12. Make Use of the Pillows and Blankets

Toddlers like to play with pillows and blankets, and ours is no different. You can arrange the pillows differently (make a tower, for example) to catch the attention of your little one.

13. Drawing With Washable Pens

Toddlers love to draw so much that even your floors and walls aren’t safe. You can buy washable markers for your little ones to make your life easier.

14. Drawing With Water

Some parents have said that their kids love to paint with water on colored paper. My boy didn’t find that particularly interesting (got bored in less than three minutes), but water-reveal coloring books have been a hit. Books by Melissa & Doug are beautiful, and you don’t have to worry about the mess.

Melissa & Doug Water Reveal Book

15. Drawing on an Easy to Clean Surface

Your toddler can use pens, crayons, markers, and paints on paper. But chalkboards and whiteboards offer another excellent option that let you effortlessly clean the mess. Another great option is a wipe-clean book that lets your little one use the same one again and again.

16. Make Bubbles

My boy loves bubbles, so a bubble machine is a good choice even for indoor use. In this beautiful stock photo, you can see a cheaper bubble bottle, but I'm not a fan. My head started to ache after ten minutes of blowing bubbles for my toddler. That said, it can be a good choice for older kids. Another option is to pour dish soap into warm water and let your little ones whisk some bubbles. The last option isn’t kind to wooden floors, though.

Mom blows bubbles for a young toddler, dad in the background

17. Sensory Bottle

You can find tons of sensory bottle ideas for every season from Pinterest. In my experience, sensory bottles are fun for young toddlers.

18. Play Sand

Play sand lets your kids play with sand even in indoors. The sand is moldable and doesn’t dry out. My two-year-old plays with it in a big cardboard box, but some cleaning is still always required. So this is not a mess-free activity.

Play sand (four different colors) and some toys on the table

19. Activity Boards and Tables

Some dads have made cool activity boards for their little ones. But you can also buy an activity table for your kid (click the link to learn about other good options).

DIY Activity Board

20. Sink or Float Discovery Station

You need to find a big vessel (a baby bathtub, for example) for water. Fill it with water and try to find many objects that your toddler can throw in. Some items should be heavy and sink, and others should float. You can use regular household items or buy some cool bathtub toys.

21. Make a Play Kitchen for Your Toddler

Some dads can probably make a play kitchen for their little ones, but you can also find good options for every age from Amazon.

22. Fine Motor Skills Alphabet Activity

This is an educational activity for older toddlers. You need to draw numbers or letters on paper and let your little one place small objects (buttons, for example) on the lines.

ABC Toddler Activity

23. Hide the Toys Toddler Activity

My boy loved to hide his cars under the rice when I made a car sensory bin for him. So I got inspired and designed a similar activity where the main purpose is to hide small toys under rice.

A box with rice, six small toys and a muffin tray on a table

24. Mini Treasure Hunt

This activity is the opposite of hiding stuff. You should hide some toys yourself, and your toddler is required to find them. You can provide him or her with different tools (spoons, basting brushes, etc.) to do that too.

25. Ball Pit

You need plastic balls to make a ball pit. At first, we used a playpen to make a big ball pit, but then we poured one-third of the balls to a small cardboard box. As it turned out, our boy is quite happy even with a smaller version that takes up less space.

Plastic balls in a carboard box

26. Pouring Station

Pouring station is a fun water-related activity. Find some metallic and plastic containers and fill them with water. You can use food colors to make toddler activity even more fun. He can practice pouring skills and see how different colors mix.

27. Let Your Toddler Brake Stuff

Making a breaking box for your little one is a straightforward business- pour crunchy stale food to a big container and give your little one a toddler hammer.

28. Hammering

Toddlers like to pound stuff, so a pounding bench is a great thing to have. Older toddlers can also hit golf tees to anything soft (examples include playdough, styrofoam, cardboard boxes).

Hammering Toddler Activity

29. Pom-Pom Racing

This is a great activity for toddlers if you have to entertain more than one child. Little ones have to blow through the straw to get their pom-poms over the finish line.

30. Sorting and Organizing Stuff

Sorting is fun for most toddlers, but you have to figure out a suitable variation for your kid. Sometimes you can let your little one sort small objects (buttons, poker chips, for example) by colors or other criteria. My kid likes to pour a stack of old bubble gum stickers onto the floor and find all the pictures of cars. 

Old Bubble gum Stickers in a box

31. Stacking Stuff

Toddlers love to stack different objects. My boy loves to stack small Lego bricks to make as tall a tower as he can. If you have old CD-s or DVD-s lying around, then you can let your kid stack them onto a spindle. You can also buy a stacking ring for younger toddlers (it’s usually more fun for one-year-olds).

Stacking ring and another stacking toy on a table

32. Wii Games

Video games offer many benefits as long as the games are age-appropriate, and you don’t let your toddler play more than an hour per day. 

Wii game on a table

33. Board Games

You can play many board games with toddlers. One example is Think Fun Roll and Play, but there are other options for all ages.

34. Make Paper Planes

Make paper planes for your little one or buy some cheap styrofoam planes. You can then use a large sheet of paper and make your toddlers fly planes through holes of different sizes (can also be a fun party game for dads:)

35. Simon Says

Don’t forget this old classic.

36. Nerf Target Game

Nerf guns are fun! Let your kid practice aiming with a cool DIY target game (you can practice yourself when he’s taking a nap).

37. Obstacle Course

Use colored masking tape to make a quick obstacle course into your corridor- a fun activity for toddlers. Your kid has to pass without touching the tape.

38. Scavenger Hunt

You can arrange a scavenger hunt for toddlers, but use pictures instead of words to mark all the items he or she has to find.

39. Pool Noodle Car Track

Cut a pool noodle in half and make a cool car track for your toddler.

40. Cardboard Tubes as Car Tracks

You can use long cardboard tubes to make a car track tunnel for your toddler. Another option is to tape many short tubes to a door and let your little one drop different objects through these “tunnels.”

41. Play Music

Listening to music is a fun activity for toddlers, although my little one prefers the sounds of his toy car. There are many ways to incorporate music into your daily routines. You can introduce your little one to different genres (one genre per week, for example). You may prefer to listen to only songs that invite your little one to dance or singalong. Listening to a full album by a particular artist is certainly another good option.

42. Play With Musical Instruments

We have a small collection of musical instruments for kids. 

43. Play Catch

This can be a great indoor game for younger toddlers as they can’t yet throw the ball very hard. 

44. Mini Golf With Cardboard Box

Use plastic balls and a cardboard box to make your own mini-golf track. It gives you an excuse to buy a full box of beer and provides your toddler with a fun activity. It took me 15 minutes to make one.

DIY mini golf box with holes and two plastic balls on the floor

45. Bubble Wrap Walk

If you happen to find a big piece of bubble wrap from a package, don’t throw it away. Use duct tape to fasten it on the floor and watch your toddler have fun walking on it.

Two Toddlers Stomping on a Bubble Wrap

46. Fridge Magnets

Playing with magnets is interesting for toddlers, but I recommend to let them play sparingly as little ones get bored quickly. You may want to keep magnets as a last resort option for special moments. One cool option is to buy magnetic toddler-blocks (yes, these exist).

Three fridge magnets

47. Play With Flashlights

Older toddlers love to play with flashlights. One of the easiest games is to try to guess what others are drawing on the wall with light, but there are also other great options. My two-year-old doesn't like dark, so this is not my photo:)

Two girls under a blanket and direct a flashlight directly at the viewer

48. Toy Car Wash

My two-year-old likes to “wash” his toy cars in a drinking cup. But you can make an actual activity around this habit. You need only a couple of vehicles, warm soapy water, and towels. If it’s warm, you may even try to let him wash your family car...

49. Buy Balloons

A couple of balloons can provide hours of activity for toddlers (especially if these are helium-filled).

Balloons in a room

50. Scotch Taped Toys

This is a simple toddler activity. You attach small toys to a table or floor via scotch tape and watch your little one clean up the mess. I must admit that my boy got quite angry with me for what I had done with his things:)

25 Fun Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

You can practice many of the "indoor "activities outside, and the mess is usually easier to clean. One good idea is to make a sensory bin or a treasure basket using stuff that you found in nature. That said, the list of outside activities aims to bring out other options as well.

51. Hiking or Camping

Go It's easy to hike with babies because you can carry them. Toddlers may want to move around, and they weigh more. This means that it may be hard to hike with toddlers properly, but you can go walking in the forest and camp in your backyard. Toddlers can usually walk approximately their age in km (0,62mi), but you have to do breaks. Enjoy these mini-hikes and surprise your little one with a tent in your yard!

Toddler walking in the forest trail during winter (there's some snow)

52. Go Running

If you like to run, then you can always buy a jogging stroller and take your little buddy with you.

53. Try a new Organized Activity or Visit a Festival

Museums, gyms, theaters, and concert halls offer many courses and organized activities for toddlers. Visiting a seasonal festival is another excellent option.

54. Enjoy the Water (Including Rain)

Toddlers love to walk and jump in puddles. Instead of trying to keep them away, buy some proper clothes for rainy days and watch your little ones have fun in the mud.

Toddler sitting in a puddle

55. Have a Picnic

Picnics are a great way to spend time with your family.

Three different foods on a table

56. Go to a Beach

Enjoy a day in the sun as your toddler is making sandcastles and playing in the water (keep a close watch, though).

Two toddlers playing in water outside

57. Arrange a Scavenger Hunt

Arranging a scavenger hunt outside (on the beach, for example) is such a great idea that I had to mention it again. Give your toddler a printed sheet (younger ones will need pictures) and see how many items he can find.

58. Helping out in the Garden

My boy enjoys helping his grandma in her garden. Watering the plants is his favorite activity.

Toddler watering plants

59. Start a Garden

You can start a tiny garden for older toddlers, but such a long-term project isn't for everybody. Toddlers have short attention spans and will probably get bored after a couple of days. At least this happened to me when I was a little lad.

60. Teach Your Toddler to Ride a Bike

Toddlers are quick learners, so start with a beautiful trike, and don't forget the helmet.

Toddler pushing (not riding) a trike

61. Teach Your Toddler to Catch a Fish

Angling is suitable for toddlers, but kids usually prefer the more active spin fishing. The later is too technical for most toddlers, though.

62. Bird Watching

Bird watching can be a great educational activity for toddlers.

63. Buy a Ride-on-Toy

My toddler loves big plastic cars, but there are also other excellent options out there.

Toddler and a roide on toy on grass

64. Play With Flying Toys

Flying toys are excellent even for toddlers. You may want to start with simple flying rings or with a kite.

65. Sidewalk Chalk

Your toddlers can draw on sidewalks as much as they like with the sidewalk chalk. And you don't have to worry about cleaning the mess (hopefully).

66. Arrange a Cool Water Fight

Buy new water guns (and don't forget to arrange the filling station!). Take an opportunity to teach your older toddlers to make water balloons. Sponge bombs are probably too much...or are they... 

67. Go to a Playground

Playgrounds offer so many activities for toddlers- they can practice climbing and enjoy sliding and swinging. Your nearest playground may also have other cool equipment.

68. Ice Cube Activity for Toddlers

Freeze some small toys and let your toddler melt the ice cubs to get them back. My boys' hands were cold after playing with the ice, and the floor was wet. So it's an excellent activity for a hot day outside.

Ice Cube Activity For Toddlers on a table

69. Jump in Leaf Piles

Jumping in leaf piles is a fun autumn-related activity for toddlers.

Toddler sitting in leaves

70. Nature Memory Match Game

You need sixteen identical boxes and eight different items (two of each) from nature to make this game. Put all things to boxes and close the lids. Each player can open two covers in his or her turn. The purpose is to find two same pieces.

71. Visit the Zoo

Visiting the Zoo lets your toddler see different animals and spend a day walking outside. It may be fun to visit outside of peak season (winter, for example).

72. Amusement Park

Don't forget these old classics when you're figuring out an activity for your toddler.

73. Play With Snow

The next couple of activities for toddlers have a small prerequisite...snow. If you happen to live in a place with cold winters, then playing in the snow is one of the most natural activities. Let your kid run wild in the snow, and if she gets can make a snowman, snow castle, or arrange a snow fight.

Toddler and a big snowball outside

74. Buy a Snow Sledge

You don't need a big hill for your toddlers to enjoy sliding. Younger toddlers are perfectly happy with a small one that you made yourself.

75. Go Skiing

I just want to point out that there are skis even for toddlers. I've seen four-year-old who can definitely ski better than me.

I put together an epic list of activities for toddlers at home (indoor or outdoor). You can find inspiration for under one or more advanced ideas for over 2 year olds. Click to see the list!

Last Updated on January 24, 2020